1. In the mid 90s’ back in elementary school I heard that Florida would be under water in 2030. 🤔

    Now this planet is getting hotter 😔

    1. @T. R. Campbell Well it’s called climate change not constant warming. Some places will get colder (the Swiss Alps), but other places, (Sahara, US southwest) will get hotter.

    2. @T. R. Campbell lol….you do realize that for most of the planets existence man wasn’t throwing billions of tons of co2 in the air accelerating natural events right?

    3. @Wilhelm Mancilla TBH even if you go to Columbia, SC and the suburbs there like Lexington and Irmo and Chapin, they usually don’t build basements and the soil is sandy, you can see sand all over the sidewalks, look how far in Columbia is.

  2. My yard plant blossoms come easier by year. This year they are at least 10 days earlier than 10 year ago, based on the pictures I have been taking on my phone.

    1. Research Rudolph Steiner and biodynamics if you want to know more about all plant growth.
      Mathias Thun puts out a “north American biodynamic planting and sowing calendar”
      His mother published it for over 50 years before her recent passing
      Its an invaluable asset for caretaking plants of all kinds.
      The calendar shows how the moon AND the other planets in the solar system affect the plant growth
      Certain days are beneficial for planting certain types of plants some days the affects are unfavorable so it teaches you NOT to try to start seeds on the wrong day
      Every year follows a similar cyclical pattern
      Small calendar/book
      But packed with valuable information that is easy to use. Highly recommended
      I have no affiliation with the Thun family other than buying these calendars for over 10 years…

    2. My yard possums came and ate all the serpent babies and now my grass illuminates in the twilight

    3. The 13-minute, 42-second 1942 US Department of Agriculture video *Hemp for Victory* is the key to reducing unemployment, reducing poverty, reducing hunger, reducing homelessness, reducing health care costs, reducing crime, reducing police brutality, reducing government spending, reducing political corruption, reducing pollution, replacing fossil fuels, ending deforestation and stopping climate change, all at the same time.
      There is an official .gov link to the film from the US National Archives. It has been public since 1990.
      There was a bill in Congress titled HR 3652, the *Hemp for Victory Act of 2019.*

    4. Great Britain was unable to Grow grapes for wine making until about 25 to 30 years ago but with the planet getting warmer they are able too

    1. And to put it another way that amount of water State of West Virginia filled to one foot of water equals over 15 million acre feet of water or almost half the the volume of water in Lake Mead at full pool.

    2. Given that we’re going to have to accept some dame is irreversible, shouldn’t we be examining ways to save this water?

  3. People from the far north or south know best the serious urgency of global warming.
    I grew up in Alaska.
    My home is not the same today as when I was a kid.

    1. @John A simple google search literally shows the exact opposite. Source after source, that will tell you, with citations, when you read past the title and ignore dumbed down non-scientific sources that you are utterly wrong.

    2. @John Sea levels are rising. The south pole isn’t warming as much as the north pole. Millenia old, densely packed ice breaks off and floats to sea. The presence of a land mass provides colder winds and forces the oceanic currents to flow around, rather than under the ice, creating an insulating buffer. Where the wind comes in, it pushes the ice together, keeping it corralled in the cooler waters. Where it flows out, it brings cold continental air and pushes the ice apart, opening gaps which are protected by the old ice furthest out, blocking the warmest surface ocean water from reaching inward. Snow falls into the gaps, providing an insulating layer that reflects sunlight. The coastal area of Antarctica receives small amounts of rain, reducing salinity and driving up the freezing point of the sea water. This new freeze is thin and fragile by comparison to the old and dense ice that broke up or shed from the continent. Hopefully you can tell, ice by square miles is telling only a small amount of the story here. Meanwhile, the Arctic region’s ice coverage is disappearing three times faster than the Antarctic region expands, likely much more than that by volume rather than surface, prompting Russia to invest in its Arctic seaports as that region is headed toward an iceless future.

  4. Let’s vote for more science-denying politicians because denying reality makes them and their corporate buddies richer.

    1. @Mr Rey I’m not your son. I’m most likely a lot older than you are. The only take I can get out of your input is that you’re probably a conservative American, hedging your bets on and fighting tooth and nail on anything and everything countering the Liberal rebellion taking over your country. I’m not American. I’m Swiss and I travel a lot and my wife’s a farmer. .. and you’d better believe it when I say to you there’s something not good happening, climate wise. .. son.

  5. Once it has begun shedding this much water daily, it’d take an absolute sub-Arctic freeze to slow the melt.

    1. @James Monoghan On average, Martha’s vineyard is about 9 feet above sea level so it won’t flood for about another 60 years.

    2. @Me Me : I never understand why deniers think it’s so clever to say “It’s summer” when the point is it’s unprecedented. It does not melt this much every year.

    3. @James Monoghan : Why do you think that’s clever? The rich can live wherever they like and just move when it’s inconvenient. Being on the coast doesn’t mean everyone is living on the beach or at sea level. They will, of course be subject to storms like everyone else.

  6. The Greenland ice sheet melting is what’s referred to as a tipping point, one that we can not recover from.

    1. @Ross Kneebone global temperature fluctuations during the last Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle were on time scales of millennia, not in decades like we have seen. You guys love to ignore rate of change and pretend any rate of change is the same.

    2. @Ross Kneebone He said much. If you actually cared about the science, there are some extremely good papers on the lag between CO2 increases and temperature increase, utterly explained by the fact that CO2 begins initial warming, which then accelerates as the warming atmosphere is able to hold more water vapor. This isn’t a mystery, but it involves math and icky numbers and stuff, which is why you have not and will not read it.

    3. @Don Jindra How many papers full of solid empirical data do you have to willfully ignore to maintain your fantastical ignorance? Thousands. The answer is thousands.

  7. At some point we’re going to have to realize everyone on Earth is threatened by the greed and corruption of a few.

    1. I can’t calculate how many micro-inches sea level will rise if the polar ice caps melt down completely … or what additional effects will occur suddenly and exponentially once those huge temperature buffers are gone completely.
      But it should be clear to everyone worldwide that higher environmental temperatures (anger) lead to more energy (aggression) and moisture (readiness for lethal violence) in the atmosphere and therefore much more precipitation (civil wars) and cyclones (supply disruptions) …

    2. @Owen Alden there are other disciplines of scientist that contribute to the scientific understanding that are not strictly climatologist, hence climate scientists to be all encompassing.

  8. In One Hundred years we have managed to FOK up millions of years of life. Greedy ego maniacs and blind consumption are a deadly combination. My poor grandchildren!

  9. It’s gonna take a “ Day After Tomorrow “ event before any “real” action happens.
    Someone has to lose their life before they put up a stop sign at a dangerous intersection. If even then.

    1. @Tweex that will happen in africa first, everybody will look serious but we are used to it. No, it has to happen good old Hollywood like in N Y or LA, like a true disaster, then… they will deal only with the symptoms.

    2. @Chucks Grace This might shock you, but that’s not a scientific argument. Choke on the data. If you find a mistake, publish. Good luck.

  10. In this day and age, people are too selfish to insist on a policy that would save humanity. So the countdown resumes…

    1. Why did those people become more selfish and make their lies more powerful? We can not let selfish destroy us as a society! If being selfish and rich does not make them happy, nothing will.

    2. It’s more of an issue of willful ignorance than selfishness, at least for the general population.

  11. It could take as long as 1,000 years after a complete halt of greenhouse gas emissions for environmental measures like sea level and ocean surface temperature to return to pre-industrial levels 🤔

    1. Omg, there’s an ecologist in Dallas – fist bump, Donna in Bedford! Scary stuff…told my 2 sons years ago Dallas would have to stop building due to water shortage. They both bought in NY (which may end up flooding- yikes!!)😁

    2. One of the complications from this melting is that organic material under this ice becomes exposed, releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

  12. The temp in Tulsa was 107 today. It’s been like this for a month, and the weatherman says it’ll be like this for another month. I know weather isn’t climate, however, I’ve lived 60 years on the same property I was born on, and I’ve seen the changes. My pond never freezes in Winter any more, and my pine trees are dying. It may already be too late.

    1. @rolback And thousands of years ago human civilization was not what it is now. I am totally sure that humans could go back to what they were thousands of years ago – a much smaller population with a civilization that was not anywhere near what it is now. Is that the desire here?

    2. @Dr. James Olack – Finally!! I’ve been posting the following for about two years. Everyone ignores me , or calls me a crackpot (not that it really matters anymore) – –

      I’m convinced climate change has reached a point of no return. Which, assuming I’m right, you’re not likely to hear about any time soon. What are they gonna say? “We tried to warn you, but it’s too late now… smoke em if ya got em ..”? – But, I’ve only got a 7th grade education, so what do I know? – other than;

      There are two long standing problems with doing something about climate change.
      1) the longer we wait to enact meaningful and effective changes the more drastic and potentially economically disruptive those changes have to be – which creates more pressure from opposition and science deniers.
      2) There looms various ‘tipping points’ where Mother Nature takes over and starts expelling gases in a self-perpetuating cycle that humans can’t do anything about

      I’m fairly certain we’ve already reached a ‘tipping point’ of no return. The permafrost is melting at rates 70 years ahead of projections (per CCAG). The pools that are forming are not refreezing. They retain more solar heat; expanding and multiplying; and expelling more gases. As more CO2 and, at least 10x’s worse (as a ‘greenhouse gas’), methane are released – temps will rise. At a certain temperature and saturation the oceans will begin releasing trapped CO2 as well. From what I’ve been seeing the past year or so we have lost the ability to mitigate the problem.

      A third issue has been that even those who believe in and care about global warming, including myself, do little more than pay lip service and make concerned faces IF the subject comes up. I’ll be dead within 20 years or so anyway and have no children or family to worry about – those that do seem oddly indifferent for an animal capable of blushing …

      “…smoke em if ya got em…”

    3. My brother is a crabber in FL. Crabs are almost gone and birds are starving. Pelican population is not even close to what it was 40 years ago

    1. They be like, “Praise Jeebuz! This is the end times, brother! I’ve got 60 rifles and enough spam to last me 3 years, so I know God’s gonna make room for me in the big BBQ joint in the sky.”

    2. Do you work for Fox News? sounds like something the GOP and Fox news staff would say. That’s their logic.

  13. There’s danger for communities that are at sea level if this continues. It will be too late to fix it if all countries don’t agree to work together

  14. As the melting occurs , bacteria’s which have laid dormant for centuries under the ice pack are now reaching the surface. That means new challenges also for the medical community.

  15. When the last ice has melted, the temperature will rocket as there’s no longer the phase change going on to absorb the energy. We need to go back to a much simpler, less demanding lifestyle quickly before long, or that’s it.

  16. It’s sobering to accept that we can never reverse the damage that has been done. The best we can achieve from this point forward is to slow the acceleration of warming. Doesn’t seem to be the political appetite to even do that.

    1. Something HAS to change! I have had enough of a useless Congress who does noting to help the rest of the people for whom they are responsible!

    2. Following a cult and their news saying its one thing which may end up being a different thing is even worse.

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