Defense Attorney Discusses Proposed Firearms Act | TVJ News – Feb 16 2022

Defense Attorney Discusses Proposed Firearms Act | TVJ News - Feb 16 2022 1


  1. Majority of the Jamaican people think 15 years for having an illegal gun is not long enough, it should be 30 years.

  2. I am for what Mr Champagne , is say for whilts there r some heartless criminals out there , the innocent is always the one getting the brunt of the police must start doing their investigations properly and stop speculating and profiling.. He needs more challenges for his job ..police makes too easy for criminals to get off..lack of investigations.

  3. The fail government of Jamaica 🇯🇲 is trying to clean down stream of the river while the dirt running down from top, the government must start with executing each of the government minister who issued out guns in the communities and the government only have two boarders to contain and oversee that no illegal guns enter the country, Jamaica do not manufacture guns why do we have so much, the two parties fail to protect its citizens.

  4. Oh really, Mr. Champagne is in full Hug up the criminals and wanted to continue to support and getting their criminal money, why Champagne don’t comes out when the criminals killing the innocent and having a country fear.

  5. Draconian society calls for draconian laws,only law breakers will fear these new laws that has finally grown teeth. About time decent people start taking back our country. If lawyers don’t the new laws then they must find a new career. The gall of this miscreant,Jamaicans are fed up and wi not taking it anymore! It is either you are with us or against us! Lawyers need to find real work to …

  6. Gunmen. We don’t want police placing guns on youths and them being sentenced to 15 years. We want to pursue justice not create injustice.

  7. They have no winning case as lawyers here that’s his issue they won’t be able to buss off no case or minimize non so them a look clause gweh

  8. I never hear this attorney argue in the interest of the country but always in interest of the criminals. It 10 -20 – life in the USA. Murders and Murderers is his business.

  9. The law of the country is the express desire of its citizens not its attorneys or scammerpenny..him fi go wey..

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