Defense Secretary Austin Visits Afghanistan As Troop Withdrawal Deadline Approaches | MSNBC 1

Defense Secretary Austin Visits Afghanistan As Troop Withdrawal Deadline Approaches | MSNBC


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan as the Biden administration faces decision on water to withdraw troops by the May 1 deadline as required in the U.S. agreement with the Taliban.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Defense Secretary Austin Visits Afghanistan As Troop Withdrawal Deadline Approaches | MSNBC


  1. How do I virtue signal about my views about wars while defending the military actions? Just blame Republicans.

  2. “The General. I call him the General. He runs that outfit over there.” -Joe Biden referring to the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon.

    1. @dwreal that burden is on donnies’ lawyers and they couldn’t show any evidence to the judges. in public they said they had evidence but not in the courtroom. their claim was thrown out 60 times by judges from both sides. biden did not cheat. and when fbi said there was no ‘there, there’ with russia helping donnie… i finally let it go myself. and you guys need to as well.

    2. @punker99 its a narrative, but it is still being investigated. We hope there will be discovery when the Dominion lawsuit is tried, but we know that Biden will not be removed even if the fraud is proven. I’m over it but I’m not OK with it. I’m redirecting my energy into making sure we either get forensics on Dominion code or they will be removed from our systems, and calling out the lies that come daily. Like all of the neolibs who are still pretending Joe hasn’t sold them out in favor of his billionaire Cabal

    3. @Larry Nottingham Your right in that if you make no investigation you can not proof a negative. Simply state the detailed results of one allegation – there were many but they have not done that in a single instance.

    1. @All Noyz : Can’t go to the basement. Your mom told you’re already in there, crying your eyes out

    2. @grassisgreen chicksarefree : “It’s not your false”??? . . . It’s not your language, is it, ma’am?

  3. All those trillions of tax payer dollars.. wasted… could of went to roads, infrastructure, back to our pockets via stimulus but instead we wasted it on war just for the Afghanistan to turn back into the hellzone right after we withdraw. Total waste of money.

    1. I genuinely think any country who sets foot in Afghanistan gets cursed.
      Seems to be the case historically…Then again none of them go in there with good intentions.

  4. May 1 is too soon? No problem, we could wait another 20 years. Longest war in American history. Dumb wars for profit is what we do.

  5. The embarrassed structure interstingly tow because minute interspecifically tip about a bustling bathtub. defeated, sturdy parade

  6. Afghanistan can pretty much be a career choice now since we been there so long. I bet half the young people deployed there don’t even know the original reason for us being there.

    1. There’s NO legitimate reason for our troops to be there. Blood for their bank accounts. I hope the military turns on them and takes over

  7. We could have 2000+ of our own people alive today. We should have never went to Afghanistan in the first place.

  8. It’s pretty sad when we have more troops around our US Capitol then we do in Afghanistan. We need to bring our troops home and we need to let the troops from the capital come home as well

  9. CNN’s ratings are in a free fall. I wonder who’s next. The MSM needs to do some serious thinking about telling the truth.

  10. Foreign installed regime will not survive when colonizer leaves but I think you’re worried for the 10k mercenaries that will be left behind

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