1. Shouldn’t he be more worried about his criminal investigation regarding sex trafficking a teenage girl? Matt is in the Congress, why?

    1. If Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was an underage girl? This would have gone a different way. lol

    1. @David Matejka I know this is a big gotcha question, but are you dems so partisan you refuse to acknowledge plenty of Americans wanted to get out asap, but the communication or the danger to get to the base was too dangerous to move on foot

  2. Sadly, ignorance is rampant in Congress. To be educated you need to learn all sides of an issue. You cannot combat an ideology without understanding it.

    1. @Manny King
      It’s an epidemic, sadly. Especially in the U.S.
      It’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out who misuses that word the most, republicans, or democrats.

  3. It’s baffling that a person being investigated for soliciting prostitution and sexual assault of minors is still in Congress.

    1. @Robert R dumbest question of all time,with the dumbest reply of all time…I’m not a biologist

  4. “I control the time” means I can spew lies that turn into sound bites that rally his ignorant base. We all know his/they’re goals in the end.

    1. @Erroneous “I Control The Time” means I cut the chairperson off and the defense secretary off, so I can continue to jump in & keep on talking!

  5. With everything that this guy has done in his life and what he’s accused of doing he’s still in office this just shows the hypocrisy of the former Republican party, unbelievable

  6. Matt Gaetz throwing the word disgraceful at anybody, for anything, is disgraceful in itself…

  7. The defense secretary of the United States 🇺🇸 is literally the last person you should argue nonsense, disrespectfully test and falsely blame for anything. Wow.

    1. @Shanna lee Who IS QUALIFIED to ask the military top brass WHY THEY’VE GONE WOKE AND TRANSQUEER BERSERK—-Rachel Levine?? 😂

    2. That General works for the people and he can ask him anything he wants.Were not in China and Russia.And besides, the USA wastes money on all kinds of things so why not this?

    3. @ted zehnder I don’t think anyone with pending sexual allegation should be addressing such a high profiled individual.

  8. You would think that most crooks would be quiet and not remind us that he’s still under investigations.

    1. What is there to remind us of? He’s under investigation as a currently innocent man, no hard feelings.

  9. “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” – Omar Bradley

    Matt Gaetz: “Strategy! Also I don’t know what Democratic Socialism is, but it’s scary to me!”

  10. Gaetz talks like a coward, refuses to listen unless it’s his own voice and stutters in fear when things are redirected at him. It’s almost as if he knows he’s reaching or lying and doesn’t want to be cought.

    1. Or his sex trafficking case that he’s under investigation for. I don’t understand how he is allowed to continue with his job while under investigation you can be fired for allegations of abuse but sex trafficking no let him carry on with his job.

  11. I CONTOL THE TIME..he is rude and uncontrollable with his rhetoric he is so displaced in his demeanor to those above him in experience and rank.He is a disgrace to the taxpayers and his position.

    1. @Dylan Richard Correct and also a disgraceful act of weakness to pander to the Chinese. Only the weak would want to try and “understand” these monsters.

  12. How dare a person who only reap the benefits of our democracy question the loyalty of those who actually put their lives on the line in defense of that democracy.

  13. He’s such a stooge I can’t believe anybody lets him get away with his idiotic line of questioning all the time.

  14. Imagine asking why a lecture is being given, as if an opportunity to consider other ideas is so dangerous!! Too dangerous for people to think about this.

  15. “Democratic Socialism” is a description of the governments in Scandanavia. Gaetz is so ignorant… why should anyone have to deal with this silliness? Thomas Pikkety is a world-renowned economist. It’s so infuriating.

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