1. @Keeping Healthy were all of them antifa or just some , , I saw 3 or 4 diff. groups . just asking, its hard to say for sure since . I was not there ,

    2. @Changing of the guard Jesus, you are insane, did you not see the order by joe Biden for the cages to be taken down, the one that was blocked by a conservative judge?

    3. @Changing of the guard it is literally factual information, nobody denies it, you have brainwashed yourself into believing these illusions of grand conspiracy. The idea that everyone but you is a sheep usually stems from a sociopathic disorder.

  1. These people are psychotic, not living in the same reality as regular people. Their double standards are infuriating.

    1. @Eboton Jackson he told us to go to the capitol peacefully never said violently break in. There are ppl who confessed to being paid to start up chaos by the dems and antifa

    2. @I’m just some Canadian guy, and I say Gina Carano just got fired for saying making Nazi comparisons, but it’s okay when you do this because you are a Democrat. Pathetic.

    3. @Noah Hughes Blathering without reading first. And if you had read my comment , with the coda that you had even the slightest comprehension ability, you would have understood the point I was making. God it’s always astonishing to see how eager people are to proffer their ignorance.

    1. Yep, I heard him say that, and I will be there with you, now it sounds like they are being thrown under the bus.

  2. Their leader, Donald, should have been in front of HIS followers. Then he could have said those unforgeable infantry words, “FOLLOW ME!” A great leader leads from the front, not from the rear. Would love to see a video like this, but produced by Fox.

    1. To follow the Braindead is not a excuse,wake-up use your own brain,and live in the real world,not his Fake-azz Sit-con,that show is cancelled,Low ratings cdue to unreal piotlines and bad acting.🖥️💻

    2. Yup! The truth always prevails. This insurection also proved their claim to love police officers is yet another falsehood.

    1. Look at what CNN will never tell you about the covid. Type this this video title: CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

  3. If Charles Mason was sentenced to life and he never killed anyone and might never had been at the murder scene but manipulated people to kill…thennnnn🤔

    1. @Ginger Damn, I guess you don’t understand the meaning of “inciting”. All involved, including Trump (Manson) are guilty, BY LAW!

  4. Since no one has common sense anymore. I got common sense for sale $299 a bottle if you act now you get 2 for one that’s another $299 value absolutely free. Act now why supplies last

    1. They think because they take orders from him that everyone else does as well. Remember Trump saying the presidents authority is absolute? They do not get branches of government because in their world it is a dictatorship

    1. @Allen Goodman And here we see the typical Republican response when faced with reality. When directly challenged on their lies, they have no retort. So they just deflect, name-call, or pivot to another lie.

    2. @Allen Goodman Allen, why do you believe he put America First? This isn’t an admonishment, I would just like to know.

    1. @Lisa Rochwarg you mean the senators puting on this dog and pony show of an impeachment for weeks while people are dying of covid and Biden is destroying families by eliminating thousands of jobs with a stroke of a pen?
      How stupid is it to have a trial to kick out a president who is already gone? So now it’s ok to impeach ex presidents- well then Obama is next as soon as the republican pick up a few more house seats.

    2. You are making no sense whatsoever. I guess it’s a feeble attempt on your part to insult me? Why don’t you try saying something factual instead of acting like such a child.

    3. @W.E. Rob Who produced the video youtube is blocking? The “facts” are not inconvenient if they are as you state facts. If this video is not propaganda & comes from a realible source we should be able to find it so all we need is you give us the source.

    1. It’ll be recorded every word for word and the photos of these people. This is not 1940s where many Germans lied they didn’t serve Hitler. These people will not be able to lie to their grand kids.

    1. Giving away country for their Cult Leader. The world saw the bigots the ignorant the lowest of our society on tv, COWARDS as soon as the National Guard Showed up they ran like pink roaches.

    2. It’s political theater. When violence & riots were destroying communities & the peasants were being murdered. Both parties used it as political ammunition. But as soon as it was on their (politicians) front door it became a problem.

  5. Isaac Asimov was right in saying that, “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” 🤔

  6. The zip ties guy literally had his attorney tender his brief today claiming exactly what she said they believed in his criminal trial.


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