DeJoy Political Fundraising Draws Eye Of FBI Investigators 1

DeJoy Political Fundraising Draws Eye Of FBI Investigators


Rachel Maddow reviews past reporting about questionable political fundraising tactics used by postmaster general Louis DeJoy with the employees of his company, and new reporting from the Washington Post that those practices are now under FBI investigation.
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    1. @Kaiza the Democrats do the same thing. So it is okay for your party on steroids but if a Republican does the same thing Pelosi has been doing for decades, then it is bad? It is DC girl, they don’t call it the swamp for nothing. Nothing but corruption and lies. Everyone knows former employees are usually disgruntled employees.

    2. Gin C fill government positions with their sympathisers and block people they don’t like? Sure, both sides do that, albeit Republicans being much more blatant about it. (Block appointments for years because it’s “too close to an election”, and then turn around and force through their picks in the middle of one.)

      Although as far as I know I haven’t seen Democrats sabotage government agencies to personally profit themselves.
      It’s not just DeJoy, Republicans are also responsible for Betsy DeVos. Someone just as, if not MORE corrupt than DeJoy.

    3. @Kaiza That assumes all the positions in the U.S. government were filled. They are not. The FEC has 6 members. Two members were not ever filled. Four members are needed for a quorum and before the election, Trump offered that 4th member a job elsewhere making it so the FEC could not actually convene. Republicans have left the NLRB empty for a while. It is the National Labor Relations Board. Republicans will prevent anyone from holding positions if it prevents those core governmental functions from being done.

    4. @Kaiza Biden has had three confirmed democrats are the majority now, don’t know what the hold up is.

  1. Biden cannot fire DeJoy but DeJoy cannot run the USPS from prison so I’m totally fine with that

    1. Biden: “how can we deflect from the border crisis.”
      Congress: “let’s waste time by investigating dejoy. The media will help, and the viewers fall for it all the time.”

    2. ​@neb have you seen what has happened to america in the last 4 years? lolol. i guess you think the insurrection at the capitol was a group of tourist coming to hug the vice president and speaker of the house not to murder them? lolol.

    1. @DrumWild Without PROOF????
      WoW, are you totally ignorant of “The Laptop”??? How about his handgun thrown into the trash by the school. Bribes from UK, China, and many others. The photos of pedophile activity, the drugs, the family emails… Other than a two by four to your head, what more do you need….oh, wait I know… Rachel Madcow to tell you. LOL

    2. @Ti A ribbon Two guys walk into a bar
      One of them is younger than the other
      So what , it’s two different guys

    1. As a federal employee, some of you employees have to remember, the committee can look at your emails.

  2. Foreigner here. You guys have laws, but they seem to be more in the nature of guidelines that certain people get to opt in or out of.
    Do you actually hold ANY political figures to account? The only guys that were nailed got pardons and, (in the case of Stone and Flynn) were free to preach/effect further sedition.
    “Nation of laws” you may be, but only for the small fry.

    1. American here, and I can tell you it looks even worse up close. Slimy creatures practiced at finding the edge. I hope this has crossed that fine line as I’d hate to see this one crawl away…

    2. *When it comes to Blame the Victim we’re not just as good as you we’re Exceptional.*

    1. Not so fast. All we’ll see is people talking about the possibility of considering having a discussion on whether or not they will maybe form some commission or other to investigate the feasibility of a dialog on the pros and cons of conceptualizing a strategy to evaluate the options for “moving forward”.

    2. lol you are aware that Obama violated campaign finance laws as well right?

      no one fcking cares lol

    3. ​@Ben Shapyro Got any evidence of that?

      And don’t bother telling me to look for myself. You made the claim, back it up.

    4. @Easy Money Obama didn’t violate campaign finance laws, but his campaign did – they failed to notify the FEC of some larger donations within the required 48hr window and they were slow to refund some donations that exceeded legal limits. Considering, at the time, that campaign had the highest donations on record I doubt the lasps in clerical work was intentional.

    1. Did he take money from China and Ukraine like Biden? Need to check out Nancy. She is a traitor too. She is a traitor to the American people. Making deals with China and getting a kickback of 8 million dollars, and not doing anything for the homelessness in her city. Definitely, drain the swamp.

    2. @Gin C Got any evidence of those claims?

      And don’t bother telling me to look for myself. You made the claim, back it up.

  3. Dejoy is destroying the Postal Service!
    Can’t wait to see Louis DeJoy in a prison suit!

  4. FBI still working on garage door pull noose. Then they still need to finish up the JFK thing that’s been dragging lately.

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