Delay in COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t thwart targets: Minister Anand 1

Delay in COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t thwart targets: Minister Anand


Minister of Procurement Anita Anand weighs in on Canada experiencing a temporary delay in its COVID-19 vaccine shipments from Pfizer.

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    1. That presumes travel would be sufficiently restricted and we’ve shown a distinct lack of enforcement of quarantine measures that in themselves appear to be insufficient.

    2. Funny how rubella mumps and measles haven’t mutated in over 40 years but they want you to believe this one mutates every other week. They haven’t even shown an image of an isolated and purified sample, how could they even tell if it has “mutated” when they haven’t even proven it exists?

    1. @It Approaches LOL! If you’re okay with underachievers in government, then it’s truly a ‘you’ problem.

    1. Well Mike then the anti Vaxers will go into the light which will confirm everything Darwin was talking about..

  1. Why are you not covering the truth about how much money is being stolen by Trudeau and his Billionaire buddies in Canada?

    1. If you eat any processed foods (which let’s face it are nearly everything we eat these days) or drink water, then you’re putting a list of chemicals in your body. Do you or have you ever taken pharmaceuticals? The list of possible side effects are horrendous

    2. Are you said virus from your parents. Well you better keep it for yourself for ever ok. Stupid is stupid talking none sense at all

  2. We will never reach targets. The government isn’t in the business of returning the rights and freedoms we surrender.

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