Deleted 2019 video shows Greene yelling into Ocasio-Cortez's office 1

Deleted 2019 video shows Greene yelling into Ocasio-Cortez’s office


CNN's KFile tracked down a since-deleted Facebook Live post from 2019 showing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — then a conservative activist — standing outside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's locked office taunting her to come out and "get rid of your diaper" and "be a big girl."

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  1. The fact that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is still on the Capitol and in politics respectively is VERY telling.

    1. @Yasir Sitara Doesn’t take ‘audacity’, Seamus. THE former WHITE HOUSE MEDICAL DOCTOR said recently on several forums that ‘There is something wrong’ with Joe Biden. He didn’t use the word Alzheimer’s but only if one is a blubbering IDIOT, would one not see THAT is the “Something Wrong With Biden”. Stop ignoring the obvious, it does NOT make you look smarter.

    2. @Steve Shapiro where are those nuts now. Alot of them are facing time for treason. Many more of them are still in lala land.

  2. Looks like Marj doesn’t like it when people fail to engage and ignore her. So we know what to do.

    1. She needs to be held accountable. People shouldn’t have to be silent when being harassed. She needs to go!

    2. @Gabriel Rodriguez is she harassing people? No. Is she lying? No. She stays as long as her constituents want her.

    3. @Ashley LoRayne ocasio-cortez cmon!! Grow some balls!! Some huevos! Your followers harass Trump supporters, how does it feel that you’re being harassed?

    1. @Mark Warren I would be willing to double your bet… Marjorie Taylor Greene believes conspiracy theories, that’s the epitome of incompetence…

    2. @Puck Daily to not be harassed. If someone came at any other person like mtg did, she’d get pepper sprayed or tased. It’s unacceptable and crazy.

  3. If you’re wondering what an internet troll would look like if it hopped out of a 4chan comment and into reality… Marjorie Taylor Greene is it.

    1. I learned a new technique for bullies like MTG in my martial arts class. It’s called “slap a btch.”

    2. Oh thanks, expert. Any other psychological profiles you can educate the public on, Youtube Doctor?

    3. @Grateful Kicks Howard People that harass and yell at high school shooting victims in the streets are not mentally well. You don’t need a psychology degree to see that: just eyes, ears, and common sense. Also, who says she isn’t a psychologist?

  4. The way they gathered around that mail slot shows me they are familiar with visiting places with small holes in the wall…

  5. Wow really UNIFIED. I’m sure they told her to say this word as many times as possible. Unified in craziness and they are dragging the USA down into the gutter.

  6. I don’t think that I know anyone with self esteem who would go answer the door in response to “baby,” “diapers,” etc…

    1. Lol. What does that say about AOC? She did not engage in a conversation with someone calling her a baby? Now I get them. Republicans thought Trump was a good debater because he called people childish names and now they think she is a good debater top. They are so impressed by them.

    2. @Robert Rodriguez AOC did the right thing, by ignoring Marjorie Taylor Greene’s juvenile behavior.

    1. We should be ashamed and worried about how demented all trumpsters are and the damage to democracy and the country that they are causing

  7. She is officially the Queen of Karen’s. She’s like the worst junior high school bully.

    1. @Doug H Republicanism is a disease of the brain and comments like these cement that fact.

    2. @Doug H She’s not a Republican. She’s the monster that broke into the room, murdered the Republicans, skinned them, and wore their skins so she could impersonate a Republican.

  8. This is clearly stalking. A restraining order needs to be filed. If it keeps up charges filed. Then jail time.

    1. @Jeffrey Snipes I like how your post is edited, yet you still stuck with the incorrect spelling.

    1. I don’t want her to represent me because she’s inexperienced. And why would we protect her? She can protect herself with her own money.

    2. @J-n-D Films what level of power? AOC runs no committee, she’s in charge of nothing, what “power” are you afraid of? Power of the People
      If the majority of the people believe and vote for these “leftists ideals”, who are you to say different?

    3. @Joseph Wright so?
      Mom wouldn’t give you a $20 so you threw your lunch money? #Cheap
      Real men at least throw dollars.

    1. Creepy thing is that when you go watch a video about her and Gaetz you read all these slimy comments about how they love her and praise her. She has a lot of people who think she is amazing. Scary really.

  9. The literal definition of a Karen.. we need to unite and prevent the Karen’s from seeping into government

  10. School teacher: now class who can define psychotic?

    Students raise their hands and answer: Marjore Taylor Greene

    1. Been waiting for her impeachment charges vs Biden which she promised to file at the start of the new Congress…well it could be just a psychotic blahs blahs..

    2. @Troll Account I’ll bet Greene is not stupid enough to try and stalk Waters. Greene has stalked a teenager who previously faced gun violence in his school. She knows who she can pull the pycho act with.

  11. ” Satan laughing spreads his wings.” The Republic party is indeed the “tool” for Satan. How can anyone not see it is beyond belief…….

    1. @Morningstar 612… lately the wackos are coming from the right, … Taylor Greene, Giuliani , Trump, The My Pillow Guy, Sidney Powell, Scaramucci, Lou Dobbs, Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner, Bannon, Roger Stone… now let me see your list.

    2. Yeah right. Try finding a true Christian in the Democratic Party. And don’t make me laugh by saying Biden.

  12. 2:05 exactly. she filmed herself, reviewed the video and still decided to upload it. that the biggest self report ive ever seen

    1. It’s over 30 minutes long! She acts like a total trash case throughout the entire thing!!

  13. Watching this from Europe, and the kind of creeping feeling of panic is coming back from when there were serious talk of Trump not planning to leave the White House…

    1. @Aminika Glasco I’m really asking. Do you refer to the “scientists” that said the world would end in 1990, or the ones that said it would end in 2005, or the ones that said it will die soon? Which of them

    1. the stefanik woman certainly doesn’t have any bright light shining through her eyes. if i was a gambling man i’d be willing to wager there’s meds coursing in her bloodstream, antidepressants? antipsychotics? maybe self-medicating too.

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