'Deliverables Were Delivered': Despite Denials, Much Of The Giuliani Case Is On The Record | MSNBC 1

‘Deliverables Were Delivered’: Despite Denials, Much Of The Giuliani Case Is On The Record | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the contours of what has been reported about the investigation of Rudy Giuliani and whether the deals Giuliani made in Ukraine will be construed as payments that could spell legal trouble. Correction: This clip was republished after NBC News and other news organizations corrected their original reporting to exclude mentions of reports that the FBI told Rudy Giuliani he was the target of a Russian influence campaign. Sources now confirm to NBC News that while the FBI prepared a brief
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    1. Does anyone believe that Giuliani will tell the truth… As well as 45…at the least least, Clinton fessed up & impeached. Unlike the last administration… Oh Merrick Garland,,, please please please give the USA a beautiful present….

  1. Rudy sent a lot of mafia members to prison in the late 80s. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to see him again.

    1. @John Dough denying & reflecting who u know is a trumpian thing to do. Look where it’s getting them….locked up or pardoned

    2. @Anaru Philp yes, as it has been throughout history, the political opposition of a tyrannical regime is locked away and murdered.

      The original QAnon was called “operation trust” during the bolshevik revolution. It was used to distract and identify the opposition to the revolution. After the communists seized power. Lenin and Stalin arrested and later murdered them.

    3. @John Dough how much is russia paying you. Or did you really drink the Trump kool-aid?

    4. @robert hollingsworth ok buddie, Russia hoax was a pathetic lie from MSNBC and the FBI. Russia pays people to troll brainwashed MSNBC hate addicts? No.
      Trump cool aid? While I applaud Trump for the beating he took from the media and their mindless minions. I also applaud him for exposing the depth of the swamp. I then condemn him for inflating the economy, and continuing to appoint either useless or traitorous career politicans to key positions. His biggest betrayal was when he invited all his patriotic followers to the capital for a set up. Is Trump a traitor or a moron? Regardless, he is gone now. Perhaps you can turn off the MSNBC anger sessions and start the healing process?

    1. @andrew zgoda its amazing how its okay to “play dirty” to you
      because of course both sides do it
      Mueller report proved nothing but that the democrats are a bunch of lying pieces of sh it
      & fyi, democrats are not American
      never have been & never will be

    2. @Bazooka Joe there are several in the dnc who are complicit in crimes that the fbi are covering up
      present administration included

  2. Rachel was right on the money when this was happening and now the legal system is catching up.

    1. @John Dough We get it, bro… You love Russian-backed disinformation. Now run along and go cry about cancel culture or whatever you lot are on about these days. The adults are having a conversation here.

    2. @Roy Polloi lol calls project veritas propagandists as he sits addicted to madcow “anger sessions”

    3. @Adam J. Wilbur adults that are addicted to hate propaganda? mindlessly regurgitating “Russia hoax misinformation” as if that hasn’t been proven to be a lie. You may be an old man, but you’ve the mind of an indoctrinated youth from one of Hitler’s SS camps. Evidenced by the way you replace childish ridicule with any type of meaningful coherent dialogue.

    4. @John Dough
      So why are you here ? No doubt to keep up with the truth that you won’t admit to!

    5. @John Dough wtf do you mean proven to be a lie lmao? It’s only been proven, over and over to be true. Please stop being so dumb/gullible

    1. @Strawberries Nd Crème He didnt get away with an insurrection though
      the democrats stole an election is what you meant

    2. @Janet Hart no he didnt?
      what day did he attack the USA?
      in what form?
      wasnt he POTUS?

    3. @Floyd Allyn If thinking that makes you happy little troll, then add it to the list of things you’re delusional about.

    1. Rudy promised Chump that the Russians were backing his 2020 election so when he lost, the pardon was rescinded.

  3. How and what do we do to get the Bar Association to disbar the insurrectionist lawyers??? They have GOT to do something about their members that break laws and the Bar’s conduct rules!

    American Bar Association Rules of Conduct:
    Rule 3.1: Meritorious Claims & Contentions
    Rule 4.1: Truthfulness in Statements to Others
    Rule 8.4: Misconduct

    1. Maybe Merrick Garland’s DOJ will look into this. Personally, I think that any senators who tried to overturn states counting on Jan. 6 before and after the insurrection should be charged with sedition.

    2. I guess the ones who have the power to remove Mr Guiliani and the other useless corrupt lawyers, are all like them – corrupt!

    3. I feel his judgment is like when he married his cousin. I don’t have any options… I’ll stick in this… oh meant to.

  4. I wonder, is Ms. Maddow aware of her occasional lapses into Chrislopher Walken Voice? Because I am, and I love it.

  5. Rudy: “And if we’re wrong, we’ll all look like fools!”
    Everyone: “Go on…”
    Rudy: “And if we’re right, a lot of people will be going to jail!”
    Everyone: “At least you got half of that right!”

    1. Rudy should have paid more attention in history class. At the elite level, guilt or innocence has nothing to do with who gets locked up: “when you play the game of thrones you win or you die”

  6. Well stupid crooks of a feather, Commit numerous dumb crimes altogether, And one ignorant one get actually gets caught, They’ll rat the other one out, Or sometimes cast doubt or even fault !

  7. Politicians and Friends of politicians seem to always get away with the worst thing possible… treason

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