Delta CEO on the travel rebound, prices, and vaccinations 1

Delta CEO on the travel rebound, prices, and vaccinations


Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, speaks with CNN's Poppy Harlow about the travel rebound, ticket prices, and vaccine and mask mandates. He also reflects on the role of a CEO around social issues. #CNN #News #Business


  1. There shouldn’t have been any increase considering the amount of stimulus they received.

    1. @Barbara Eslick corporations have to repay, and the months of January – May are winter and spring.

    2. @Dixon Uranus “should” and “will” are totally separate things. They always get bailed out. ALWAYS and it’s NEVER repaid.

      Same as the big banks.

    3. @Barbara Eslick every stimulus/bailout from Bush and Obama to big corporations was repaid with interest.. What are you basing your delusions on?

  2. Best Airline with satisfaction. I can’t get no, no no no… we took travel for granted? Yeah, go with that one on the ticket gouge flight.

  3. Regardless of what type of business it is ,Surge in demand is generally tantamount to seeing higher prices

  4. It is sometime good for us examine the cases in order for us to senpaytise with the actions

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  6. “Would you support corp. tax increases to pay for infrastructure…?”
    “Hem Haw…. We already pay a lot of taxes….. …. Blah Blah Blah…..”
    “Yes, but that wasn’t the question… Do you support a tax increase for corporations?”
    “Hem Haw….. Blah Blah Blah.”

    1. They support tax increases only on those who can’t easily afford them. They’ll take all the handouts and pay any bribes they can to make sure they don’t have to pay their fair share. Rich people and corporations never want to pay what they should. That’s for suckers like us. You don’t stay rich by giving the cash away.

    2. @Jon Smith the other they rise our taxes and spend it on gender studies, critical race theory indoctrination and handouts to Central America.

  7. They have to make up for lost money by gouging the customers. They’ll bring back all the fees they had before. Prices will never return to pre pandemic as once a price goes up, it never returns to the old baseline. They’ll charge as much as they can at every turn. This guy’s bonus depends on it. And he’s not taking a penny less than the millions he already gets.

  8. To enrich the American economy? We must increase the prices on all of our essential commodities. This will enable our economy to support minimum wage increases and new job positions. In order to increase retail value? We must increase wholesale value. It can’t be 1 to 100. 10 to 100 is reasonable.

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  10. I hope airlines keep weeding out the people that don’t deserve to be in the air and putting them on the no fly list.

  11. Saying an airline won the best customer service award is like the award for the least violent mobster.

  12. I’d love to know when the mask mandate is going to be lifted. Don’t want to spend 5+ hours on a plane with a mask on.

  13. Haven’t been on a plane in a year when everything is cleared up maybe I should take a trip to Florida LMAO

  14. The airline corporations got bailed out big time, there’s no reason to increase tickets prices.

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