Delta Is 'Life-Threatening' For Younger Americans: Says Mary Mayhew 1

Delta Is ‘Life-Threatening’ For Younger Americans: Says Mary Mayhew

Florida Hospital Association President Mary Mayhew joins Morning Joe as the state becomes the leader in per capita hospitalizations for the coronavirus. Mayhew stresses the need to convince younger individuals in Florida to get vaccinated.

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Delta Is 'Life-Threatening' For Younger Americans: Says Mary Mayhew


  1. Those who can get vaccinated, do it to protect your loved ones as well as yourself, plus build towards herd immunity that protects the vulnerable and children. As for the rest, time to let natural selection go forward!

    1. @Paul Wilson People are allowed to pass on good advice they have heard from qualified doctors [it’s called caring for others]. Of course, if you think the data is all part of a hoax and doctors are part of it then you are already lost and you too will be joining the ‘if only I had listened to the professionals’ group pretty soon.

    2. The anti-vax folks have also not figured out that the vaccine is free but their hospitalization and medical care, should they fall sick, is not. They have made a choice to reject a sure free winner for a costly loser! If they don’t care about their own physical health, they should at least get vaccinated for their fiscal health.

  2. Anyone that takes their medical advice from a politician, a religious leader, or a former crackhead turned pillow merchant, instead of an actual doctor, deserves whatever happens to them.

    1. @NebTheWeb It all came from China and Dementia Joe said preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic while Trump made travel bans and saved lives!!!!! So why is it all supposed to be Trumps fault and not Bidens fault now???????

    2. @BOB HAVENER How old were they??? What other health problems did they have???? Nevermind I forgot sheep don’t ask questions!!!!!!!!

    3. @Mary Beth Do you agree with Biden that Obama was the first clean intelligent black man????????????????????

    4. @Bud Fudlacker You’d better get down there with your fire engine and pink umbrella hat and put that fire out, wee one! To the tower, Rapunzel!

  3. The states with the lowest vaccine rates are Republican states with the highest rates of poverty and the lowest education scores; this is not a coincidence.

    1. They intend to own the liberals by avoiding the vaccine, but the only thing they’ll own is a cemetery plot 🙁

    2. No… it is the dangerous and tragic political divide as a result of Mango Mussolini & Co’s weaponizing of the pandemic.

    1. @Richie Tattersall I read the case law. That ruling led to a lot of negative things being done under the guise of that case. I want people to get vaccinated but citing that case is not a great way to encourage vaccinations.

    2. @Mark Evans Trying to take away control from Local government & Teachers associations, and organizations on mask mandates is mistake #1, he’s been fighting the CDC in the courts instead of the virus, he has Zero Leadership skills—and the list goes on. However, people will continue to die while you’re here typing Gotcha questions.

  4. More houses available soon for Californians looking to retire in New Florida, away from drought land. THANKS Covid19!

    1. Look on the bright side- there will be more jobs and houses and stuff for the survivors, and the sub-85 IQ set will have largely Raptured themselves via Delta.

    1. As the weather gets colder with hurricanes maybe also on the way toward fall – looking at many deaths especially in the schools from Delta without any form of lock down or wearing a mask. I believe winter tourism in Florida will be at an all time low which is very bad for this type of business except for funeral homes & local cemeteries.

    2. As long as the infected parents are republican who cares? Collateral damage. One gone republican is like money in the bank.

    1. Hotspot Central! Stay away from Florida. Ron’s economic plan of sacrificing citizens for a bump in your 401K is absolute madness. Like Biden has said, the economic comeback is based on the #1 thing: beating covid. Florida seems intent on killing its way out of the pandemic. And don’t get me going on nut jobs Abbott and Ducey. The lowest vax rate states are states that Trump won. They are taking it in the shorts. We need a “Pandemic for Dummies” course. It will need lots of big pictures, cartoons to keep their attention, and a bigger boat.

    1. this has been dumped mostly on nurses. docs didn’t even go close to covid patients the 1st wave, god forbid they risk their important lives. Nurses are the heroes!

  5. Terrifying. My family is in Florida. They’re all unmasked and gathering together. It’s every nurses nightmare. 🙁

    1. My sister is a nurse. Refuses to get vaxxed. Here in rural East Texas that mentality is running rampant. I wonder if thats how it is in urban areas as well?
      None of my family members are vaxxed. It’s incredibly sad and stressful. How will we ever fix this?!

    2. @ccrncindy I fully support you. I’m fully vaccinated and still wear masks outdoors. In the UK we have over 80% of people who have had at least 1 shot and we are fast approaching completion of the 2nd. Now our young people are taking the vaccines. We had a brief high spike of Delta, but it served to drive the unvaccinated to the vaccine centres. The numbers have shot down. I have my vaccine confirmation on my phone and a hard copy. I don’t mix with anybody who is not vaccinated and all of our stores have mandated mask wearing. Hand washing and sanitizing is now the norm. I have the greatest ever respect for our healthcare workers, just like you. You have done wonderful work but now have to face a repeat. I’ve watched Ron DeSantis and his despicable behaviour. He has much blood on his hands, as have all the lunatics who deny the science. Please take care. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Unfortunately, it may take your family seeing friends die before they come to their senses.

  6. Only in the US can a politician get away with endangering the public . In other countries he would have been sacked ..

    1. ​@Chris Not everybody is entitled with the ability to stay home, not go to work-not protect their immunocompromised family members…How exactly are you able to not have to out again?

  7. delta is deathly , just imagen what will come next after Delta if people don’t take the vaccine right now

    1. What could come. Not what will. Variants don’t just get progressively stronger or more deadly. A variant could go the other way and become less viable and/or there could be a boatload of variants out there at some point. Still it is best to deal with it strongly now because this family of virus definitely has the capability to become worse.

    2. @Rocky Mountain Way Good post. Successive waves are just the survival of the fittest at work.

      However, we can take a cue from the 1918 pandemic. Each new wave was worse than the one before.

    1. Look on the bright side, they finally realized enough constituents for dying that it might affect the upcoming elections. So now Republican leadership has changed its position that covid is dangerous and you should get vaccinated.

      I just wonder how effective is going to be after they spent the last 19 months spreading the opposite message in the face of medical advice.

      Because these people didn’t get vaccinated quickly enough, we’re very likely to develop a vaccine resistant strain.

      In every case where someone who’s vaccinated got sick they should be doing contact tracing, testing, quarantine, and isolation.

    2. @Tamesen Hale don’t mistake rationalization and deluded thinking for lack of intelligence. In fact people who are highly intelligent, can self rationalize and protect their dilution much more effectively than people who are not highly intelligent. A large number of intelligent people remain in the Republican Party. But they have a toxic belief system.

    3. @NebTheWeb hahahahaha what I’ve noticed, much to my fascination, is you (referring to leftoids in general) cannot actual formulate a sentence without mentioning the orange man, can you? You’re not physically able to it seems. Anyway, yeh.. no matter how many get their fauci ouchy, lockdowns will ensue, you cannot eradicate a virus through these means. It has never, and will never be achieved. It’s endemic and not going anywhere. You cannot defeat it, all you can is protect those who need it. Done, achieved.. these treatments have been around and literally buried from media since last July, way before the ‘vaxx’ was brought about. They will keep the lockdowns. This will be a perpetual cycle until what they want to be achieved has in fact been achieved, a complete financial collapse and thus a reset. It’s bizarre that you cannot yet see the forest for the trees. It must be all that soy intake I dunno. Good luck

    4. @NebTheWeb ps I do have to say I’m truly impressed at the comment section of MSNBC. I’d say it’s on par with CNN for comedy. Like a human zoo, very entertaining.

    5. Natural selection and covid does not care about their feelings or ignorance. They will make believes of them yet.

  8. The Republican governors did such a good job of turning their Republican populations against vaccination that what they say now is of little avail.

  9. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make make him drink”
    The message to to get vaccinated has been out for over 8 months, these people would rather follow the advice of a false idol (Trump) than the advice of doctors.
    You can’t fix STUPID!

  10. Trump told Woodward in March 2020, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

    He didnt want to create a panic bc he didnt want to lockdown or take anti covid measures bc it would hurt his re election.

  11. Some of these Republican governors are literally killing people without laying a hand on them. Their words and actions are reckless and dangerous.

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