Delta Variant Poses New Political Threat To Biden's Agenda 1

Delta Variant Poses New Political Threat To Biden’s Agenda

The increase in coronavirus infections due to the delta variant is threatening to 'subsume President Biden’s agenda,' according to Washington Post reporting.

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Delta Variant Poses New Political Threat To Biden's Agenda


  1. “The combination of high prevalence and high levels of vaccination creates the conditions
    in which an immune escape variant is most likely to emerge. The likelihood of this
    happening is unknown, but such a variant would present a significant risk both in the
    UK and internationally.” – Ninety-third SAGE meeting on COVID-19, 07 July 2021

    1. @counselthyself Wouldn’t this be fuel for those who think we should be giving vaccines away to the developing nations for our own selfish interests? I think that is a logical conclusion. We should be sending the vaccines Anti-Vax Americans won’t take to our poorer neighbors and allies…

    2. This is exactly what will happen within the next few new variants, one of which will probably be from the US, and then we will have to start the process all over again. People don’t seem to understand how natural evolution works. If this variant mutates again, the chances of the current vaccines continuing to work will become slimmer and slimmer. People who are vaccinated are already contracting this variant so its getting extremely close to overcoming the current vaccine barriers.

    3. ​@2dronetek2 No, it’s a catch 22 scenario. The actual problem is that the pfizer/moderna vaccine only target a tiny factor for the COVID virus.
      Rather than a standard vaccine that would implement multiple factors we got the “rush job”. This variant problem was inevitable for that reason.
      Right now, the disinformation being spread by Media is that the variants originated in non-vaccinated folks without proof. The likelihood is high that
      it originated in a vaccinated person and spread.

      The vaccine isn’t well designed. If you want to take it go ahead. But it won’t give you as much protection as you imagine.
      They are disguising the actual problem by using nebulous words like “Breakthrough cases” to disguise the topic that variants are already spreading
      through the vaccinated.

      It is only a matter of time before the vaccinated people produce a mutation/variant that is resistant to the vaccine.
      If they used a standard vaccine this would have been far less likely. But to save time they rushed out an easy fix.
      Vaccines have to be multi-factor and include the entire elements of the disease.

      Already COVID Delta, is 100x-200x more contagious than the original. This is thanks to a crappy vaccine implementation.
      This isn’t new, and has been known for ages since modern medicine was started.

      If you don’t want variants to easily pop up, you need to target multiple factors/vectors that variants are unlikely to overcome.
      When a doctor gives you anti-biotics, he doesn’t target one particular trait. He gives you a wide spectrum anti-biotic to keep variants from occurring.

      The COVID dilemma is simply bad practices by major pharmaceuticals who obviously knew the risk of their vaccine causing even more problems by not addressing the full virus.

    4. @counselthyself the usual coward answer: Why should we act if we dont know what happens. Right now the vacc is still working, so get your shot.

  2. It’s not an “ecosystem”: it’s a system of stupidity looking for extinction opportunities.
    Why attempt to perpetuate stupidity?
    Those who refuse to do their duty during a war are usually shot by their own side.

    1. @大中華陰囊增強有限公司 How about it’s time for you to stop fantasizing, Karen.

    2. @Steven Wright Honey, that’s the same BS you accuse everyone else of. I think YOU’RE the troll with multiple YouTube accounts. Bye, baby.

  3. An accurate headline finally about themselves, I bet they didn’t even know it either lol..

  4. It will be evident in the end, that Putin jumped on the RepubliKKKlan bandwagon as well as the social media rabbit holes to fuel this death spiral.

  5. If they are in favor of voter id to prove they are legally able to vote, they should be in favor of a vaccine show of proof requirement to enter public areas Same as we do for schools already and just like a driver’s license,auto insurance, and seatbelts laws that are common sense laws

    1. It’s not fda approved and there’s no legal recourse if you are affected negatively. This isn’t my opinion this is a fact.

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