Delta variant symptoms harder to identify, second dose ‘very critical’ 1

Delta variant symptoms harder to identify, second dose ‘very critical’


CTV News’ Medical Specialist Dr. Marla Shapiro speaks on the Delta variant is hard to identify and less effective against two vaccine doses.

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    1. @Matt MacCallum they are telling both sides of it. If you chose to ignore it that’s on you not them

    2. They are fooling many unfortunately, discernment is out of style I guess and qualifies you as a conspiracy theorist…lol not that I care coming from cyborgs who are willing to trade their humanity for a donut…

  1. Vaccines longterm effects are unknown. Take at your own risk and always always trust the government because they know what’s best for you.

  2. The symptoms are harder to identify eh like the ridiculous list u have of things that be caused by anything . Rapid spread of a summer cold u may not even feel how many pairs of pants have u pissed

  3. More experts and specialists who have no clue other than opinions. Vaccines save lives but it requires 5 to 10 years to test and market vaccines.That’s science.

    1. lol complains about specialists saying they have no clue then continues to give his two cents haha priceless

    2. I agree about the so called specialists who give opinions without knowing what they are talking about.

  4. Much more infectious….but harder to diagnose
    Ha ha

  5. Can Marla explain how countries with 1%3 % vaccinations rate has low cases of Covid same like countries like Canada with 60 % vaccinations rate????

  6. These experts and special advisers are afraid if the hype goes they will fade into obscurity once again.

  7. Infections in Europe are up 70% hospitalization is up 50%.
    Prepare to get wrecked in August. Womp, womp waaa.

    1. Yep, we ALWAYS FOLLOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE UK. In about a month. trudeau keeps letting flights in from around the world. So if you are mad, THEN CONTACT HIM LIKE I’VE BEEN DOING TO STOP NON ESSENTIAL FLIGHTS!!!!! He’s the one to blame!!!!!!!

    1. Dr. Shapiro went through a year of cancer treatment of chemo and operations.
      Nice smear campaign Traul!

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