Dem Challenger In Montana Calls On GOP Senator To Apologize | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Does anyone know what issues he running on pls?
    i’m not sure “civility” is what will bring ppl to the ballot box

    1. I will tell you as someone from Montana- I just now heard he is running and he embodies a lot of what Montanans value, people who will speak up regarding issues, someone who knows hardship and values both lives and actual change.

      If he is willing to bring change and offers some good policies, he will be able to win hands down. The fact that he is the mayor of the capital which although leans democratic compared to most of Montana his military record and out of country history is very valuable in the race. John Tester is similar although in a different way- farmhand and lost fingers during farming. He was relatable and embodied what we wanted.

  2. He sounds like a good guy. He seems to approach all this with a level head and talk real honestly. I hope he wins. He also has a cool voice haha.

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