Dem In A Red State Stakes Her Candidacy On Exposing GOP As A Threat To Democracy 1

Dem In A Red State Stakes Her Candidacy On Exposing GOP As A Threat To Democracy

Former Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer discusses her candidacy to unseat Iowa’s Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and how she is making GOP efforts to downplay January 6th the cornerstone of her campaign
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  1. Well said by gosh you hit the nail on the head…put Democracy ahead of your party…get rid of all these reps that do not decry January 6th

    1. January 6th is the only day Democrats and their fake news cared about cops. The rest of the time they cheer every time a BLM or an Antifa throws a missile at them. Fact!

    1. @David Eby Biden? I think you’re confused. This vid is about Rep. Abby F. running against Grassley.

    2. @donnie vance Boy, I really havee to dumb it down.Sometimes I forget I’m talking with Democrats. Ok here goes. I said she could ride “Bidens” momentum. It was a joke “Biden has no momentum. Get it? There is a little sarcasm there. Do you understand momentum? Let me know,I’m here to teach.

    3. @David Eby Momentum with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is Moving Forward. Momentum with the ex-thief of an “acting” president who STOLE the 2016 Election, and his administration, along with the Cancervative Cult Agenda has set the USA back at least 50 yrs… and worse… so Yes, We, The People need Progress… Forward Progress… We Tax Payers want to see Our Taxes uses Wisely… and it has been far too long.

    1. @Stuck Case Love it when you guys come out of the woodwork and drop the mask. Thanks for admitting you stand against democracy. We’re supposed to be a democratic republic. They’re not mutually exclusive terms, although you’d like them to be.

    2. @donnie vance you are ignorant and dangerous
      I have never stated I am against democracy and it’s utility
      I gave simply stated that we are not a democracy and should never be one
      Our founding fathers were genius in their design of our representative republic
      Unfortunately, socialists have found a way to weaponize democracy to fit their narrative—you are the classic example of how
      You spew out the very reason why democracy can be dangerous
      Your ignorance is garuanteed input regardless of your knowledge of the content—all in the name of democracy—dangerous—you can be bought with candy—2500 for your vote—Joes mantra—elect me you’ll get your check
      Democracy is a fantastic institution—unfortunately it has an Achilles heel

  2. I want to see more politicians run like Abby. Don’t dance a round the big lie. Go straight for the Juggler.

  3. I’m so sure that if the investigation goes deeper that most republicans on that day are so involved and don’t want to be found out.

    1. Hur Hur Hur, to bad it was democratic paid members that opened the door and shot an unarmed veteran..

      Wish both sides were more transparent..

    2. @Cheyenne Brunner Where was this “unarmed veteran”… and How did they get into the Terrorist area, and what were they doing that got them shot?

    3. Republicans who Trump has under his thumb have no choice. Trump is holding many things over many people that would destroy them if found out. What would you do..

    1. You’re right. Far right fringe groups won’t like that she’s challenging trump’s puppet grassley and especially won’t like if she starts polling high. Which is exactly why I’m going to do what I can to support her. She does need some security with her though

    2. @Kola Beats Some Trumpanzee drove to DC yesterday making a fool of himself. It’s not like one isn’t going to light up a stick of explosives in his fuhrer Trump’s name, unless caught before hand.

    1. @Lance Davidson They love pretending that everyone else is stupid, and they alone are the arbiters of truth. It’s quite amusing when they fall on their face or their hypocritical actions contradict their beliefs in real time. Yet they never seem to learn. The very true definition of insanity.

    2. @LD Freitas You are the Fascists who’s trying to get everyone to take an experimental vaccine in order to participate is society?! WTF

    3. @LD Freitas I’m black woman, and I’m a Republican, actually an independent but I will never vote for another Democrat and will actively work so that they don’t get elected. So I guess that makes me a Republican, right?

    1. Yeah, they need to ramp up their FRAMING, Too!
      To Try to penetrate all those thick and low-Ed, Hypnotized; Cult-style + NLP, diminished, narrow minds! Some $icKer &/ or more damaged than others.

    2. @Tony Camaratta when is Biden going to do criminal justice reform? when is he going to pardon minorities? Democrats need to implement good policies not just rhetoric

    3. @mohamed said Well he’s just a little busy at the moment with, ya know, Afghanistan, the worsening pandemic, the southern border and the senate republicans going all ape-$hit and all. But as soon as that’s done I’m sure he’ll get right on it!

  4. and you know if she runs against Grassley she can use all those he’s too old attacks the gop are using on Biden back at Grassley since he’ll be what? 87? lol!

  5. We need more Democrats like her—and Republicans too.
    People who don’t govern based on cultism and fear.

    1. @crash corrigan But you stay ignorant for a lifetime. And cowardly. Where are your comments—self-censoring, so the “commies” don’t have to?

    2. @Michel Hammersley Why don’t you right-wing dudes mind your own business? Go practice screaming “FREEDOM”, or take care of your own kids (are all you “pro-lifers” vaccinated, like a responsible parent must be?) and quit interfering with the freedom of others.
      But self-righteousness is a self-inflicted disease with no cure, so you won’t.

  6. I’d use that strategy in every gop held position in congress – the cpl that are actually trying to do the right thing

  7. I swear, I that this young lady beats old Grassley out of politics,! His time has lapsed over many times. Grassley needs to go!

    1. she needs strong policy positions. otherwise people have no real reason to support her. give the people what they want and need to survive, and they will vote for you.

    1. She is a gaslighting traitor. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and she chooses to do it anyway.

      Same old same old, rinse & repeat, whatever the Democrats are doing, be sure and accuse Republicans of it instead so that when the Republicans point out what you’re doing you can then pretend like it’s actually just another back-and-forth finger-pointing contest.

      They have been using this technique for cover for the duration of this Marxist campaign across America.

      Whatever your side is doing, simply accuse the other side of it so that when they point out what you’re doing it just looks like the same Party politics, nothing to see here.

      Works perfect on dumb societies like America who are addicted to staring at their phones and taking pictures of their food and making fools of themselves on tiktok for Chinese media.

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