Dem Wins New Mexico Special Election To Replace Haaland, Dispels GOP Swing 1

Dem Wins New Mexico Special Election To Replace Haaland, Dispels GOP Swing


Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent, reports on the outcome of the special congressional election in New Mexico to replace now-Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, with Democrat Melanie Stansbury projected to defeat Republican Mark Moores by a similar margin to Biden's 2020 win in that district, dispelling notions of a Republican swing. 
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    1. @Massimo every state has its problems. My stepbrother lives there and he loves it. You don’t, and not everybody likes where they live and that’s fine

    2. @Barbara Bond you are being woefully ignorant of the degree of problems going on here, and it’s all because of one party rule. No other state is in this bad of shape, maybe NY which is also run by Democrats.

    3. @Massimo don’t agree with you. If you don’t like it then move. But California is the most populated state in the country and New York close by. People love it.

      You don’t like it then move. California is the biggest GDP state by far, it’s the 5th most wealthy economy in the world.

      Conservatives are just jealous their states are mostly poor

  1. I usually didn’t care to vote on special elections and other small elections but it is very important to vote on every election now.

    1. @LB Walker not interested in changing your mind, Trump, cringy Biden, or whomever you have a crush on…….not my problem bro.

    2. @Prom Night Dumpster Baby lol… triggered much there traitor? Enjoy the clown show going down… You republicans really know how to pick em… From nixon on, one bigger loser than the last…

    3. @Variant Ways you’re not a liberal, we all know that you’re a Trump supporter and thereby, a traitor to the US.

    1. @Lisa Ortiz What a big win for NM…Wow!…considering it’s already considered one of the poorest and lowest paid states…right?

    2. @Lisa Ortiz That’s exactly what NM needs …another economic down turn…so much for Knob-Hill. : ((

    3. Skid Row in L.A. is several blocks of homeless people…that’s where the term “skid row” came from…I’m talking about the STATE of NM…

    1. I’ll never vote for another Republican, unless it’s an open primary and I need to try to get the non-fascist on the ticket.

    2. LOL…. like they are causing all the violence, burning, looting, an murdering… Yes vote Dem to keep all that.

    3. Crooked New Mexico is a blue state that allows criminals come to the state stupid and that’s why crime is high and child poverty and neglect oh you won’t talk about that huh enjoy the meth

    1. @Nuclear Christian You would think but the democrat party likes to shoot itself in the foot every so often.

  2. I just love the dry humor of Brian Williams. His delivery is impeccable. Classic. I enjoy his program every single day.

  3. With 100% of the votes reported(counted) in New Mexico’s 1st District race for Congress by the State of New Mexico Elections Bureau has reported that Democrat Candidate Stansbury won by 24% over Republican Candidate Moore!

  4. Pass a stimulus check and raise SSI and this will happen all over the USA,! Vote accordingly america!

    1. @Nuclear Christian hey would you tell your team not to send me anymore stimulus checks… Just send me gas & beef.. Because prices on both are going sky high..!

    2. Why you want to stay poor and live with illegals I understand bud that take you’re jobs and then ask why things don’t go you’re way

  5. Yesterday morning, I was out in the open, and I heard a mighty weird sound on the wind. A sort of moaning, whining, chest beating cacophony with occasional discernible ‘It’s not fair’, Trump won’ and ‘fraud’ and such like. It sounded like a gazillion strong choir of narcissists, all airing their grievances simultaneously. Bear in mind I live in England, it must have mighty noisy at its source. Baffled. I went inside and checked the TV news. Then I heard the Democrats had beaten a Republican and it all made sense.

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