Demand grows in Alta. for livestock drug to treat COVID-19 1

Demand grows in Alta. for livestock drug to treat COVID-19


Sales are up in Alberta for a livestock drug called Ivermectin that some people believe can treat COVID-19,

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    1. Lol. I remember this episode of seinfeld. when kramer takes the dog meds instead of going to see a human doctor. anti-vaxxers gotta be the dumbest goobers on the planet.

    1. Because the patent has expired so anyone can make generic versions. That means little to no profit for Big Pharma and profit for Big Pharma is the most important consideration – far above health and human life.

    2. Would you care to tell me how a de worming medication works on a virus? Worms are not the same as a single called virus. So, please explain how an unrelated horse dewormer is going to affect an entity totally unrelated to intestinal worms. Aaaaaaaand go.

    1. @The Supreme Veggie Burger
      The principle of re-purposing pharmaceuticals is exactly the same. Start reading stuff other than what you are being spoon fed.

    2. @The Supreme Veggie Burger “the news told me you’re dumb so I agree”

      Wait until you find out your Dr. prescribed you with “livestock antibiotics” just because they give livestock the exact same drug…

  1. There’s a interesting and recent John Hopkins graph comparing African countries who took vitamin i as a prophylactic to those that did not. Guess the outcome? Those that did have virtually squashed the virus while the opposite is true for those that did not.

    1. You may want to read the actual study. It says that it may, and may is in quotes, help mitigate against the more harmful effects of covid by strengthening your immune system. It did not say it squashed the virus. And these vitamins work the same way for the common cold. It doesn’t help you at all if you’re not healthy already. And it doesn’t cure anything at all. It just makes it easier for your body to function under undue stressors.

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