Demings: Committee Will ‘Get To Bottom’ Of Jan. 6 With Or Without McCarthy 1

Demings: Committee Will ‘Get To Bottom’ Of Jan. 6 With Or Without McCarthy

The Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection happened six months ago on Tuesday. The select committee probe into the insurrection and more are discussed by Rep. Val Demings, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, in conversation with Joy Reid.
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  1. The reason McCarthy is so afraid of the investigation is because when you get to the bottom of it, you’re going to find McCarthy himself. Dude was on the phone with the Stable Genius when the attack happened. McDummy just wants us to forget about all that!

    1. @Aliza Kessler does that make actual sense to you? Let’s not investigate because it will prove Democrats were lying?

    2. There are more Republicans in Congress & the Senate that are involved than you would believe, and they don’t want to become exposed, nor suffer any penalties that may befall them.

    1. I definitely want people locked up for the insurrection but I definitely don’t want to give up that POS for a free pass.

    2. @Rocky Mountain Way Here’s the deal Gaetz. You can go to prison for 35 years or 15 years. The choice is yours.

  2. Not just his brother. All his siblings are speaking out and asking Congress to remove him from Congress and warning them/everyone. And they are endorsing his opponent.

    1. Isn’t it still…
      ” c sumthin, say sumthin”…. His own family has & yet repubs of congress do NOTHING… SAD

  3. Republicans had to be investigated for the January 6. Except for republicans who voted to impeach the clown…Justice matters

    1. Form a committee for those Republicans who are useful. Then form a committee to discuss forming a committee about committee forming. Then commit to a committee for committee meeting to discuss committee forming……..

    1. lit josh must be reprimanded 4 his participation. He intentionally wanted 2 be seen n out front…. Grant him his wish…

    2. It appears he has gotten a bit quiet in recent months. Wonder if somebody is about to use his name to cut a deal.

  4. They need to arrest every one of the insurrectionists. They invaded the Capitol and once they were inside, they had no idea what to do. Next time, they’ll have a plan.

    1. If there is a next time the D.C. police won’t hesitate to use deadly force, and the national guard will be on standby.

  5. I would imagine that anyone high in government would of had access to design printouts of the Capitol, that would explain the knowledge of door and window placements as described by the insurrectionists to others involved.. my opinion.

  6. No one, white or black—or any shade of grey—should accept white supremacists, in any level of representative Government. Anywhere.

    1. I don’t care who they are. I don’t care if they’re nazis, communists or Jehova’s witnesses. Nobody should get a pass on an armed insurrection.

    2. Agreed…don’t let them alone either make them wear an ankle bracelet….show them how much we hate racist nazi’s

  7. This sounds stupid, but love the new hairstyle. Natural and classy.
    Still love what’s inside your head. You are so incisive and thoughtful.
    You are deeply appreciated.

  8. All people that believe profoundly in justice and truth are standing behind you Congresswoman Val Butler Demmings. Not only from Florida, but all over the world who follows American politics. Inclusive myself, a Norwegian, that once was a happy and proud exchange student to your country, and now very worried about the utterly untruthful and spineless Republicans lead by McConnell and McCarthy.

  9. Joy and Val — two people with a serious outlooks and serious questions. Support Val’s Senate run !

  10. Also remember what the “original”, 1930’s “America First” party stood for..

  11. The longer the insurrection is left to interpretation, the more likely people with unhinged voices can deflect accountability and surreptitiously overthrow our Democracy. Please, do this quickly!

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