'Democracy has prevailed': President Biden’s first speech 1

‘Democracy has prevailed’: President Biden’s first speech


Joe Biden claims 'democracy has prevailed' in his first speech as the 46th president of the United States on Jan. 20.

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  1. *****Remember***** he said he will vaccinate 100 Million in 100 days lets see if JOE will keep his word

    1. @Dana Ashton that is an ignorant statement. The United states got their vaccines and Canada did not. The premier of Ontario Doug Ford asked Biden for 1 million vaccines publicly. Pay attention.

  2. He thinks he’s in Scranton. No one is there.
    “Why are my basement lights so bright? “ – Joe Biden.

    1. @Dana Ashton now Joe can change things so his children don’t have to grow up in a racial jungle. Just like he always wanted.

    1. Democracy prevailed. Where is the evidence there was fraud? Trump’s lawyers couldn’t even admit in court there was fraud. He sure didn’t complain when he won either. Trump was actively trying to suppress voters rights. So many Trump supporters wanted Trump to continue with his nepotism too.

    1. How was it robbed? There has been no evidence presented by Trump’s team to the courts that fraud took place.

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