86 Comments on "Democrat ‘really hurt’ after Trump invokes late husband in attack"

  1. The trumptards LOVE this stuff. They love how subhuman he is.

  2. A misogynist, an adulterer and a schoolyard bully walk into a McDonald’s…
    The cashier asks, “What can I get you Mr. Trump?”

    • @Michael ContrerasLOL!! Latinos are not for Trump, they are not that stupid. They know Trump dont like anyone that dont look like him, and Latinos dont look like him, now go away Troll.

    • @Ann van de Kew 🙈🙉🙊💋 ❤ 😉 😇 ✝ 🛡 🙏 🔥🔑💡

    • I just dont understand why they care about what Trump say or let his insanity get to them, you know this man is insane and to say that what he said about your husband (may his soul rest in peace) hurt you is ti give prudence to his sanity which he has none, he can’t give what he dont have,

    • @Brian Kabonyo not sure how accurate but from wiki. Who knows what party he was during Vietnam… couldnt tell you.
      “Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987 and since that time has changed his party affiliation five times. In 1999, Trump changed his party affiliation to the Independence Party of New York. In August 2001, Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic. In September 2009, Trump changed his party affiliation back to the Republican Party. In December 2011, Trump changed to “no party affiliation” (independent). In April 2012, Trump again returned to the Republican Party.”

    • @Michael Whitted I think medical bone spur thing was once but might have counted for two as a ‘continuation’. Some were for college. I looked last night and dont feel like looking again but thanks for the reply.

  3. Eyehayt Apricots | December 17, 2019 at 12:05 AM | Reply

    MAGA — Many Are Getting Arrested

  4. He attacks a recent widow, man everyday that goes by trump sinks lower and lower, at the end of his “presidency” he’ll be through the entire planet of how low can he go.

    • @John Patrick – he’s a child. Not fit to be president? What did she say to “rip him apart”? By the way, this is NO HOAX. This is for real. Deserves prison.

    • @Sarah Saydee you “kind of like the guy”??!! Really?! Ok. I’ll bite. What exactly is it that you “like about the guy”?

    • El Fredy Juega Greta Thunberg, this recently widowed lady, John McCain and everyone else who takes the spotlight off him, he’s a sick individual who’s beyond help

    • Dorian Shades of gray oh get real you snowflake wassock. She disagreed, don’t you know the difference

    • Grace Bertrand | December 17, 2019 at 7:56 PM | Reply

      @Dorian Shades of gray Trump is.. WAKE up already

  5. impeach that cheap, lowlife Con man ..personal attack is his cheap tactic

    • @katy duong do you even see the irony of your comment?

    • @Izziedora Dora you may want to look into all the guys he has “attacked” he writes stuff about everyone.

    • @D Gray no he got what he paid for..I repeat what had been said about this traitor..vote him out 2020 before he sells our country to Russian

    • @katy duong You made personal attacks and then called personal attacks a “cheap tactic”. If you got rid of your double standard you might be a bit happier when he is reelected.

    • @D Gray you should call that lowlife+his criminal staffs+coward GOP members are double standard to be exact. .. that lowlife always personally attacked anyone- from woman to handicapped to kids to old people but never look at himself ..so cheap and so low ..not fit to be president of a powerful country in the world…i called him what everyone called him… that is not personal attack..don’t you get it? i will be very very happy if he gets impeached and voted out 2020 ..he is the worst of the worst and i feel sorry for people who still believe his B/S…

  6. Nothing is below this man!…Nothing!

    • andrew chambers | December 17, 2019 at 12:37 PM | Reply

      Yes you

    • @John Patrick I did not know that. I noticed he apologized. Trump has said worse things about the migrants. He never apologized. He threatens people daily as a politician. Fonda is not a politician, and he is upset about the nasty heartless policy along the border and against all darker skin americans. Those like trump, who have been born into privilege, seem to have a vicious nature towards the less fortunate.
      I would like to see the parents of all trump’s underage victims come forward and tear a piece off that POS in the WH.

    • Eagle Eyes, not even Melania!

  7. Trump already has a note from his doctor to get out of impeachment:
    Phone Spurs.

  8. If orangey McDipshit attacks a 16 year old girl, he wouldn’t think twice about attacking someone who has passed. That’s what bullies with NPD do.
    Flush the lying clown, 2020.

    • Boomer5150 I think the orange turd and his minions need to go away! Come on 2020! The clown in chief needs to leave dead hero’s and children alone!!!! GTFOH!!!!!!!

    • Dorian Shades of gray She took an oath to the constitution!!!!!! She owes him nothing! This is not good fellows!!!!!! Do y’all remember Charlottesville? Good nazi????? I think not!!!! Remember Helsinki? Choosing Putin over our 17 intelligence agencies? Yeah, he deserves this and more! He has a date with the SDNY in 2021! Tax evasion, fraud and stealing from his charity!!!!!!!See y’all at the polls!!!!

  9. Robert De Niro said it the best . He’s a low life 😴

    • @Renas Dupont illeterate question

    • @Makaveli SD wow! A real higlighted reply. You sbould be so fucking proud

    • 143freespeech nobuts | December 17, 2019 at 8:54 PM | Reply

      Carl Senawo. Impeachment has been a colossal failure. It has only made Trump even stronger. It’s becoming reality that Trump will be President for life. Everyone is behind him. Trump has made America great again.! He’s the Greatest President ever. The US has never had such success. We should all take a moment to thank our beloved President. I just heard that Robert De Niro apologized and is now campaigning for Trump. Is there anything that Trump can’t do. TRUMP PREZ 4EVA!

    • Omnipresent Spirit | December 17, 2019 at 9:30 PM | Reply

      @Michael The Miracle 👈Birds of a feather?👉 *#PedoJoe* Ooook freak. Turn yourself in psycho!

  10. Just when you think that Trump can’t lower the bar any further … WOW what a man.

  11. Trump is about to get something president Obama never got…IMPEACHED.

    • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 | December 17, 2019 at 8:20 PM | Reply

      It is really something when You think about it, , Obama had 8 Years with not a single scandal or anything I can remember, and Trump has been engulfed in Scandal after Scandal since Day One, His whole Presidency has been one giant Scandal!

      You don’t remember fast and furious when Obama and Eric Holder Ran American guns to Mexican drug cartel’s In an effort to undermine the second amendment? … by having American A.R. 15 serial numbers showing up at crime scenes and murders?

    • @godie godie Well said, so True

    • @Jamtommy1 and a pure hateful Racist

    • @BETTERWORLD SGT0589 only from a lost democrats mind

  12. Roderick Billings | December 17, 2019 at 12:26 AM | Reply

    If cancer could take the form of a human, it probably would look like Donald Trump!

    • hey, don’t be so harsh on cancer.

    • Emmanuel White As for the political implications, taken into consideration numbers taken from the bureau of labor and statistics. Donald Trump has now been in office for 32 full months – February 2017 through September 2019 – and in that time, the economy has created 6.03 million jobs. In the 32 months preceding Trump’s presidency – June 2014 to January 2017 – the economy created 7.16 million jobs.

      I recently heard from some readers who asked what would happen if we looked at the same numbers, but assigned the job totals from January 2017 to Trump, even though Obama was president for most of the month. On balance, I think that paints a misleading picture, but it doesn’t change the underlying dynamic: if we applied jobs from January 2017 to Trump and compared the last 33 months to the previous 33 months, job totals still slowed from 7.46 million to 6.28 million.

      So far this year, the United States has added 1.45 million jobs, which puts 2019 on track to be the worst year for domestic job creation since 2010.

    • It doesn’t look like trump, it is trump.

  13. He is a bully

    • DivaGirl10 They said that he hit a teacher in grade school, another reason he was thrown out , his dad should have given him a spanking , not another million bucks……

  14. He broke the law and constitutional oath it requires impeachment…

  15. sherell sherell sherell | December 17, 2019 at 12:31 AM | Reply

    Donald Trump is a coward attack someone that is deceased

  16. Donald Trump has no decency.

  17. onefatstratcat | December 17, 2019 at 1:00 AM | Reply

    I hope someone gives little schoolyard bully Donny Trump the Ralphy treatment this holiday season 🙂

  18. Pretty clear that he doesn’t believe in The United States Constitution, rule of law, or monogamy.

  19. Maybe his school grades need to be released.

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