Democrat: Voting Rights Reform ‘Is A Movement, Not A Moment’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking new measures in his battle with state Democrats over voting rights, We discuss that and the broader implications for voting access in America with Democratic Strategist Don Calloway and fmr. adviser to Republican presidents Mark McKinnon. 

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    1. @Adam Taylor first and foremost my dear this is a republic a Democratic Republic. Say the pledge of allegiance and then tell me whether or not it’s a republic. With that being said, we have a limited democracy because if we were a true democracy we as the people of the country would actually have a direct voice. The filibuster is for that to exist because everyone in the country does not always agree with the policy that’s being proposed at hand

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche It’s a democratic republic, thus, a democracy. Though I know fascist authoritarians always use that pathetic fake argument because you’re 100% anti-democracy and anti-America.

      The filibuster has no place in government. It’s not a regulation, it’s simply something that was created to prevent civil rights. And now is being used to destroy America.

      If they don’t agree with policies being proposed, then they should win more elections.

    3. The filibuster has been around since I entered the Senate 120 years ago. – Joe Biden,Democrat 🤪

    4. Yet Dems LOVED it under Trump. Used it 300 times. But NOW, oh no, we can’t have the filibuster.

    5. @MyndGod AndPsyche This nonsense. We are a democracy organized as a republic. We are not a republic operating with a wink and a nod to democracy. The people have the power supply…for now. At the moment conservatives are trying to make sure only certain people have that power. That’s what’s being done and the justification for doing it is a lie.

  1. Making it easier to cheat elections is very important to Democrats. Because you know…. democracy. 😆😆

    1. That’s it! Add in a few “foundations” and lucrative board of directors jobs and it’s a good time for these slime balls.

    2. You were not concerned about cheating in 2016 when Trump won. Yet you are so concerned now when Biden won in 2020. 🤡

    3. Show any of the evidence to support the 2020GOP/Trump lie about large scale coordinated voter fraud. Oh wait you can’t because it never happened.

  2. What we do now effects the rights of our children and grandchildren we are mixed races it’s everywhere we must preserve for ourselves and our children and even if we weren’t multi-raced our Black Americans are our brothers n sisters and friends and neighbors and co-workers not a race to be used as slaves.

  3. If you ask Manchin or Sinema which is more important the ability to vote and have the votes counted correctly or preserving the filibuster they’ll look you in the eye and say the filibuster is more important.

  4. Who doesn’t have an ID in 2021 ? You need an ID to be able to drive a car, get an apartment, apply for government assistance, get on an airplane, get a job, buy alcohol, and cigarettes.

  5. Yes please send out blank ballots that don’t belong to me to my home so I can fill them out how I see fit; That’s the best voting rights bill ever. It gives double voters twice as much rights!

  6. If you’re gonna force people into a vaccination or lose your right to freedom, unless you show proof of vaccination, then you should have to prove you’re an American to vote. Why’s that an issue?

  7. Remember when your boy Maddow presented Trump’s tax return and your network lost all credibility? Member?

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