1. Umm pry not I’ve met him and had a drink with him before. I only knew who he was after the fact he’s great guy, cool, calm, and collective. I got off my shift and had a drink at the bar with my shift meal, this guy is a true American. Hey I didn’t vote for Joe. I know for a fact 95% of people don’t care who you love that’s the amazing thing about living in a free country. Love is love no matter what side you’re on and it so far has always won in this country. For that I’m Proud to be apart of this experiment of being an American.

    1. Aka if Republican voters want to put themselves at risk of potential death, let ‘em. Why would I stop them from reducing their voting power at the ballot box?

    1. @Jeanne 54 Where do you think Emails from Pentagon ( DARPA ) , Wuhan requesting $$$ to collect every Bat …looking for 6 spike to increase transmission… Pentagon told them to PIZZ OFF …NIH picked up job …lol

    2. Oh the lying trolls are yapping their heads off. Masks and vaccines are the only path away from continuous death and disability


    4. @ruth depew hopefully less and less people think like you, sure nobody has a 100 percent accurate crystal ball on the future of the virus

  1. So governor why did you decide to drop the mandates early…

    Governor: Proceeds to repeat cdc recommendations and doesn’t answer the question.

    1. He’s a libertarian/democrat. Less Coloradans have died due to the governor’s actions; the science supports this.

    2. Your just trying to find issues? He said everything you’d want to hear from your elected governor, one of the highest vaccinated states

    3. @dave h You nailed. Mask mandates aren’t popular and are being used as a weapon by corrupt republicans. Some democrats are thinking it will affect their election chances.

    4. Governor: well let me tell you, the midterms are coming & the GOP will wipe my political party that’s why….. 😂😂😂

    1. Wait… You’re the same troll that complains about CNN’s reporting when they don’t say what you want to hear.

  2. Went to the doctor this morning in CO and apparently medical and Lyft/ Uber still require masking. Visited Walmart; some residents, including myself, still masking in populated indoor spaces.

  3. Thank you governor, what you should notice is his way of focusing on vaccines! Yes masks should be a choice, period it was the GOP that made it a personal issue

    1. Liberals believe babies and children should be forced to wear masks even though they’re incredibly low risk. Then that horrible Stacey Abrams sits in the middle of them without a mask and with a big smile on her face. What a terrible human being. Disgraceful.

    2. Oh Laura stop.
      Desantis and Abbott did the same thing as this good governor of CO. Yet they were demonized for it. Don’t be such a party hack and learn to think for yourself👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🤷🏿‍♂️

    3. @Man Animal like I’d take any thoughts from someone that lists themselves as Man Animal 😂those two did nothing like this governor, nor did they ever focus on the vaccine, get the booster, Desantis lied over and over about his data then whines about government not supplying monochromatic antibodies for his clinics when it didn’t even work on the second strain, he promoted a blood transfusion which is an 3 to 4 hr treatment ect ect ect instead of the vaccine and Abbot he is just well, incompetent! Texas will replace him with Beto ORouke so he will be a non player! Don’t throw that crap around if your not accurate , plenty of Republican Governors unafraid of getting there constituents vaccinated and following the science instead of the polls

  4. They feel anxiety because they are living a life disjointed from that which they were created for, that being, being intimate only with the opposite sex and embracing the sex God gave them while living in earth.

  5. Mask mandates only ended a few weeks ago in Colorado. ( last summer they ended for about 2 months and were than reinstated)

  6. *Discoverer of Omicron Variant pressured to lie about mild symptoms:* “I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.”

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