Democratic-Leaning Suburbs Pose Redistricting Challenges For GOP

Michael Li talks to Alicia Menendez about the “touch choices” facing Republicans as they consider how to redraw districts in fast-growing suburbs in Georgia and Texas that have been trending more Democratic and could “end up flipping to Democrats” over time. Xochitl Hinojosa adds that Republicans have “to be careful” in gerrymandering districts that could discriminate against voters “or you will get a challenge” in court.

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Democratic-Leaning Suburbs Pose Redistricting Challenges For GOP


    1. @Bryan B if you prefer democracy then you should prefer a government as viewed from a veil of ignorance. You design things to be fair regardless of which side you are on.
      If you don’t you’re going to have a civil war with mass murder and genocide. It is a nation-state you’ll fall behind other nation-states and maybe even fall under their dominance.

    2. I didnt mention any parties.
      Neither is innocent.
      Our voting laws are out of date.
      Gerrymandering should be a thing of the past, and we should all agree (no matter what party people are in)
      [Yall ignore tweedle Dumb…
      He has been an internet troll for YEARS now and always brings up Homosexuality in every response….
      He just likes people arguing…
      We should all ignore him]

    3. @Bryan B “There’s no such thing as an “independent commission.””
      you make a commission thats equally divided and then require them to have a supermajority agreement. this isnt a new thing plenty of states already do it

      ” Drawing districts is a political action ”
      it shouldnt be

  1. There should be a no party system. These political gangs need to be dissolved. Vote for policy not party.

    1. @sheridan thompson I don’t agree. I think platforms are the problem. The fact that I can predict what most people believe solely based on which party they support should be troubling to everyone.

      Candidates should be able to change their mind given better evidence. But of course, one can hold a candidate accountable for going back on their word, or not protecting the republic, it acting out of self-interest.

    2. @B W
      There will always be groups that come together politically. To say otherwise is to deny human nature.

    3. there’d be no republican voters, then.
      republicans only policy is trillions in debt giving handouts to billionaires.

    4. @Rich Sackett (D)’s have good policies, based on experts to help americans.
      (R)’s oppose experts.
      dumbfuck republican voters.

  2. The lawmakers do what their corporate donors want…doesn’t matter if districts are redrawn or not…for the GOP or the Dems….policy is the same…but they give you stories like this so you think citizens decide policy through who they vote in. They don’t.

  3. When the truth comes out, people will be so disgusted with politicians. Dems and Republicans will be a thing of the past. Evil and deception will no longer be tolerated in politics. And the media working for a single political party will be done away with.

  4. I’m a stupid Dutchman, but I never understood, that democracy means, that the politicians choose the voters, instead of the voters choosing the politicians.

    1. @Paul Clay
      So you think that because they make their wealth by the sweat of your brow that they should get tax cuts or maybe even be exempt from paying their share so that you and everyone else working will have to pay more to make up for the shortfall. You sound really smart

    2. @Paul Clay I don’t think it’s accurate to look at any one state and clarify it’s good or bad by which party it supports on average. No, you need not only look at blue states. That’s a completely short sighted way of looking at anything. Some red states do pretty well, while others are objectively worse places to live. Same is true of blue states. How robust a state is is not entirely dependent on it’s politics. And it also depends on what metric you’re analyzing. Minnesota, as an example, is a pretty divided state with a robust city center that generates most of the states income, but is also supported by a diverse and wide ranging rural/agricultural economy. We’ve had Democratic governors that have run budget surpluses for the last few election cycles because they decided to raises taxes when needed. But not exorbitantly. We voted for Biden by a wide margin, yet seen to retain a semblance of decency here between the parties that co-govern.

      And we’re ranked well above average in terms of the fortune 500 companies headquartered here, with good growth and a relatively high standard of living, all under a democratically controlled governor and partial legislature. So, I don’t think your assessment is helpful to you. I think it’s better to look at policies on an individual basis.

    3. @Paul Clay your bias across all of these comments is rather astounding. I wouldn’t presume to call out individual states or cities as bad places because of their politics per se. And yet you choose to judge entire states/municipalities on… What basis? You seem to repeat the fact that you don’t like blue states without every clarifying on how you came to that conclusion.

      So, if you’re not willing to have a conversation or change your mind, then just stop posting on here.

    4. @Paul Clay You’re a ‘moderate’ who’s just ‘looking at facts’… and you call a whole party (and, weirdly, the entire media) ‘Demon-Crats’. That’s lots of things – it’s cringey, ultra-biased, simplistic, hyperbolic and wildly conspiratorial – but it’s not being ‘moderate’. And it’s obviously not factual.

      The ‘media’ are one and the same with the Democrats? What? Is Fox, OAN, Newsmax etc one and the same with the Democrats? Is the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and all the other conservative-leaning, Republican-supporting newspapers, magazines, news sites etc all one and the same with the Democrats? Is rightwing media overlord Rupert Murdoch one and the same with the Democrats. If so, how? In what way? What are these facts you’re on about? Note that I’m not even demonising any of the above, and I wouldn’t even call myself moderate (I’m definitely on the left, and probably would be seen as ‘radical’ left in the bizarre, exaggerated, feelings-heavy world of US politics).

  5. There will be court challenges as republicans will try to get as many house seats as possible.

  6. Basically we’re screwed won’t matter how you vote the state will decide who wins. What’s the point? We’re no longer of the people for the people by the people. It’s whoever’s in charge of state legislation.

  7. Don’t act like the Democratic Party doesn’t gerrymander their own districts. While on the subject of power grabbing moves, what about making DC a state for two perminate Democratic senators, and expanding the Supreme Court?

  8. There is a simple remedy for gerrymandering – proportional election system. One person – one vote.

  9. I wish picket fence, white, Midwestern, Christian America would realize they are drying up and blowing away. And Gosh, I detest the Dems, too. Whaddaya gonna do?

  10. Nobody living in a representative democracy would accept electoral boundaries being set by partisan committees. Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the EU countries, South Africa, Kenya, Norway, etc all have electoral commissions with permanent staff who may not openly campaign for any party.

  11. What would happen if Democrats registered as Independents, or even Republicans just to mess with their plans?

  12. Ok so if you want the gist of the story, watch the first twelve seconds. The rest is them being salty.

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