Democratic Race Tightens In Early Voting States | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Watch Michigan Advance Editor-in-Chief Susan Demas, Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle, and Republican Strategist Matt Gorman join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the main issues for voters in Michigan as Democratic candidates flock to the state to meet with voters ahead of next week’s debate.
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Democratic Race Tightens In Early Voting States | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. They’re not pushing him. They’re just reporting. Biden has been on top of the polls since day 1, before MSNBC even mentioned his name. You all are biased and want MSNBC to push Bernie. However, as long as Biden is on top, he deserves the focus of the coverage. Thanks.

  1. I wish MSNBC would stop hating on Bernie. Bernie is the best candidate for women, working class, and people of color. I would hope that MSM could be more fair to him.

    1. libsrtraitors So you want to save them so you can lock them up in cages when they become toddlers? Makes sense. 🤡

    1. Trump was an Independent, a Democrat, and a Republican. He has used ALL parties as a political vehicle.

  2. Joe will work with his corrupt republican friends because he is just like an old school republican .

    1. Dr.Mordecai Cassius Marcellus Jones Bernie Sanders hates non whites thats why i am voting for Joe Biden.

    2. The Chicago Tribune discovered a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders getting arrested by Chicago police at a 1963 civil-rights rally in the city. The newspaper published the photo Saturday. Sanders, now a Vermont senator, was arrested, charged with resisting arrest, and found guilty of the crime.

  3. Bernie has raised the most money all year. Amazing. He has the only nationwide on-the-ground political network of volunteers, 25,000 in Iowa alone. Unbelieveable!!!!

    Other candidates will try hard and have a good showing, but Bernie is so incorruptible and dominant. Good luck, to all the freak show losers like Handsy Joe, Rat Face Pete, and Pocahontas Warren. Lol!!!!

    1. @Ozark Matt Actually, I don’t much like Bernie on foreign policy, to much an isolationist as you would expect from an Independent who can’t even compromise enough to be a Democrat. Foreign policy should be working well with others, not standing alone.
      Pete has a well developed foreign policy. Check it out.

    2. @ruth depewOnly hardcore conservatives call not killing innocent people in their own country “isolationism”. Your fake anti-Bernie propaganda sucks. Go vote GOP where you will be more comfortable. The wars are miserable failures, only Bernie has been consistently right about them. Lol!!!!!

  4. If young people voted at the same rate that seniors voted, there would be no Trump or Pence. Bernie 2020.

  5. Silly you MSNBC..Bernie is the best candidate for the people and you know it. Take those fat bills from your corporate sponsor out of your ears and listen already or else its 2016 all over again.

  6. I stopped watching MSNBC when they conspired to cheat Sanders of the 2016 primaries, not surprising to see they are still trying to undermine him.
    I mean I get it, MSNBC’s ratings are great and they are forming an anti_Russia cult with great successes and that may help keep them on life support in a dying industry but I hope people keep in mind MSNBC is a giant corporation that profits from war, wall street, big pharma and the fossil fuel industries not a democratic social justice movement.

    1. Warren is a very odd person, who thought she was American Indian. Saunders is an American Socialist. Socialism takes out the middle class and all the Educated Professionals leave the Country. Quickest way to Bankrupt a Country is hoist a Socialist Banner.

  7. The Fake News Networks don’t want Sanders. Bernie has learned how to be abused….yet he continues to run with the pack.

  8. If Biden gets the 2020 bid, it’s going to be 2016 all over again. We need change in the US. Medicare 4 All is a must. It’s time for private health insurance companies to go away for good.

  9. Biden is worse than Hillary. He will loose in the general. *Sanders is invincible in Rust-Belt.*

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