Democratic Tax Cuts, Stimulus Measures Seen To Be Revving Up Economy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Democratic Tax Cuts, Stimulus Measures Seen To Be Revving Up Economy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the stimulative effect of tax cuts for non-rich Americans and other measures passed by Democrats in the Covid relief package, tax cuts that have been completely overlooked by the political media.
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    1. @Kenneth Nash, I really don’t think you will need to worry about that in six months with this spending.

    2. They’re already asking why Biden is not giving Trump credit for the economy…
      No lie.

    3. @Juan Pablo Rojas, I give Biden all the credit. I will really enjoy not “paying a single penny” to taxes as I make less than $400,000 per year.

    4. @Cereal Eater – .

      fruit loops
      Coco Puffs



      …..are you even reading my comment about republicans on these economic numbers or are you daydreaming about cereal?!

    5. Don’t worry they won’t hear it.. fox news won’t report it.. right now they are all focused on gas prices

    1. Yeah Right! they are the party of “anti” – working people! That is even a worse lie than the “big lie” about the vote being stolen from djtrash! And they still manage not to laugh while spewing either! Oh, i know why, they don’t have any sense of humor either. They are too worried about how to hold on to the billions they’ve been exploiting off of us, for Centuries! Oops, did i say “billions?” ah, Trillions!!!

    2. Ignoranceisbliss: the GOP is so upset that People like President Biden and his plans, that the Republikkkans are jealous if him… like the Traitor who says he is a DEMOCRAT, but, is really a Republikkkan.Joe MANCHIN is a DEMOCRAT in name only! He should be honest and admit it! He is taking kickbacks for stalling the Infrastructure Plan bill so it won’t pass. Love how he is doing just what his Donors want him to do. He does not want for Biden to put a tax on the Rich, like Joe MANCHIN’s businesses. Even the people who are in West Virginia want him out!!! So, remember folks, VOTE THE TRAITOR OUT!! You don’t deserve a person like Joe Manchin, who absolutely does not care about anyone but himself and his Donors, and Money to be in a Government position and say he cares for you!!

  1. Republicans have got to be the most two-faced bunch of liars I have ever witnessed on such a massive level.

    1. It’s better than I thought. We don’t have to pay “a single penny” in taxes if you make less than $400,000 per year.

    2. @J.D. Nope. You read it right. But your reply comes as no surprise. You people live in Opposite World.

  2. If we don’t funnel all the economic gains into the pockets of wealthy donors, this country has enormous possibilities. This country should be ashamed how it brutalizes it’s citizens

    1. Blame Nixon and Reagan! Their economic policies was used by Republicans that came after them. Clinton has one of the best economy and we managed to get a surplus, before the Republicans started destroying the economy completely, that Obama couldn’t grow since he had to fix it in the first place. Which trump
      Almost destroyed again. Luckily he wasn’t re-elected and allowed such bad economy drag the country down further. There were still some resemblance of Obama’s economy that Biden can continue the work.

      Just imagine if Hillary got nominated and continued the economy Obama fixed. We probably would had gotten a lot more stimulus to help families out since the country would be able to afford, since we wouldn’t be spending BILLIONS, to keep the economy afloat because of trump policies that was covered by his corrupt administration.

      That’s why it is important to keep Biden for a 2nd term and we get another Democrat into office in 2028 for another two termed abs by 2040 the United States will have the best economy where it reflects in the common citizen and not the top 1%z

    2. @bLoWc16 well that’s the point isn’t it. Higher taxes on the rich so the money goes round. Is how it works. Like a rain cycle.

    3. Nice blanket conclusion. Except I was all primed up for pointing fingers. Guess I’ll have to go back to bed.

      George Carlin said “there are no ‘innocent victims’ – your Birth Certificate is proof of guilt.”

  3. Thank u I make 50 thousand a year and I always pay federal back $800 and I claim 0 don’t make sense! I’m happy I voted for Biden

    1. I make 25k a year and pay 5500 of it to federal taxes. Then they give me 1100 back and im supposed to like it and just shut up while the rich laugh as they pay almost nothing.

    2. @RubbishFPS So how can Canadians who make $25,000 pay approximately $2500 in federal tax not counting other deductions like rent, medical, charitable donations etc, yet still have basic health care provided? And that is considered low income so you get monthly benefits like a tax rebate and provincial benefits and credits, plus child care benefits that total $6700 per year per child under 6 if your income is under $31,000 per year and $5700 per year for a child 6-17. On top of that are provincial credits and child disability credits. What the heck?

  4. A well thought out plan comes to’s kind of nice to have a president who actually thinks about what happens next after you pitch and pass a plan.

    1. @Mark Shumate But he does. Even better than your criminal orange man-child. How can you not notice? Is this a symptom of that windmill cancer he was referring to? Poor sheep.

  5. Republicans are that snot-nosed manager you used to work for who blustered, added nothing to the company, and took credit for your work.

    1. @bryanatwku widely understood as a minor gaffe and inconsistent with earlier speeches.
      my low opinion of repubs is well deserved and any sane person would share it.
      have you been off planet for the last four veeery looong years?

    2. @Jesse Bianchi did you notice Biden flip flopped on his stopping the wall construction the very first day? I bet you didn’t

    3. @Robert The Bruce i don’t keep up with minutiae. he did return the funds drumpfh stole from dod. so there’s that and also increased the migrant cap.
      he’s got a lot of work cleaning up the mess herr drumpfh left. i can forgive a few missteps after these last four years of unmitigated disaster.
      do you have a point or do you enjoy straining at gnats?

    4. that’s them – GOP – party of give and take… give blame and take credit… accuse everyone of doing exactly what you’re doing, or were planning to do… crooks assume EVERYONE is crooked. cheaters cheat because they know they don’t have what it takes to win honestly. how sad to live that way. like that bike racer guy, who nobody remembers – accolades everywhere, but you will never escape the knowledge you cheated.

  6. Fox will never report this and none of their viewers will believe you when you tell them. But go comment it on Fox videos it should be rich. It’s time they have an awakening and smarten up!

    1. @Paul Wilson see this is when you say to yourself hmmm maybe im wrong about this let me gather some more information and come back to it. im not gonna do your work for you.

    2. @Paul Wilson its been a long day sir not gonna bite, but a simple google search would answer your questions.

    1. It’s acceptable because it benefits THEM. It’s unacceptable when it benefits people who actually need it. That’s when it’s called the very scary word in America, SOCIALISM…That’s just how a capitalist society works.

    2. @Patrick Barkes Not true. You may be able to find a little evidence to SOME Democrats being guilty of this, but there is absolutely NO denying that there’s a reason that most of the 1% votes Republican. It’s all about the money. Enough of the “both sides” nonsense. Most Republicans are bought. Do I have to bring up Mitch McConnell?

    3. We should have a Minimum Corporate Tax Rate of 15%.. We should also take the cap off FICA.

  7. Trump: “If I hadn’t f*cked everything up, the Democrats wouldn’t be enjoying such upward success! They should be thanking me!”

  8. Be sure to hit up FB and remind McCarthy exactly how many GQP or Republicans voted for the American Rescue Plan! 😉

    1. GOP thinks their job is to help the people that gave them money through campaign funding, legal bribery.

    2. @my music But how in the world are the rich supposed to get richer off the backs of the poor, this way!? Now we see why the 1% vote Republican, lol!

    1. Hey whatever happened to the trickle up economy instead of the trickle down economy you know where they share the spendtng power with minorities.

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