Democratic Wins Big And Small May Give Republicans Pause On Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Democratic Wins Big And Small May Give Republicans Pause On Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the historic election outcome in the small town of Plymouth, North Carolina alongside the more celebrated Democratic victories on Tuesday, noting the political calculations Republicans must be making about the liability of associating with Donald Trump. Aired on 11/08/19.
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Democratic Wins Big And Small May Give Republicans Pause On Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @mike swiental Sorry but my responses will be delayed as they struggle to get through to your fantasy land at the edge of the earth.

    2. @mike swiental Wow, are you part of Rudy’s cyber security team. You’ve got all the technical facts, what units are you measurements?

    3. @mike swiental Sadly I do know how servers work oddly have a master’s degree in computer science and over 20 years technical experience including DoD.
      And your qualifications are?

    4. Let’s not get too comfortable or confident. That’s how you lose. Kentucky had a bad, bad candidate and the rest of the seats went red.

    5. @Willliam Fish then you know everything I said was true- so are you a Clinton paid troll – paid to spread disinformation and support her run for 2020?

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Republicans have bent and twisted themselves into pretzels in support of this president, just to play to his base. Will they have to make a u-turn to not go down with the Trump ship?

    1. Even if they do make a u-turn they’re already so far off course there’s no getting back to where they once belonged.

    2. @Janne Ignore him he’s trolling, he got challenged for answers twice in another part of this thread, to no one surprise he didn’t give it

  2. Congratulations mr.hawkins you just made history and history is what were all about .yes any republucan foolish enough to stand by this president will suffer in the polls and in there elections .trump hasnt helped one republican win anything and has done more harm then good .the closer you get to agent orange the more likely the chance you have of going to jail then winning an election .

    1. @American Gamer why scared to pull yourself up by the bootstraps trusting russians over Americans is enough for me traitors

  3. Яepublicans have already shown that there is nothing that will stop them from backing TЯump. You made 1 mistake here. You associated Яepublicans with a conscience. There is no such thing as a Яepublican with a conscience.

  4. I’ll never vote for a republican as long as I live. If that is the only choice I’ll leave it blank or write in anything else.

    1. @Virginia B. Britton May I suggest Baldurdash? A handsome and charismatic Norwegian Elkhound, ‘Dash is intelligent and popular, works well across party lines, and is so smart, When the sign says “WET FLOOR”, he does!
      Maybe I should form an exploratory committee for him…

    2. @The Wiz yea I’m more inclined to think the party bragging about the only African American in the party winning is the party thats racist and only uses blacks other than Tim scott smh thats pathetic

    3. @John Smith fair enough, but MSnbc/Cnn/dems use black people and they know it. Sorry black kids in Chicago but white people need to hate on the President more I guess.
      Passive racists the lot KBAG!

    1. What does the mean “non Republican”??? Is this your sneaky way of rehabilitating the Republicans. Wrong! These are true Republicans! Deep Red Bloods these conservative Republicans. True Americans will never forgive the GOP and their Russian Asset Trump.

    2. @Melvin Melvin In defense of Dan, this *extreme Neo-con movement is something that has been simmering to the surface with in the GOP but not every conservative is with Trump! Please do not forget Bill Taylor the Patriot who is going to testify against Trump is a large donar to the GOP so I am guessing he is Republican. Bob Mueller is Republican! There are spectrums to this party, guys like John McCain greatly disliked Trump and while the McConnell’s, Graham’s and Gaetz of this Neo-con party may make you sick, there is still 10% of the party that were either never Trumpers or left Trump as a never again Trumper! Even Micheal Bloomberg is running in the primaries as a conservative firewall because of Trump’s criminal behavior. In the end it is Americans working with Americans to drive Trump out for the betterment of the Constitution and her people!*

    3. @Melvin Melvin You seem to forget, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were Republicans. Eisenhower was pretty good. Ford inherited a mess, but wasn’t especially bad on his own merits.

  5. Behold the end of the minority ruling the majority – from towns, to districts, to states, to congress and the presidency!

  6. How these Senators can look their grandchildren in the eye. They will go lower because it’s to late to divorce the white screaming demon in the WH.

  7. Love you Rachael! The news just wouldn’t be as interesting and truthful without you! Look forward to hearing from you every night! Congrats on the new book!

  8. I’m from Plymouth, NC, Go ahead to the big change that is happening in my hometown! Congratulations Mr. Hawkins !!

    1. I’m so happy for you and the people of Plymouth. I hope that change will spread to other communities like yours, and on to the state gov’t as well. Step after step.

  9. Anyone that’s trying to keep their jobs instead of doing their jobs should be voted out of their jobs. Wake up GOP, Trump will throw you under the bus.

    1. kentucky elected ever state office to the reps only the gov went to dems so sorry ron virginia come on nothing but washington elites kentucky first black rep black attorney general!!!!!!!

  10. I am born and raised in Plymouth, now residing in DC and I am so happy for my community! Congratulations Mayor Hawkins! The Town has spoken Congratulations Plymouth!!

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