Democrats Blasted For Not Doing Enough To Fight Trump's GOP 1

Democrats Blasted For Not Doing Enough To Fight Trump’s GOP


Some progressives are blasting Hill Democrats for not doing enough to fight the Trump wing of the Republican Party. We discussed that with Eugene Robinson and Tim Miller.
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  1. Dems should be standing in front of a giant photo of Rep Clyde barricading the door, demanding that he explain why he lied about what happened on Jan. 6, since we can SEE he lied. And if he continues to gaslight and not concede the truth that’s present in the photo, then he should be censured. They need to subpoena McCarthy and find out what happened on that phone call. Matt Gaetz should have been in jail for witness tampering, way back when he threatened Michael Cohen before his congressional testimony.

  2. The GOP and enablers are taking every shot that they can, blind and swinging or straight.

    1. @B Bodziak Ash Roskell referred to a comment of a trumptroll. He is not a trumper. The comment he referred to has been erased.

  3. We need the democrats to act now and realize the republicans in Congress like their base is antidemocratic lunatics, and they need to act now to preserve our democracy before republicans destroy it.

    1. @Matt hahaha that’s exactly what biden is doing to his aids. You don’t don’t know what tyrant mean child.

    2. @Clark Davis Trump was found not guilty twice. Sorry you marxists don’t believe in the rule of law in Western Civilization.

  4. It’s a very fair criticism. They need to know there is the appetite and desire for the fight to save America’s Democratic Republic, from us! We, the people, need to get on their case! Write to your local and national representatives, regularly! Let them know, if they want your VOTE, they better EARN IT!

    1. I agree. Unfortunately, my representatives are Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn…enough said??

    2. The 2nd world war was fought to save democracy. They’re also fighting the big oil companies who have been running the show for years.

    3. It is a fair criticism! It’s why I did not join the D party after I left the gop. We cannot return to business as usual. Trump got in because people were tired of that imo.

  5. We are going to get one shot at this, and if we allow this moment in time to pass, then we have helped the decay of our democratic republic. Democratic leadership must come to realize there is no bipartisanship with the new GQP, and we have a short time period to force what we want through.

    1. @T Electronix , I am only guessing but I imagine that Manchin loves the power he now has, and will exploit it as much as possible.

    2. @Clark Davis Thing is, he isn’t exploiting it – he **could** make all sorts of demands, investment in his home state, etc but instead he is just refusing to support vital legislation.

    3. The progressives have been saying that for years! We WANT to fight dirty. Then the corporate democrats steal the election from us and compromise with the Radical Right. You should have supported Bernie

    4. @John Clarke The Republicans have to deal with the same thing with people like Romney and McCain.

    1. @Avando Cartwright America will be an autocratic state in 4 years. The Dems are far too weak. You need to fight fire with fire.

    2. @Pierro Jules , keep believing them polls and be shocked when Republicans take back the house, then Senate.

    3. Yeah, it should. But the dems will go right back to race talk and bragging about how ‘historic’ they are

  6. The Republican Party was already despicable before tRump. tRump has just added craziness to it.

    1. @Loraldin P Pres.Trump isn’t the one helping Putin build a pipeline. Trump isn’t the one who created record inflation in onle 5 months,that inflation ate up all you stimulus!!!!!! LOL. Pres.Trump didn’t create a humanitarian crisis on the border by inviting ppl to enter then prompty throwing thousands of kids into cages. Veggie Boi Biden now has record high murder rates in BLUE sh**holes like Portland and Chicago!!! Biden makes you look even dumber everyday!!!!LOL

    2. @baked nachos Demonrats invented racism and have honed it over generations. Vegetable Biden even hates Asians. Biden makes you look even dumber everyday!

    3. Same with the dems. They used to be the party for unions and the little guy. Now they’re the party of toxic identity politics, race baiting, and bizarre Russian conspiracy theories

  7. The right hand refuses to see the left reaching out to pull them it back up in cooperation. We be like:
    “Hey we want to do this thing and we could use your help.”
    They be like: “No. You ain’t bipartisan.”

  8. If Democracy is worth fighting for then it is about time the Biden camp began realizing it has to take the fight to the opponent or the opportunity will be lost forever.

    1. Thomas Jefferson – A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

    2. They’re dealing with January 6 21, the border, covid 19, racism in law enforcement, the economic fallout from the pandemic and the tea party members in the GQP. That’s all before Russia and China.

    3. @Jessse Rivers Our Constitutional Republic is a form of democracy, it is not a pure democracy, you do understand the difference don’t you?

    4. @Mike Currie Governing any nation is tough, period. But the toughest part for any incumbent first-term government is proving to the electorate that at the next election they have not only done what was expected of them, but they are WORTH keeping as a government and not as an opposition.

  9. Given that the shenanigans of the Grifting Ole Party are in the news all the time, and that the Democrats are not – I would concur with the observation that the Democrats are not doing enough to fight the retrumplicans.

    1. Unfortunately the GOP will win big in 2022 and 2024. People see that the democrats are spineless even in power. Biden taking student debt forgiveness off the table will haunt the democrats.

  10. I do feel that after McConnell promised to block EVERY single thing coming from Biden and the Democrats, the Democrats NEED to vote everything in that can be done by simple majority as fast as they can and as much as they can. Forget bipartisanship after McConnell’s statements. It’s unlikely that Dems are going to hold on to every single seat in the Senate in the 2022 election. Just remember, the GOP only needs to flip one single Senate seat to grind EVERYTHING Biden wants to happen in 2023-24 to a complete and firm halt. Grab it while they are able to do so. When Trump was in the WH, the GOP still didn’t compromise w/the democrats, esp while holding both houses. Don’t worry about setting precedences!

  11. As an analogy consider the difference between “Me” and “Everybody”. The republicans are very “Me” oriented, as in for example, “If I don’t go along with trump and his base, then I won’t stay in power very long.” The Democrats, on the other hand, think more about what “Everybody” might think, as in for example “Oh, if we do that, then we might make some people angry! Better not do that then.” What America needs are politicians that think about the country and not just themselves, but have a pair of big ones (even if only conceptually) and can say, “This is how we’re going to do it!”

    1. Republicans are all about personal accountability and Democrats blame all their personal shortcomings on society. It’s how Democrats keep people on the plantation by not supporting self improvement.

  12. Dems are being way too polite. They need to pick up the sword of democracy and start wielding it with force and precision against the fascism of the right – the GOP.

    1. The fasists are the ones censoring speech and intimidating people in the streets not the ones auditing an election I assure you!

    2. @Joe Schofield What b.s. Re counting an election over and over because a lying , whiny, baby is mad is ridiculous. Go read a book and learn something.

    3. @avatar1 first of all it’s a FORENSIC AUDIT! which never has been done yet for this election. You can recount fraudulent ballots all day but until you have a forensic audit to certify the ballots you don’t really have anything but the same result… Audits bring up dead voters, missing signatures, illegal immigrants… A recount does not do any of that… Second of all Trump has nothing to do with this audit! Him nor his campaign organized this audit!

      Do you hear him talking about it on the news? On anything? Is he out there banging a drum?

      He lives in your head!

  13. Democrats believe “when they go low, we go high” but it doesn’t work with Trumpism, because when they go low, they always go even lower, there is no bottom.

    1. Barack Obama reached across the aisle for 8 years – Reps lopped his hand off in repayment for his diplomacy.
      Michelle Obama went high for 8 years – Reps lopped her head off in repayment for her civility.

    2. @avatar1 Lower. I don’t think Gaetz was the one on his knees. We know heels up Harris lives on her back.

    3. Maybe there is slimy green lizards in our government because none of this is normal at all

  14. This is the real problem with the Democrats they don’t fight hard enough, it’s their Voters that do all the fighting.

    1. What voices, I’m hearing mostly crickets, and especially from those Dems who’ve been in Congress the longest!

    1. Pelosi and Schumer have ZERO instincts and skills at dealing with the Republicans despite having sat in power for decades. Everything catches them off guard, they are too weak and cowardly to stand up for America.

    2. Not one thing done….I really think they only care about is winning. Then after that, “?”!!!

  15. Yup!! They need to take off the kitten gloves and stop the unity crap! They don’t want to unify with Dems!

  16. Dems are sitting at the goal line with zero contenders and still can’t score. Shameful. I won’t forget this moment.

    1. This has been going on since Reagan. The same group that was there then that are there now. Nancy, Schuman do something, or we can’t use you. Your shoulders are week now. That’s your fault!

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