Democrats Come To Terms With Legislating On Infrastructure Without GOP 1

Democrats Come To Terms With Legislating On Infrastructure Without GOP


Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the House Progressive Caucus, talks with Rachel Maddow about Democrats preparing to move on an ambitious infrastructure bill after Republicans failed to negotiate a compromise with President Biden. 
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  1. Yesterday, Senator Chuck Grassley introduced a Bill to amend the “Foreign Agent Registration Act” established in the 1930s.

    Grassley’s Bill to amend this act is entitled “The Foreign Agents Disclosure and Registration Enhancement Act.”

    Apparently, the 1930’s law does not have enforcement provision to enforce the intentions of the law and it’s requirements.

    Grassley’ new Bill, makes Foreign Agents register with the Department of Justice. Thereby making Foreign Agent lobbying transparent and accountable.

    Senator Grassley has attempted this before but it never made it out of committee due to lack of support.
    Please help spread this news so Grassleys Bill makes it to LAW! Thank you.

  2. It’s about time that my party leaders grew some nads and, finally and confidently, decided to tell the Republicans to puck off.

    1. @Ethan That’s something I always push back against. I keep telling people to stop trying to primary Manchin, it’s just giving the seat back to republicans. People should focus on 2022 and expanding the majority.

    2. @Jack Sam Yep, let the Republicans screw themselves by primaring their moderate senators in blue states, while we help our moderates win in red states.

    3. And there’s more from several witnesses:

      Claims made by six hand count auditors in the Civil Action allege they had observed:

      three boxes containing I00% Biden ballots and three boxes containing 98% + Biden ballots
      ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument but appeared to be marked with toner
      ballots that were different in the stock or paper used to other ballot papers
      ballots that were not creased
      nine unsecured ballot bags
      Additionally it was claimed that an Open Records Request to inspect the ballots while in the custody of the Fulton County Elections Board was not responded to in accordance with but contrary to state law.

  3. If it’s going to be a purely democratic effort, let’s add in universal healthcare not tied to employment, a guaranteed minimum income, voting rights, criminalizing the actions of Jan the 6th, ending the filibusterer, requiring all records of donations to politicians be public knowledge, end voice and unrecorded voting in congress, require full disclosure of all tax and property ownership for any elected official, and declaring the GOP a terrorist organization and prosecuting those who contribute to it. Just for starters…

    1. I toltaly agree with you on this we need only democratic legelation and put the gop in federal prison

    2. i think their version of a medicare expansion to eventually reach the goal of universal healthcare is in the families plan, not the infrastructure and jobs plan

    3. I agree with all but demonizing the GQP. We have to let them do that to themselves, or we will create martyrs.

  4. It took Obama six years to figure out that the Republicans wouldn’t work with him on anything. Biden doesn’t have to relearn that lesson.

    1. He shouldn’t have to relearn it. But he campaigned on negotiating with the Republicans and reaching out, and Republicans will use that to clutch their pearls and feign shock.

    2. Democrats and some Republicans need to realize that Steve Schmitt is right. They naively face a ongoing long term Fascist rebellion looking to minority rule from a ruthless fanatical ideological enemy. They adopt obstructionist politics whose goal is simply to destroy the ability of their political opposition to govern. seeking power for the wealth brings themselves and their already wealthy allies. This is how Spain fell to civil war. America is the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet… Trump is merely a lightning rod to protect the likes of Koch and Stone

    3. @grant burrows Don’t be too eager to embrace Steve Schmitt. He wants an oligarchy, too… he just wants it to be run by his people, instead of Trump’s people.

  5. They also voted not to honor the capitol police officers and that says a lot about who they are.

    1. @Michael Annino Rep’s: We’d like to propose truth and common sense.
      Dem’s: RACISM!!!!

    2. @Painkiller Jones That is one of the most stupid comments I have ever heard, reps and truth
      just don´t mix. Common sense is not very common with the GOP and their supporters.

  6. This moment when the world has been changing since always and a tiny group of people pretended it stopped and throw a tantrum now that they are starting to realise that it didn’t.
    Good times.

    1. @Black Sandy I utterly agree we should show evidence of our claims. Actions like Shin’s, I hope you don’t agree with, and don’t support arrogant entitled evasions when people are challenged for evidence. Do challenge; I don’t care what side they are on.

    2. @Black Sandy He did offer evidence, but he has a life like most of us, so patience, and keep speaking up, everyone.

    3. @Black Sandy oh hey whats up I texted with you earlier. That information came from a radio program on National Public Radio. It not a right wing conspiracy lol

    4. @david ohler Well said and very true. Its going to get even worse. We are headed toward a militarized state

  7. Trying to get the Sedition Coalition on board for any thing is like trying to ride a dead horse to town.

  8. that attorney general from pennsyvania was right ………some of these chumps need to be brought up on ethics violations and should be removed immidiately

  9. It’s time to raise taxes on the top 10 per cenr to 50 percent and on the top 1.% to 80 percent.

    1. It will never happen even though the country was in a golden age when the top paid 70%-90% on taxes and people had more and made enough to have what some would call the nuclear family of “mom, da, and children” with a mom that was at home if she wanted or could work and they always consider this the golden age. Now we have single parents with lots of divorce and two parents working full time and not really making it or having the no time for family and always being in debt.

  10. Like I’ve been saying for a long time: the criminal GOP syndicate is irrelevant from a practical point of view, just treat them as such.

    1. Democrats are cowards who can’t take a loss, then tell the other side to get over it. Hypocrisy. Don’t push a civil war that you personally will not fight in and expect to come out unscathed.

  11. Well you know Joe did say we are going to move forward one way or other. So I guess it’s going to be the other. Then when it’s done they start taking credit it like the last time.

  12. the way that every senator and congressman votes on every bill should be broadcast ALWAYS ON EVERY NEWS CHANNEL, transparency is so needed

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