Democrats Consider Reforming Immigration Laws Through Infrastructure Bill, Reconciliation 1

Democrats Consider Reforming Immigration Laws Through Infrastructure Bill, Reconciliation


Rachel Maddow looks at reports that Democrats are considering attaching the revision of immigration laws to President Biden's infrastructure bill, and passing it all through the reconciliation process.
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  1. Thanks Georgia and swing states. It’s time Congress actually did what they are supposed to do, pass legislation, and Biden does what he is supposed to do, sign bills into law. If the GOP don’t want to participate, then they can’t complain about it to their Republican voters that favor these changes.

    1. You do know illeagals are up from Feb 2021 to March 2021 up 74 % to 168,000 in one month ….you think a silly piece of paper will change this ….ROFL

  2. I agree the GOP are no longer interested in governing but only in getting control of the House in 2022. We must do all that’s possible to help as many people as we can while we are able to. We must dream big.

    1. Give me a break. Using the G.O.P for political cover and then using reconciliation to pass all the stuff they couldn’t hoodwink the G.O.P into passing is not negotiating in good faith. And it’s not the bi – partisanship Biden dribbled down his chin during the campaign.

    2. @Thomas De Quincey again, during the Obama administration, he bent over backwards to create bipartisan bills. Even when they agree to all the gop terms they still refused to vote for the bills that had all their demands. Which is why we are in this mess. The gop literally started it, but it doesn’t matter, we need actual useful legislation to forth now. The gop does not have the right to play the victim and frankly neither the democrats but this schoolyard preteen bs needs to stop.

    3. @Thomas De Quincey Biden’s Legislation has Democratic and Republican support. Most Americans approve of the American Jobs Plan. We need jobs, roads, broadband, schools, hospitals, childcare and many more things. All rethugplicans in Congress want to do is block President Biden like Moscow Mitch delightedly obstructed everything President Obama tried to do! Why on earth would you want your Country to fail? We did not elect mcturtle, we elected a President. It is not his job to do nothing, he has hundreds of bills passed by the House on his desk. Republicans are the minority in this Country, most Americans are either Democrats or Independents. There are 42 million more of us than you! We should cut off that red state welfare. Democrats contribute 70% of our Economy.

  3. As it relates to immigration reform, the GOP party has consistently showed their zero interest via Obama, Trump and Biden administration. Democrats should use budget reconciliation or lose in 2022!

  4. I wish they’d be clearer about the difference between immigration and asylum seeking.

  5. So when are you going to interview Glenn Kirshner on your show Rachel? That would be awesome to watch with all this legal BS going on!

  6. This is what I’ve been saying for over 3 months now … the criminal GOP syndicate is irrelevant from a political point of view, so just treat them that way.

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