Democrats Crist, Demings win Florida primaries | USA TODAY

Florida voters have decided who will appear on the midterm ballots in November.

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Republican Ron DeSantis loomed over Tuesday's primary contests as Florida Democrats selected a nominee whom they hope could put an end to his White House ambitions.

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  1. flip-flop crist, a dems, rep, ind, now back to dems. what does this tells people? a liar? dishonest? never tell the truth? never give a straight answer?

    1. You don’t even know what CRT is… Just another talking point so you don’t have to do your own research… Educate yourself… Oh wait, you guys don’t like educating yourselves. Too much like work?

  2. Christ will lose. Not only for being one of the worst governors already, but because he only says and thinks what he’s paid to. Flips more than a fish out of water

    1. @Make_Me The point is Gov. DeSantis makes a great governor now and the people love him. Probably the only reason Val is there is bc she got the black vote and from democrats that vote anybody with a D by their name whether they are right for the job. Country be damned attitude as long as my guy wins.

    2. @Nicky Krystals Yep. That’s crazy. The craziest part is her making Congressman. She looks so out of place, like the squad.

  3. Desantis is DONE in FLORIDA. Pray to GOD, Gone forever . He wants to continue his dictatorship in Florida, but he WILL BE Voted out of office forever!

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