Democrats Give Republicans Ultimatum On Booting Greene From Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. I had a suspicion that our reality is crazier than a TV soap opera…watched some clips from Days of Our Lives last night and yeah, our reality is way crazier than them. And those soap operas are always nuts

    2. @The standard narrative has holes in it Awww, all you butt hurt Trump cult members coming to insult sane people now on MSNBC videos? May be you’ll learn something but at this point is doubtful.

    3. @Zombobo Smith Well Zombobo, i can tell you 1 thing for certain, i don’t need any politicians or media outlets to tell me how to take care of my family. Did you not see people in China last January dying in the streets and then the government there arresting doctors who said this was serious?

    4. @ROBS I like your optimism, but which ones? fox, cnn, msbnc, abc, etc are trash. You have 2 watch at least 2 of those networks just to get an idea of the truth.

    5. @Mike Ditka then who else were you talking to? And yes I do believe politics divides us Bc that is true. You said that politicians and news outlets don’t care about us but trump supporters are the ones who dedicate their whole lives to being trump supporters and love him like a cult leader even though their beloved trump couldn’t care any less for their existence

    1. @Canta Gadelica “Lock her up” was a chant from individual ones’ rallies. You might want to re-think your statement.

    2. @Ajscrewu uh have you seen them cracking the Capitol windows? Yeah identified by their own phones. Wake up!

    3. @KRYPTONS ICON! Good rule of thumb, if Nazis are on your side, you are on the wrong side. Don’t act like you don’t know.

    4. @LollieVox (Laurie Webb ) woah they cracked some windows, took selfies, and left woah guys I’m literally shaking in my boots it was an unarmed insurrection! Btw those are qtards not white supremacists there’s a difference but I know to you people everyone to the right of Stalin is a nazi

    1. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Using a word doesn’t make one racist. Its the intent behind the word. No matter what your indoctrination taught you.

      Thats your lesson in becoming a man for today. Lesson 2 will be tomorrow.

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. I must be stick. I said thinking LIKE a racists, which means making a derogatory statement saying “All this are that”.

    3. @Roy Vowels I said thinking LIKE a racists, which means making a derogatory statement saying “All this are that”.

    1. Just like the DemoRATS, don’t do as I do, do as I say. Like Pelosi going to get her hair done during pandemic shutdown.

    2. This is a truth to all politicians. Never listen to them, read they’re bills, the ones they’ve backed and the ones they’ve sponsored. That will always tell you what you need to know.

    3. The tUrtle 🐢 calling gReenE “Cancerous” is a bit rich considering they come from the same pond and both are infected!

    1. @Robert Rondeauu “You look at the reality and tell me what u see. We r loosing america lady”

      How so exactly?

    2. @xXAscendingPhoenixXx get some glasses. Stevie wonder can see it. Look at at the chain of events in the past 15 months. The gov tries to cover everything up , right from the start of the civid virus. It started in a fish house, then bats. The stuff is man made. The us know in 2017 when they did the inspection of the lab in wohon

  1. “It doesn’t scare me, it’s temporary
    There’s something better, we got forever
    And it won’t be long, ’cause we know our help is on the way”

    1. @The Savr I think that Biden does have the best interest of the country at heart. We need to give him a chance. The problem will be seeing if the Grand Obstructionist Party is willing to cooperate.

    1. @Ron Swanson That’s not a conspiracy theory, both of those things are empirical facts. An unfair generalization, but still factually correct. Not all Trump supporters are white supremacists, but many white supremacists are Trump supporters. Not all Trump supporters are terrorists, but those who charged the capital on Jan. 6 ARE domestic terrorists (if not formally, then by merit of committing what falls into the textbook definition of domestic terrorism), and are Trump supporters.

    1. @ra5928 Why would you assume I lost? Nothing in my reply said who I voted for. Just like most Americans these days, make an assumption before doing a little research. That’s the problem with the people, not thinking for themselves so we can get this country back together and make ALL the politicians know they work for us.

    2. @William S – Sure. I don’t assume anything. I made mention that the wacko called for Nancy pelosi Obama and Clinton to be killed and you skated around it. It’s as plain as the nose on your face

    3. @William S – Oh please. You don’t condemn the woman who has called for the deaths of major players in the Democratic party. Actual murder. In fact, you haven’t even said a word about her. Yet, I give you a situation for AOC that never happened and you condemn her for that non existent situation. I don’t have a big S on my forehead. I’m not stupid. OK .. I’m not going to respond to you any longer. This is going nowhere fast. BYE.

    4. @ra5928 ooh, finished replying. I’m broken hearted. Just like a leftist. Can’t have a reasonable conversation with anybody who doesn’t agree with you 100%. First off you said “you lost” which I assumed you meant the election, not knowing who I voted for. 1st wrong assumption. Then you reply that I didn’t condemn some nut job wanting people killed. 2nd wrong assumption. If you can point out in my comments where I praised or condemned anybody I would listen. I admit I did make a remark about the dead rising and celebrating. Oh and also AOC having air in her head to blow off steam. I suggest in the future you actually read the comments people make instead of just skimming through and making wrong assumptions about people you know nothing about. If you don’t want to be replied to on you tube don’t comment. It’s pretty simple to figure out and I assume since you don’t have an S on your forehead you can figure it out but I’m not assuming anything because I don’t know you. I’ll just end with this. I comment and reply on you tube for the purpose of entertainment, nothing more. I read all replies, good or bad, if I get any. Why? Because I don’t take any of them seriously. I just enjoy seeing people’s opinions and trying to have conversations to get all sides. I don’t care about political affiliation. I care about American citizens and this country. 98% of politicians are corrupt and are leeching off of us, the citizens. And the worse part is, most Americans don’t give a crap that politicians are leeches. They just want to pick sides and blame those not on the same side. We, together can fix this government and country but it needs to be us, yes you and I against the government. Divided we accomplish less than congress does, if that’s possible. So, I’ve enjoyed your replies and I hope for the future of our country we start holding all politicians accountable.

    1. Treasonous trump supporters Republicans are still domestic terrorist and traitors to America and deserve to be treated as such

    1. Treasonous trump supporters Republicans are still domestic terrorist and traitors to America and deserve to be treated as such

  2. Everybody knows that when a republican calls out a racist bigott or a crazy person they hold their ground, right Lindsey? But I’m sure Marjorie will learn her lesson, right Susan? Give me a break.

    1. @SIA_ROG Correct. Alex Cross is a Natzy. That’s the 1st thing you got right tonite. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    1. A bunch of double tap suicide happened when Clinton started running for Prez as well . Random just saying

    2. You mean boot out the opposition like trying to overturn an election? Like lying about his opponent? You are confused, but we’ll wait for you to run for office, r e, so you can stun us with your skills and knowledge.

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