Democrats Hit Donald Trump On Racist Attacks On Night One Of Second Debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Democrats Hit Donald Trump On Racist Attacks On Night One Of Second Debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Eugene Robinson, Claire McCaskill, Karine Jean-Pierre, Chris Hayes and Steve Kornacki all join to discuss the first night of the second Democratic debate.
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Democrats Hit Donald Trump On Racist Attacks On Night One Of Second Debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. LANDLORD Me lol! I’m actually a dem, but I just don’t think our party should go further left. If that’s the route we go, I think trump will win again.

    2. Liz is the superior candidate but cant win because white males hate her. they look at her and think ” HIllary”. Bernie waving his arms ,always angry could not win in 2016.. he needs to sit it out.

  1. Congratulations to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for officially taking control of the Democratic Party

    1. Robert Blackford even if he did work at McDonald’s why’s that bad? Looking down on working Americans is why you keep losing

  2. Now that picture of Bernie and Elizabeth Warren looks like a great ticket! It would steamroll the unindicted criminal!!

    1. @Closeoutracer no…WE are boxing at fascists and Nazis and their leader and will stomp them right out…ballots or boots.

      Pretend time is over…your hoods are on.

      Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin was apparently thrilled by the tweets, posting on his popular Daily Stormer website: “Man, President Trump’s Twitter account has been pure fire lately. This might be the funniest thing he’s ever tweeted. This is the kind of WHITE NATIONALISM we elected him for. And we’re obviously seeing it only because there’s another election coming up. But I’ll tell you, even knowing that, it still feels so good.”

      Anglin also emphasized the political implications of Mr. Trump telling people of color to “go back” to their countries: “This is what elected Trump and this is what will always be the best way for him to gain support,” and underscored the importance of these comments being directed at U.S. citizens, particularly Rep. Pressley, who was born in Cincinnati: “So this is not some half-assed anti-immigrant white nationalism. Trump is literally telling American blacks to go back to Africa.”

    2. @Joe Wilson You’re delusional.. Less than 6000 kkk members in the USA and 330 Million citizens.. 1 in 60,000 is not a movement.. it’s a small blip of mentally derranged. You could use Google and become informed.. but it would harm the dogma you’re desperately clinging to.

    3. Now that was stupid …..
      How about we tax all Democrats at 80 % to pay for all the illegals ?
      You believe in it you pay for it.

    1. @Closeoutracer The question i loved the most was. Can Trump be arrested once he leaves office? Mueller “yes” Trump is going to be wearing a diaper on election day.

    2. @Rabble Wolf Rachel Maddow’s hysterics have little to do with the law. How’d her russia theory turn out? LOL The Pied Piper is here for you.

    3. @Boyd LOL.. Name a single American who’s been “exonerated” by US Legal system. Zero. “We cannot exonerate” .. Because that’s not how the legal system works. Andrew Weismann was the lead Mueller team atty. His case against Arthur Anderson was overturned 9 to 0 by the Supreme Court.. after he destroyed 85,000 jobs. Dems legal heroes are Weismann and Avenati .. and they wonder why they loose. Trump is not worried. There will be no obstruction charges after office.

  3. Godzilla will appear with mouthful radioactive food during 2020 TOKYO olympics which is contaminated by Japanese illuminating one big bloody circled governmental bribery.

    1. @Rabble Wolf i can believe that , you cant fix stupid so looks like you’re stuck in the demtard rut but there is an easy fix. grab your ears and pull your head outta your hindend TRUMP 2020 !!

    2. @Almighty Jay
      If aliens did make first contact and they requested an audience with America’s Mien Führer I’m sure they would extend their warmest of greetings…..

  4. Now let’s see Donald get elected with his racist strategy, are we gonna let Trump’s spinsters con us again ? (can you see the forest for the tree’s ?)

    1. Get Real ..unedutated angry white males on opioids and assault rifles iz his 20% base…good luck grumpy Trumpy

  5. Nice picture of Bernie, & Elizabeth , That’d be a good ticket. Never happen though. Neither is a second stringer, like Sleepy.(who I like, though)

  6. Elizabeth Warren ripped racist DONALD J TRUMP a whole new one up for all the world to see !!!

    1. Let’s not forget this racist witch pretend to be native American to coast through life. Her and her white privilege shouldn’t even be talking about who is and who isn’t a racist.

  7. Forget ever getting the full truth without corporate bias if you’re watching CNN, or MSNBC, or especially FOX.
    Think for yourself and question authority. Especially when they are mostly all liars.
    Vote Bernie/Warren 2020›

    1. Bernie is the biggest drum beating liar of all. Gov’t control of industry.. socialism/communism.. are financial death spirals.

  8. Why does the media push the globalist agendas? Why doesn’t the media show how protesters are beaten across Europe? Because its anti-globalism!!!

    1. ?
      Where in Europe?
      Russia is technically partially Europe, so yes, protestors are therefore beaten in Europe

  9. Trump is a very scary crime boss who holds some serious information on those he surrounds himself with.. Trump has a long reach and if he goes down he’s not going alone..

  10. He and his Multimillionare father, he built NYC City Housing Complexes, were busted for racial discrimination in apartment buildings they owned in NYC in 1974. Millionaires that bought their way out of admitlng it, does not absolve them from comitting the crime, Google it.

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