Democrats Impatient For Answers On Trump DOJ's Transgressions 1

Democrats Impatient For Answers On Trump DOJ’s Transgressions


Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for the New York Times, talks about the House Judiciary Committee opening an investigation into the Trump Department of Justice seizing phone records of journalists and Democratic lawmakers, and the increasing pressure Attorney General Merrick Garland is facing to address DOJ abuses in the Trump era.
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    1. @Guided Meditation
      Sounds like you think that the Trump DOJ was pure as the driven snow
      and the Biden DOJ are Nazis.
      Do you honestly and seriously believe that?

  1. Um, didn’t these same people argue that President Trump was not illegally surveilled? Operation Mockingbird

    1. Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true. But, the facts, do say that Trump did this or the DOJ at his direction did this.

      So, where’s the Evidence that Trump was Illegally Spied on? I’ll wait for your non-reply.

    2. @hegyak Deep cleaning of your savings account and purchasing power. While you fools continue to chase ghosts your paycheck is now worth 20% less with inflation and doubled gas prices. Your puppet master need distractions. And you’re dumb enough to drink it up!

      Appearing Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass estimated that the United States’ inflation rate is approximately 12 percent.

    1. Funny how they are deaf, dumb and blind to all of that. And ignore how Obama/Biden used the IRS to target political rivals.

    2. @Guided Meditation They are not dumb to their hypocrisy, they just don’t expect the average Democrat to remember or care.

    1. @Truth Seeker The IRS didn’t target conservative groups. We know that because it _was_ investigated. That was a story blown totally out of proportion by Republicans and the right-wing media, just like Benghazi. And just like Benghazi, when nothing came of it, and it had already served its purpose for Republicans, the story went away.

    2. @Tal Moore it definitely did, left wing media aggressively down played it just like Obama’s DoJ abuse. His illegal wiretaps actually led to illegal arrests, it was a scary time to be in the party opposite that America hating autocratic, President Hussein

  2. Wow, you call this real life? The misdirection, lies and conspiracies flying so fast, one can hardly keep up. Good one! Nobody thinks like MSNBC! Such a waste.

  3. When is MSNBC/CNN going to report that Trump NEVER ordered the park across from the WH cleared during RIOTS?

    1. They did report it. They gave it about a minute which to them is fair since they harped on the original story for months. So all good. Their “journalistic ethics” have been met.

    2. Trump never does that, it was democraps to order empty capital hill from people during their fake inauguration

    1. Deep cleaning of your savings account and purchasing power. While you fools continue to chase ghosts your paycheck is now worth 20% less with inflation and doubled gas prices. Your puppet master need distractions. And you’re dumb enough to drink it up!

      Appearing Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass estimated that the United States’ inflation rate is approximately 12 percent.

  4. “The people’s faith in the DOJ”
    Haha girl you funny, the people have no faith in any gov agency, for good reason. Just a bunch of rats

    1. Yea trump loves Russia, but not as much as Biden whos son was getting 1 million a year from a Russian gas company

    2. @Attila Csakberenyi Also, you’re completely wrong about Trump.
      WHO put Embargos on Russia?,
      WHO stopped the Russian Pipeline to carry STOLEN oil from the country Georgia to other aces in Europe that puts Hundreds of Millions of dollars in the Russian coffers?
      WHO dealt one of the FAIRIST Trade deals with China over the past 20yrs to even out the playing score?
      WHO called out China over their inhuman abuse against their own people?
      WHO called out China for releasing COVID19 on the World and profited off it?
      TRUMP! That’s WHO!

      The Bidens have been taking side money from Russia and China for YEARS!
      Slow Criminal Beijing Joe approved that oil pipeline for Russia and SHUT DOWN ours!
      Biden is going back to the old Trade agreement with China which means we, here in the US import BILLIONS of dollar of Cheap Chinese crap while less than $100 Million dollars worth of products can be shipped over there.
      Here’s a FACT I bet you don’t know, Walmart has 438 stores in China, but they cannot sell or stock more than 5% American made products. Sound fair to you? Yeah, that was a Trade agreement that Slow Criminal Beijing Joe worked on 15yrs ago.
      You have no reason to Hate Trump other than your own Stupidity.

    3. Most of our government are Obama holdovers. Mistake Trump made was not cleaning house when he got office. This is the result of Democratic God less news, corruption and hate of America.

    4. Clean up Washington DC: Adam Schiff leaked secret congressional testimony to the press and Eric Swalwell was banging the Chinese spy, Fang-Fang.

  5. It was perfectly legal! Obama’s NDAA created the loophole. They just object to it being used in them. Hahahaha

    1. Yeah, IKR? Obama was able to act like a dictator, so why shouldn’t Trump be allowed to act like a dictator? That’s not fair! I mean, is this even America anymore? I seriously fear for American democracy when one president is allowed be a dictator but a president of the opposite party _isn’t_ allowed to be a dictator. They should _all_ be allowed to be dictators! That would be fair.

    2. @Tal Moore 50+ executive actions without legislation, in a month, is what a dictator does.

    3. @rudder727 during Obama’s first term he weaponized the FBI, NSA, EPA, DOJ & the IRS to go after anyone & everyone that he deemed a threat. That included journalists, Republican opponents, Republican donors , tea party members & tea party organizers just to name a hand full. THEN Towards the end of his second term he weaponized the NSA, CIA, FBI & DOJ to spy on the Trump campaign when they started to worry that trump might be a threat to Hillary. It had absolutely nothing to do with any Russia Collusion , that was never anything more than a great big nothing burger they made up to take everyone’s attention off of Hillary’s email scandal and into Trump going people would turn against him. There’s nobody in recent history that weaponized the government and our agencies more than Obama did during his 8 years in office.

  6. Katie Benner seems to know more about how the DOJ should be run than the last 3 AOGs, make her attorney general

    1. @Christopher Parks no he wouldn’t have, he’s been very secretive. FBI is closed nobody knows, White House has military drills and has the block around the White House locked down with barricades, trump flew over a trump rally in military jets.

  7. It is time for AG Garland to resign.
    There are only 3 scenarios.
    1) He is Incompetent
    2) He is Not up to the job to save democracy
    3) He is complicit

    1. Our country is a representative republic not a democracy. Democracy is mob rule and our founders hated it. Please go back to school!

    2. @Mark Ray Just keep talking if it makes you happy, none of your points are valid since I can guarantee you don’t know what the definition of democracy as indicated by your first response to me.

  8. This is just utterly hilarious to see the MSM try to spin this story when it’s exactly what Obummer did with the FISA courts during his administration. What a joke!

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