Democrats Lay Blame At McConnell For Blocking Relief Bill | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Democrats Lay Blame At McConnell For Blocking Relief Bill | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Mike Keller too bad you’re busy hating your fellow Americans because of your political views typical Democrat

    1. @Henry Only trump and any businessman man like him has been doing that forever they dont need to be president to bribe a politician. The richest people in the world arent politicians, they own companies that lobby politicans…think about how all the states want to be the next place amazon opens up new business in, and the tax breaks theyre willing to provide so they can take credit for bringing in jobs. .

    2. I have a different idea and have all along … I think Trump is more Mitch McConnell’s puppet than the other way around

    3. wait until after Biden and Harris are sworn in; then go after EVERY one of these low lifes, who are deliberty trying to destroy the country….then there will be NO parden for any of them….lock up every one of them up for a long, long time……justice will FINALLY be served.

    4. Not if Georgia elects the 2 dem senators that will strip that old choad of all his power, it’s all in Georgia’s hands.

  1. These people should have no authority of American citizens. There should be a net worth cap in congress. REAL PEOPLE ONLY

    1. @T.A. ACKERMAN I’m suggesting no government at all. All they have ever done is threaen me, imprison me, torture me, and steal from me. As far as I’m concerned, government is your enemy, in the same way thugs on a playground extorting lunch money are your enemy. They are parasites and if you concede an inch to their demands, they’ll take a mile and keep coming back. The only way to deal with them is to haul off, punch them straight in the face, and squirrel those mother fvckers….

    2. I’m sick of all of them. Congress, the House, and Dump was briefed abound the virus early, did anyone tell the public of the dangers. No, they all, everyone lied by omission. They do not care or speak for us, so why are they there. Vote them all out.

    1. @Engage360 oh poor baby, all your problems are the democrats fault. Should just move to Russia, that would teach us. Ha ha.

    2. @Engage360 Trump is a pathological liar! Trump is the most corrupt president in U.S. history! The Devil Blessed Trump for trying to take away Obama care from millions of people during a pandemic! Trump lied about Covid-19 and people have died! Trump = AntiChrist! 👹☠💀☠💀

    1. This is the definition of being rich: You become out of touch, with regular people. He only cares about his own well being. But what’s so crazy about it, is that his supporters don’t see it…. when he is actually doing it, right in there face.

    2. Moscow Mitch is responsible for keeping the southern red Republican states to have the lowest paying jobs in America!

    1. @jean reynolds
      Wow! And they are the ones staging a coup over a questionable election. It’s no way he was considered good for his constituents.

    2. I want a divorce. If not constitutionally then at least financially. Let’s give the neo-cons their small government and get our tax dollars back. I’m tired of senators from states whose combined population total less than that of ONE of my state’s cities determine whether our tax dollars get spent to help suffering Americans.

    1. @William H – Shut up Baby Billy Goat Gruff-Your whataboutism is again not relevant to the pressing issues at hand. Enjoy your screwdriver breakfast and do something legitimate for once‼️‼️

    2. Trump an the republican party loves Socialism for the rich! What other industrialized countries in the world gives Billionaires Trillion dollar tax cuts/Corporate Welfare?

    1. Republicans : We’re going to vote for someone, who speaks there “mind”…. someone who shares, no special interest in the people.

      Democrats: 😕 Pathetic🤦‍♀️

    2. And we know “WWG1WGA” if they think the SCOTUS is Not watching this You are “STUPID” Dominion Machine Ballot Counting Walkthrough
      I will share this with the world.

    3. This country should have never even been shut down in the first place. Over a virus that has a less than 1% fatality rate. Over 20 million families jobless and lives ruined. Its easier and a lot cheaper for the government to fund the one percent that will be affected than the whole united states

    1. WOW – Biden is guilt of racketeering! Can be prosecuted at anytime! Cannot be President, that was Nancy’s plan all along.

    1. @Sweet Potato …….I……..don’t………care………If…… ………..don’t………like……….it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….You………are……………extremely……………………………irritating……………………………………………………

    2. @Tech ti Don’t blame the media – that’s just the way it is . It’s an irony you are talking about common sense after saying I’m a puppet .

    3. @Oxford Hall But msm is famous for shafting you and me. Just the way it is? So we just take the knee? Thats the way if life now?

    4. Oxford Hall
      it has always been like that but he has taken it to the highest level with the help from hapless GOP

    1. Because he is looking out for himself.
      When it comes to regular people, rich people are always out of touch. They can’t cope. They can’t deal effectively with something that they think are difficult. And Mitch McConnell, is a prime example.

    2. @Tech ti no. she was insuring idiots like kanyee weest don’t get anymore PPP that should go to small businesses. He got 2.2mil, shiitshack got 10mil, and the list goes on. Now kindly put your head back into the ground. It’s your destiny.

    3. @Tech ti She was trying to keep Dump and and his friends from stealing it like they did with the1st check. She only signed the bill because someone suppose to oversee that the money went to the right people. As soon as she signed, Dump did away the overseer and Dump and his son-in-law claimed a lot of the money that was suppose to go to small businesses and save jobs. It did not happen, that what she was fighting, she cannot trust Dump to do the right thing with our tax money.

    1. Everyone Needs To Call The Senate Complain About Especially Mitch McConnell We Need Stimulus Checks And Help Now🐌🐌🐌 Pass It On…
      U.S. Capitol Switchboard: Congress and Senate
      (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the office you request.

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