Democrats Look To Hold Republicans Accountable On Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senator Chris Van Hollen talks with Rachel Maddow about how Senate Democrats plan to hold Republicans to account with votes even as Mitch McConnell seems intent on running Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial without regard for the wishes of his Democratic colleagues or the basic principles of a fair trial. Aired on 1/8/20.
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Democrats Look To Hold Republicans Accountable On Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. I truly thank you guys for the continuous personal attacks on Mitch. I wasn’t a big fan of him personally until you guys made him hate you. He’s a lot better after he lost all professional courtesy towards democrats 🙏

    1. @Gayle you’re trying to do the old “Lincoln was a Republican” trope? Lincoln was a progressive, the Democrats were conservatives. Now the Republicans are conservatives (sort of, not fiscally) and Democrats are weak centrists

    2. You cant compare the democrats of today to the ones of old!I was a old school democrat now im a republican because they have lost their minds!

    1. Noam Pitlik I’m sorry what bogus claim? You are the one that said the house democrats changed the rules of the inquiry. I am asking for those rule changes you mentioned. Also you stepped into a conversation I was having with someone else about that topic and continued to engage that particular topic. So stick with that and then we can move on to the senate.

    2. @James JamesBond There you go again. You claimed the House dems can control the US Senate’s actions. Support your claim. Tell youtubedom your overriding power secret amendment that grants the House majority the ability to superceed the Constitution that—for the last time–gives sole power to try impeachment to the Senate.

    3. Noam Pitlik you can’t support your claim about any rules the democrats changed. I never made any claim other than saying there is nothing wrong or unconstitutional to hold the impeachment papers as there is no time limit and she can do it whenever she wants. What you seem to forget is that the senate admitted publicly that they would not conduct a fair trial despite getting a proper constitutional inquiry in the house that they did not participate in at all. (Not because the couldn’t but because they wouldn’t). Normal people who care about truth would be concerned about that.

      Will you be supporting this claim that democrats changed any rules or are you going to abandon that claim.

    4. Noam Pitlik Also I never said that the house can or does control the senate. The constitution controls the senate as does their oath to the office. By publicly admitting they will not be impartial they have broken their oath and the constitution. Now you keep making this claim that the democrats are breaking the constitution. What part are they breaking and more importantly (the question you keep ignoring). What rule did the house democrats change in reference to the impeachment inquiry?

    1. Gayle What wasn’t fair about it?
      That the republicans didn’t get to interrupt and obstruct as much as they liked?

    2. @flugsven are you smoking crack? Schiff wouldn’t let the repubs call a witness ,they barred them from testimony ,schiff would interrupt and tell witnesses not to answer questions ,schiff would not name the whistleblower and lied about him or his staff meeting with him ,you are a blind fool and totally partisan , impeachment is supposed to be bipartisan ,they had zero repubs go along with this Shan and 4 demorats with half a brain either voted against it or present that should have ended it there ,you people are seriously touched in the head.

    3. adam Wiech
      They were allowed witnesses. Not Hunter Biden, because it would have been to let Trump have the “smear Joe Biden” campaign he wanted. H. Biden has no relevance but as a target.
      To bring the whistleblower would only fill the purpose to let him/her be known and become a punchbag for both Trump and his base.
      He/She would have brought nothing new to the picture, and also I thought the republicans didn’t want hearsay? 😏
      And given that Trump blocked all subpoenas, both on witnesses and papers;
      it is a bit rich for republicans to complain, honestly! 🙄
      With a this complicit GOP there just Can’t be a bipartisan impeachment. They will stand behind Trump even if he’d shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in plain sight an in broad daylight caught on film. Does that mean Trump are not to be held accountable?

    4. @Gayle the impeachment inquiry was fair. republicans refused to go to the first initial meeting claiming they werent invited when they were. They were also allowed to call in their own witnesses but chose not to.

      they werent allowed to talk to the whistle blower out of fear he would be revealed and MURDERED. He or she is a first hand source so they called upon a lot of 2nd & 3rd sources because the prez BLOCKED anyone from the white house to testify thus leading to his second charge of obstructing justice.

    5. @flugsven they were locked out of the depositions ,schiff did not allow them to ask questions and lied about the whistle blower and they were not allowed to call the witnesses they wanted so why should Senate repubs offer the libturds any more than they gave them??

    1. @Chris Wheeler “Barr leans left?” You’re trolling, right? You have to be. Because you seriously don’t believe that, right? Right?

    1. @Manfred Adams “Silly” Shelley? My brother did better than that when he was seven years old. Is that the depth of your intellect? That’s not a question…more like a statement since you’ve proven it actually is.

    2. @M.A.R.N .E Yet another lying Trumpublican. Blah, blah, blah. Why do all of you regurgitate that same crap? Not one individual among you.

    3. @flugsven may have effected what outcome? Again accusations vs conclusion. Meuller came to a conclusion on Conspiracy/collusion and had the power to come to a conclusion on Obstruction. He *chose* to leave the Obstruction question to the AG

      Mueller’s obstruction punt left question in Barr’s hands

      The AG already stated there was no Obstruction.

    4. @Shelley Ross
      Hey Shelley, when you’re done prostituting yourself for the Demorats, I’m sure Thailand would pay nothing for a lifeless husk, like yourself.

  1. “By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank of England, addressing the United States Bankers’ Association, NYC 1924

  2. But is Mitch McConnell really a senator anymore? He just admitted to going against the oath he swore to uphold and defend that in itself terminates his tenure as senator and certainly as majority leader, doesn’t it? What McConnell is saying is he is willing to commit treason by violating his oath, coordinating his efforts with oligarch Trump and President Putin.

  3. Looks like the Trumptrolls and Russo-bots descended on this video from some gathering place like 4chan.

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