Democrats' Plan For Voting Rights Bill Includes Forcing GOP To Talk Their Filibuster | Rachel Maddow 1

Democrats’ Plan For Voting Rights Bill Includes Forcing GOP To Talk Their Filibuster | Rachel Maddow


Senator Amy Klobuchar lays out the plan for how Senate Democrats intend to move ahead with the voting rights bill, SB1, including forcing Republicans into a "talking filibuster" if they try to use that to block the bill's passage. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Democrats' Plan For Voting Rights Bill Includes Forcing GOP To Talk Their Filibuster | Rachel Maddow


  1. The need to speak continuously AND on topic! If they change topic, it ends! No more green eggs and ham crap!

    1. The green eggs and ham thing is something like my 10 year old sister would do but she covers her ears and says lalalala to drown everyone out.

    2. ritaperdue – Exactly. The problem is that what’s considered related to the topic is subjective. Republicans would argue that they can read Dr. Seuss because the moral of “Hop on Pop” is really about politics.

    3. You are right on with that! It amazes me how many people bite when the don’t recognize the diversion cards that the GOP THROWS to we the people. Somehow we need to reach these people.

  2. brilliantly said, ty both. dumping it would be best but a talking filibuster is at least something…

  3. They should want to speak if they hold those objections sincerely. It gives consideration to the minority view and, as a bonus, it makes politics a little more interesting.

    1. They don’t have ideals, they just want to keep the other side from getting anything done.

      If the party that says government is good is able to accomplish big things, it doesn’t look good for the side that says government is bad

  4. Hearing the minority is an awesome thing for a talking filibuster to accomplish. It’s a democratic ideal. Using the current filibuster to obstruct Democracy is unlawful, un-American insanity.

    1. @Name Name as soon as they stop talking it goes to a vote and only needs 51 votes to pass.

    2. @crispy the idea that political power swings like a pendulum opens up to the “zero sum” politics of a Mitch Mcconnell!
      Ok if you want the status quo but do we really want things to stay as they are?

    3. @Daniel Morales The concept is not zero-sum for the mainstream ideas, only for the extremes. Each extreme swing cancels the preceding one out whilst the basic ideas that the majority agree on stay.
      McConnell sodomises this by actually blocking *every* idea with the intention of making the opposite administration fall short through stagnation even at the expense of the country, it’s people and the economy.

    1. Make two lists – 1)- Ways to improve election security, and 2)- Ways to suppress votes. Then compare them to what Republicans are doing.

      It’s crystal clear what they’re doing. It’s a vicious cycle. The less popular support they have, the more they try to suppress. There’s always an election around the corner, so they never want to risk losing by trying “radical” ideas like actually reaching out to voters when they can use the tried-and-true method of suppressing liberal votes – which means specifically targeting minorities who live in urban areas, which tend to vote Democrat. They might win that way, but they’re still outnumbered, so they keep suppressing votes.

    2. @J Groovy stuff the ballot box means that they can use a lot of ballots to add votes that can’t be verified to an actual voter. On thing that makes this easier is voter rolls that contain voters that either are non participatory, or the voter has moved or passed and the rolls haven’t been updated through purging old information.

    3. @CoconutKev another question if this supposed “ballot box stuffing” is so easy to pull of than why should exactly democrats be the only ones that use this? Republicans have lots of the most vicious power hungry and ruthless people among their politicans people like Mitch Mcconnell or Donald Trump people that are willing to do basically everything for money and power and they had the presidency and the supposed fraud mainly happend in Republican controlled states and yet you want to tell me that those vicious Republicans would not be the first ones that cheat millions of votes on their side if this would be such an easy thing to pull off? They would let sleepy Joe Biden a person that all those Republicans pretend has dementia pull off a fraud with millions of faked votes while the notorious liar and scammer Trump does not stuff ballots for his side? Are you kidding me?

    4. @dan Halo republicans are half the number that democrats are and always have been. The democrats use race at every turn to manipulate and control and of the two people you mentioned, trump isn’t a politician and didn’t even accept pay for being president. They only scandals were the smears from the left which were never proven. But the dems don’t need to prove anything they only need the headline and have people like you repeat them as if it’s dome fact. The democrats are a lot nastier then the republicans are unfortunately. The places dems do well in elections are usually the big cities where cheating is easier.

  5. I hear Mitch McConnell is going to break the filibuster record and talk for 4 years non stop. He will be fed intravenously and wearing nappies and hoping his master will come back and praise him.

  6. Jam the Bill down the Republicans throats.
    They’ve been doing it to the Democrats every time they could.
    Voting rights is the cornerstone of our Democracy !

    1. @Yvette Jirsaraie Personal relationship with the voice in your head you call god? Sounds legit. Edit: This is also one of the cornerstones of Islam, btw.

    2. People of color know who God is! Our God does not promote the Bible and assault weapons. This bloody religion comes from Hitlers disciples here in America. So many crimes against humanity is our country’s history… It must change to meet the needs of all residents.

    3. @Der Aua My God’s name is Jesus! I love how proud Americans falsely accuse everyone who don’t consider money as God to be Muslim!

  7. I look forward to Republicans reading Green Eggs and Ham for weeks on end and trying to justify it by including some words about voting.

  8. Sounds great then the people can decide what and if their senators are doing the work for the people

  9. That is why it has to stay in tact so everyone should vote regardless and also put more poll stations too. Stop voter suppression!!!

    1. @bilo Z no you are wrong. HR1 is to stop voter suppression and that is because Republicans have been doing it for decades now. But because so many people were taken to the polls and voted by mail is how we all got to vote and it counted . It feels so good to have all our votes that counted after all this time. Thank you, Demacrats for having something that everyone can vote and all Americans votes are counted.

    2. HR1 is the one so everyone can vote and all of our votes will be counted. The Demacrats have found a way to stop the Republicans from voter suppression because they have been keeping certain people from voting for decades and have been lying about all this time. It is every Americans right to vote without being suppressed.

    3. @Jarry Sciligo you as a democRat believe in whatever you believe in. HR1 & S1 are riddled with fraud promotion they want to make fraud the law of the land. The Constitution is being shredded apart it’s not even funny. Allowing everybody to vote without any verification of any step is unconstitutional yet the democRats are pushing them thru and forcing everyone to swallow it. They’re making the US lose it’s own credibility as the top democratic country, and the world will never listen to us when tell them about those who are not democratic, and I’m sure you sow that in Alaska meeting

    4. @Anna Jorgensen you don’t read what you write or somehow you don’t comprehend it. Not only “voter” has never been defined, democRats want everyone that they want to vote including anyone who shows up even if not on the roll (as long as he/she will vote for them) and every ballot brought in at any time and all dead people’s names on the voters’ list. HR1 is styled after the worse 3rd world country voting. You said every American but in actually anyone and any ballot. That is the biggest fraud.

  10. It was a great hearing. The more hysterical the GOP Senators and their witnesses became, the more their fear was evident.

    1. It’s great when they accidentally tell the truth, like admitting that they oppose voting access because it makes it harder for them to win

  11. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney NEED to be pressured to vote for this “common sense bill” OR explain in detail why they can’t support a measure that protects and expands the rights of American Citizens to VOTE. If their vote is NO then they are JIM CROW!

    1. Romney’s “reason” for not voting for the $15 minimum wage increase is horrendous.
      He said he wants it to be $10……and that it should happen in 5 YEARS!
      The minimum wage has been the same since 2009.
      He’s one of the most richest senators, and he thinks going up less than $3… 17 years is enough!!!!

    2. @Equality For All When the minimum wage bill comes to committee, chaired I think by Patty Murray and including Bernie, they should call as witnesses people making $15 an hour, $30,000 a year in a full time job now and ask what exactly they can do with $30,000 per year minus Social Security and Medicare premiums. Let’s hear how rich those people already making $15 per hour feel. I would also call small business owners who feel they cannot pay that much and talk them through this scenario. If you have five employees that’s $150,000 + employer contributions to FICA that you have to sell in products or services before you even pay the electricity, water bill or insurance premiums even before you give yourself a salary. If your business is open 250 days a year, you start with that more than $600/day employee salary expense. If you run a greeting card store these days, you can’t have five full-time employees, but why would you if you also work there full time? When I got my first job as a 16-year old, it was a full-time workweek during the summer. I was hired at minimum wage because they didn’t know how good I would be at it. Can’t complain when you’re 16 with no experience doing anything but going to school. I earned the equivalent of $13.85 per hour in today’s money, lo, those 54 years ago. Family owned business, not a big company, but supplying quality products to mostly local businesses. And they could afford to pay me the equivalent of $13.85 an hour. How do I know? The company still exists and celebrated its 100th anniversary in business two years ago. They didn’t make any of their employees rich, but I stayed for six summers and most of the other employees were there for 20-30 years, even more, because the salaries were increased commensurate with the skills and efficiency you demonstrated, so that employees did not feel it was worth looking for a job with a different company. Management knew its workers were experienced and reliable. Surely there must be thousands of other small companies who can operate the same way. It’s points like this that need to be pounded home to those who are skeptical that a $15 per hour wage can be introduced all across the country.

  12. And I hope that each Republican is denied bathroom privileges, water and food JUST LIKE they want to withhold all that to people waiting in line to VOTE. Make them talk until they drop!

  13. I can’t understand how any reasonable person who truly cares about our democracy would not support this bill, unless they are corrupt or racist.

  14. How about we go with the Australian model where voting is MANDATORY for every adult citizen? The Republican party would cease to exist in one voting cycle!!!

    1. And if they require voter ID, it shall be provided to every voter for free!!! Otherwise, you’re charging people to vote!!!! AND THAT IS ABHORRENT!

    2. @JC Why would it cost money to register to vote? If it’s so important to vote what’s wrong with proving you are you…..

    1. No, they don’t. They still are collecting bribes from the NRA. Now it depends if the Bribes are large enough for the greedy coffers of the Red Socialist Fascist Communist Republican party.

  15. Not supporting a bill that protects & expands voting for all US citizens over 18 is clear intention pointing to their personal corruption and desire to destroy democracy.

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