Democrats Vow To Keep Fighting After GOP Blocks Voting Bill 1

Democrats Vow To Keep Fighting After GOP Blocks Voting Bill


Democrats on Capitol Hill are pledging to push forward with their efforts to protect voting rights aterf Republican-led legislatures in multiple states have passed state laws limiting access to the ballot box. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics.
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    1. @A B Looks like the Biden administration is the only thing that is self-destructing, but it’s taking US with it!!

    2. @Paul Ferrante It was a terrible idea!!! We should have done it the way Europe did, pay the companies, they pay the workers, no one rips off the government, like people did here, in the USA!!

    3. @Paul Ferrante “did any Repubs give their money back.” It’s OUR money to begin with. This money is borrowed and taxed as our national debt has become unsustainable. I would suggest you educated on where this money is coming from and how we will never be an to pay for it.

    4. @A B See my above comment. Yall should be very, very scared at what’s about to come out.

      We tried to warn ya before you voted for Biden. We tried to warn you after you did. You didn’t listen, and now it all comes out.

      You supported a traitor to your own nation, genius.

  1. Every time Democrats make voting “easier”, that city or state invariably suffers demographic changes and turns blue.

    1. @Armani Yes, I can imagine how lowering taxes and killing the welfare state would be unpopular. To the lazy and the useless.

    2. @Dat Boy why would minorities vote for something that invariably makes their lives worse?

    1. I just renewed my drivers license today, and posted this news right here. Im black. Its ok everyone, I’m living proof that black people can get IDs and have access and are able to use the internet. I AM NOT OPPRESSED!

    2. @g h I know the left may find this hard to believe, but yesterday at my DMV, there were other black people besides myself. Not only easily obtaining ID’s in less then an hour for $29, but also on the mainframe computer taking the written exam, ergo, we also know how to use the internet, contrary to kay kay kay eulogy speaker Joe Biden. It’s like the heavens opened up inside the DMV and literally started raining not only Hennessey, but also the superpowers and knowledge to navigate todays government agency technology. Not gonna lie, it made me kinda hard, which isn’t easily concealable for a black man in track pants.

    3. @g h if they don’t end up getting HR1 passed this year, look for another gain of function virus to be unleashed on us before the midterms

  2. If you thinks it’s racist to expect the minimum requirement of ID to vote you have lost your mind.

    1. @ZepFan 01 ask Oregon…their mail in only voter system which has the one of best accuracy. You don’t need id twice.

    2. @lester Tubog you misunderstood what I said. my point is of course they have ID. these voter laws are assuming they are too stupid to have them because these “liberals” hate people of color.

    3. @dj kommode well then how do they know it’s you when you vote?
      I hate Oregon, I hate Kate Brown.
      Did Oregon prosecute the people they found that voted twice? May not have been many, but one is too many. Did they prosecute?

  3. Can anyone here explain why needing an ID for: driving, getting a bank account, flying, GETTING ALCOHOL is not racist but asking for it at the polls is???

    1. @1dgram McDonalds is paying $50 just to show up for an interview, whether you take the job or not. I just got a new ID for $29. so STFU.

    2. @Flusha Art wait how’s that possible, Biden and company told me you are to pour and not able to use computers or even get to where they do id’s. So please stop lying.

    3. @Flusha Art Sounds like you’re not someone who could have used those $29 to feed their children for a week or put it towards medical expenses so why don’t you watch your mouth?

    1. @iNNER CiTY DiSPUTE.exe so why is that all that “overwhelming” evidence has been unable to overturn the election and put Trump back in office? Is our system that corrupt?
      BTW, many of the judges that decided the election cases and said there was no evidence where appointed by Trump.

    2. @Stephanie Drake show evidence that Trump is racist. 5 years and still no evidence, only narrative

    3. @Channel 99 Trump is racist, but of course, you can’t convince trump supporters of this, but they only see him through the eyes of children looking at a perfect parent who can do no wrong.

  4. Sooo who doesn’t like democracy again?
    The bill is dead. It didn’t pass.
    ID to vote is common sense. The fact y’all don’t want that tells me all I need to know.

    1. Hi. It’s even worse when the targets of bigotry internalize the low expectations and believe the b.s. too. Spiritual warfare. (That’s a great line by the way. The concept and combo of words. Nice!)

  5. LIE: Your helicopter was shot down
    LIE: You were there when the Berlin Wall came down
    LIE: You flew into the Middle East with the seal team that killed bin Laden

  6. My state has been requiring voter ID for years, and no one has ever cared before. We actually voted (by huge margins) to make that a requirement.

  7. Dan Smith replied: “That’s what the founding fathers originally required. You also had to be a taxpayer to vote.”
    Youtube deleted it, but not before I got to see it.

    1. Not true. They only let land owners vote we should definitely do something like that. For example if you receive welfare you do not get to vote because it’s a conflict of interest and statistics show they vote for whoever promised free stuff.

    2. Actually it was only wHite male landowners. Only the British, no Italians or Irish or etc were allowed to vote or own land.

    3. I guess that’s kinda like if only the 1% were allowed to influence politicians. Which is kinda still the case, most of the time politicians just vote for their donors not their constituents.

    1. Jim Crow laws were created and passed by white southern Democrats. Biden shouldn’t bring up Jim Crow because he is a white Democrat. His handlers should really do a better job scripting what he says.

    2. You are right. He said it was Jim Crow on steroids and made Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle. Not to mention otjer quotes from other opposed spoken out politicians and the MLB moving from Atlanta to Denver Colorado which the state is more stricter in voter laws as well as Delaware. The home run king, legend and legend who sadly passed away and Icon Hank Aaron would have had a rememberance and tribute and to provide that part of Georgia be economy that week.

    3. @Chad Geiger the mlb/democrats moved the all star game away from atlanta because of their large black population. now a predominately black city doesnt have the billions of dollars of revenue that the all star game generates. a lovely white city like denver (state with stricter voter laws) was the better destination i guess

  8. *Brian Williams is so funny. I love his stories about his choppers being shot at or gifts that navy seals give him. Hilarious!*

    1. For now… YouTube is trying to get rid of that because MSNBC and CNN complain about the dislikes they got

    1. If they don’t have the incoherent invalids at the nursing homes vote by having food denied from them and then of course all the felons in the prisons they have no base. Thugs and invalids are the cornerstone of their voters. Oh and the druggies, I forgot. They have to go door-to-door here in Philadelphia and drag them out of their beds in mid day in their drunken stupor just to get a Democratic vote.

    1. Here is the Original Semitic Text. HERE is The TRUE Savior

      YaH The Heavenly FATHER HIMSELF was Who they Crucified for our sins and “HERE IS THE PROOF”

      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll: 
      “Yad He Vav He” is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)

      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad – “Behold The Hand”
      He – “Behold the Breath”
      Vav – “Behold The NAIL”

    2. I like how you cant even argue with the voting rights bill so you redirect to voter ID laws when ID is already a requirement in all 50 states LOLOL

  9. Judging by the like to dis-like ratio on this story, looks like a lot of people see the BS in this bill. Keep voting Democrat and this is what you get.

    1. It would be nice to see how many Dislikes this got but the GoogleTube fascists think I’m not worthy….

    2. Lots of terminally online lil boys who will never do anything but mald in their parents’ basement don’t like this video, oh no lol

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