Demonstrations continue across U.S. ahead of George Floyd's funeral in Houston | USA TODAY 1

Demonstrations continue across U.S. ahead of George Floyd’s funeral in Houston | USA TODAY


Millions of Americans have gathered in cities large and small in recent days to denounce police brutality and racial bias in response to the Memorial Day death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officers after being accused of passing a fake $20 bill at a grocery store.

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Floyd's funeral is set for Tuesday in his childhood hometown of Houston. Over the past week, memorial services have been held in Minneapolis and Fayetteville, North Carolina, where he was born.

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  1. There’s new troll on the internet name “chlo” and said wanna be friends to anybody

  2. As the details of what really happened before the camera was come out in a court of law, there’s absolutely no way officer chauvin gets a fair trial!!!! I’ve never had a problem with law enforcement, you know why…. I’ve never gave them a reason to have me face down on the pavement!!!!!

    1. YES. It’s so interesting to me that SO many people have so much contact with any police at all…….Last time I had ANY contact with police was when I received a ticket for sliding through a stop sign………. I was wrongly ticked BTW………….haha

  3. Just think. If Floyd was a white man, none of this would have happened. Because only Black Lives Matter, apparently.

    1. If floyd was white he wouldn’t have got killed like that… that’s the whole point dude…

    2. You don’t know that. Officer Chauvin had a disciplinary history. Maybe it was just this murderous prick’s day to kill somebody.

    3. @prepper5785 may b that is the case.. so police officer is responsible… right??
      So y he was not charged with murder at first time??

    4. Only Chauvin knows what he felt in his shriveled black heart that day. Apparently, he and Floyd had worked security together, and were acquaintances, if not friends. All I’m saying is, that cops kill other races more often than blacks. The facts don’t lie.
      This is certainly no excuse, but I would bet money that Chauvin had used that knee chokehold before, without it killing the arrestee, and didn’t mean to kill Floyd. Since we know Floyd was positive for COVID-19, I suspect that Floyd was already short of breath, just from being sick. I’d be really surprised if his defense attorneys don’t use that to get the charges busted down to involuntary manslaughter…just a guess.

    5. @emotion ninja
      You are absolutely right.
      The hatred towards coloured people is nothing new in the US.

  4. FPVD stock should be ready to blow up, body cam industry will be hooping with all of these protests

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