Demonstrations continue on Thursday across the country over George Floyd’s death | USA TODAY

This afternoon, a memorial service for George Floyd at North Central University took place with attendees and speakers including Rev. Al Sharpton, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, T.I., Ludacris, and others. Members of George Floyd's family thanked those in attendance and those speaking up for their support.

On Wednesday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced an upgrade to the charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin from murder in the third degree to second degree murder, and announced aiding and abetting charges against the other police officers who were present at the death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis and other U.S. cities brace for more heated demonstrations after protesters and police across the nation continue to clash in the wake of George Floyd's death.
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On Monday, President Donald Trump chastised governors for failing to halt the looting, vandalism and violence, before ordering peaceful protesters to be pushed out of Lafayette Square near the White House so that he could take a photo opportunity at a church on the park.

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  1. I wonder if the pregrent woman the scumbag Floyd held up in her own home went to any demonstrations?

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  2. You know, the people who should see this stuff and that are racist etc will never see this. They don’t care. Stop wasting your time.

  3. I just want to make sure I understand, because I’m really confused, and want to make sure I’m on the same page as everyone else…
    In the future when a GOOD (black or white) police officer is called to respond to a (black or white) criminal complaint, and it results in violence because the criminal doesn’t comply- should we expect destruction to innocent businesses and the lives of other innocent people being taken? I just didn’t know if there were stipulations on the cop color to criminal color combo? I like to be in the know.

    C’mon people! The cops responsible are being charged, and rightfully so. What more do you want? Wasn’t that the point, justice? You’ve created more division than before, and people that did support your movement are now becoming hardened- because your words and actions do not fit the situation. You’re acting as if ALL cops are bad- it’s probably like 1%, and while zero would be better, it’s not going to happen. There are “bad, unethical employees” at every job- this is no exception. You’re making criminals look like upstanding, moral people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I’ll say it, because I know many others have thought it, but are worried about being called out or ridiculed- so I’ll go. Do cops typically just show up if there is not an issue? No, not typically. There was an issue. The man was using counterfeit money, and was high (oh and has an extensive criminal past). If someone pays me with counterfeit money, I’m calling the cops and pressing charges, and I don’t care if they have to drive the criminal into a ditch to stop them (black, white, red or green- breaking the law is wrong)!! Had the cops not been called on Mr. Floyd, this wouldn’t have happened. Not that him dying should have happened, period. I don’t think breaking the law constitutes murder!! Point is, we make decisions that have consequences. Every thing we do in a day has a consequence. If the people that claim they are being “targeted” want to see change, then they need to change! Criminals need to stop breaking the law, and police departments need to increase their evaluations before employment. Are criminals going to stop- probably not. Will a few unethical cops manipulate their way into the system-probably. There is not a perfect system in any part of this county, and there never will be.

    This is a legitimate question- is there more police activity in the black communities, because there is more criminal activity? Who can provide those statistics? It’s all very relevant!!! What is the black/black crime vs white/black and black/white crime statistics?? Again, relevant!

    You all are posting videos that only highlight the things that spin it to fit your agenda, and filling people’s heads with half-truths and lies. You’re posting articles that aren’t proven facts, and people that believe we urging they read “just because they like you,” are taking your posts as gospel. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Manipulation!

    Where are the facts? Where are the FACTS that prove that “white privilege” actually exists? I’ve never been privileged, and I’m white. I’ve worked for every damn dime I’ve ever made. I also had to pay my whole way through college. $65,000 (on my own and still paying it). I wasn’t allowed to apply for any grants or scholarships designed for those that label themselves “minorities.”
    Where are the FACTS that African Americans do not have the same opportunities as other races in this country? Last I checked, there are African American CEO’s, former President, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, professors, etc.

    Do you know that you are impacting the livelihoods of other innocent people with your constant opinions, hate and false words? Now look- potential defunding of our police departments being discussed 🤯 I sure hope y’all are never in need of their services. Look for insurance prices to go up because of the damages caused by looting and rioting (for literally no reason). Most store owners aren’t paying to fix those damages out of pocket. Look for department stores to raise their prices, because their inventory was wiped out (to honor George Floyd’s name) 🙄 You don’t think that these cities are providing police services for free during these protest, right? Are you okay voting yes to levies and other tax increases so their payroll can be recouped? Does anyone know where all of these peaceful protesters work? How’d they ALL manage to get time off? Or did WE all just go to work to earn a living, so that they can get a check from government and spend their days doing what they want? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    If you’re a decent human, then you love ALL humans. I do, but this isn’t about that anymore. It’s obvious. This has all turned from humanity and solidarity to politics and greed. It has gone from passion to vanity and getting “likes” from your little cliques. Someone please tell me what it is you’re actually fighting for now. Tell me what your plan is. Tell me what you think is actually going to be the result.

    Then tell me, has all of the posts, images and memes been worth losing your relationships with friends and family? I personally see many people so differently now, and it’s a shame. I’d like to go back to a time when I knew everyone just a little bit less.

    1. Just know that God sees you, and you will not go unpunished. The curse is on the house of the wicked.

    1. Just know that God sees you, and you will not go unpunished. The curse is on the house of the wicked.

  4. The mayors are ultimately responsible for the employment of lousy cops. Targeting businesses and cops is cowardly

  5. The four killer cops say ,”We did nothing wrong! We were merely following the devil’s order!”

  6. When all this first started, OKAY, good on the protestors, BUT now they
    are just straight up annoying drama queens whose message is quite the
    yawn. Whenever my friends and family run across a rally on the news or
    whatever, we are like STFU, and change the channel. Truly, less is more,
    people are starting to tune out all the yapping

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