Dems Eye Lessons From When McCain Crushed Trump’s Attempt At Obama Revenge

Recent history shows a President's second 100 days in office can be more pivotal than the first – defining their domestic agenda and often shaping whether the opposition finds a way to thwart a new President. Democratic strategist Chai Komanduri joins MSNBC's Ari Melber with specific evidence of how several first terms turned on events in the second 100 days, from Clinton to Trump, with some impromptu movie analogies for good measure.
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  1. Joe embodies the unspoken hopes and dreams of the majority of Americans…if you ask them 10 minutes after they log off of social media.

    1. @jerome dupree Notice how your side keeps losing all the time..? How do you explain that, cupcake..?

    2. @jerome dupree says Donnie Two-Peach with his tax cuts.
      Joe be building America up!
      Why you be tearin’ it down?

  2. Reminder how horrible George W was. No child left behind was just disastrous. Literally everything he did was awful.

    1. I voted for George W his first term in office.
      I have never voted for a Republican President again and won’t ever again. – Life long registered (NP) non partisan voter

  3. things can get rougher just by looking rougher – and republicans are masters of appearance (having mastered nothing else).

  4. Chai has good taste. ‘A Night to Remember’, starring Kenneth More, was an excellent film about the sinking of the Titanic. And unlike ‘Titanic’ it was actually about the Titanic. The ship hit the iceberg after only 15 minutes in to the movie!

    1. Yes, but you fell into their trap. You let the cinematic references distract you from the fact that their argument is unsound.

  5. The t rump era was a joke. Even republicans know that, Don’t listen to q… that father and son from the philopens . Yeah I know I spelled it wrong. But even republicans know t rump is a joke. Wake f up.

  6. Movie and Music Nerd and Attorney are some of the many things we love about Ari‼️‼️👍🏽🇺🇸🌎🌀💚⚖️🎶

  7. 😂 Love how Ari tries to come back to the original point of the discussion, but only right at the very end!😂

  8. Carlson as Jar Jar works if you prescribe to the ‘Jar Jar is a secret sith’ theory. Looks totally inept, but actually dangerously competent.

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