Dems Face 'Fish Or Cut Bait' Moment As Hope Wanes For Working With GOP 1

Dems Face ‘Fish Or Cut Bait’ Moment As Hope Wanes For Working With GOP


Garrett Haake, NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent, Ayesha Rascoe, NPR White House correspondent, and Eugene Daniels, Politico White House correspondent, discuss how Democrats will move forward to show constituents they can get things done, even as Republicans have demonstrated a fundamental resistance to bipartisanship, as evidenced by the failure of the 1/6 commission vote in the Senate. 
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  1. Time to push past the GOP and get the truth out about which Republicans were involved in trying to overthrow our government.

    1. right on. THE GQP have no good faith in general except a handful that have at least enough neurons connecting the 2 halves of their brain to complete a logical thought process and do the right thing.

  2. Anyone who believes the R’s can be “worked with” is hopelessly naive. They are now a fifth column – the “Enemy Within.” They have fully abandoned governance, and moved their battlefield to culture wars 24/7…

    1. I’m seeing way too many people not wearing a mask, please remember that there are many, even more deadly variants thanks to all those who refuse to get vaccinated not wearing a mask. Please do your part and always have it on anytime leaving your home. Together, we can defeat this deadly pandemic!

    2. the GOP isn’t concerned with voter ID, they are effectively giving themselves the power to decide which votes and election results they are prepared fo accept as valid. We don’t need to worry about foreign dictators, Republicans have decided that democracy is optional.

    3. They’re like the bully who said “hey kid, can I have a lick of your lollipop?” The kid gives it to him and the bully runs off with it “ha ha, suckerrrrrr”

  3. Naïve Dems. Wake up. Save your democracy. There was never any hope in regards to working with GOP.

    1. Ya know. It’s not like the republicans said multiple times they weren’t going to play with democrats.

    2. @Snaggledog 007 Right, they are not even hiding it. GOP members are no longer colleagues. They are the enemies of Democracy and therefore the enemies of the people.

  4. I believe President Biden has taken off his rose colored glasses. He knows what we’ve always known. You can’t work with retrumplicans.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas I thought Trump in 2016 was when they were going to hang themselves but at the last minute.they grabbed the he county by the collar and took the rest us down with them.

    2. You can’t work in a fair way with malignant narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths. You have to disengage.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas I suspect Biden’s breaking point was when Trump’s second impeachment failed.

    4. @Debbie Rushing Are you serious? GOP did the same thing to Pres Obama. Republicans are not interested in doing anything to help the American people . PERIOD. Remember the meeting that RUMP walked out on.. Why? Cuz he had nothing to offer.. No clue. You people are ridiculous

  5. Stop trying to work with the Republicans obstructionist, and get done as much as you can by yourselves

    1. Time to “eliminate” republicans else democracy will be gone.. Democrats cannot be Mr nice guy anymore

    2. Dems will probably lose the House/Senate in 2022. With the GOP gerrymandering, insurrection, suppression, how will this country ever get back on track?

  6. GOP should be an acronym for “Good Old Procrastinators”! They’re more interested in stopping any and everything from the democrats than they are in actually trying to help Americans!

  7. They have to stop playing into those Charlie brown/ Lucy moments with Lucy pulling the ball away when he goes to kick it

    1. Exactly the analogy that jumped to my mind too. Except I couldn’t remember her name was Lucy, and it works better without, “that girl who……”

    1. I’m seeing way too many people not wearing a mask, please remember that there are many, even more deadly variants thanks to all those who refuse to get vaccinated not wearing a mask. Please do your part and always have it on anytime leaving your home. Together, we can defeat this deadly pandemic!

  8. The first chance the GOP has to retake control of our government they will push to effectively end our democracy. This isn’t about negotiations, we need to make structural changes now to protect our future.

  9. Fillibuster …come on now! If nothing is done, the public is going to come unglued! Repubs can ONLY obstruct

  10. The Dems must stop wasting time and move on with governance or else they will get nothing done

  11. Yall need to get Republicans out of the House and Senate so we can move forward the only reason Biden was able to move forward slowly was because of reconcilliation and it has to stop please vote the Republicans out.

  12. Congress has been impotent for a long time bc of their infighting over special interests and personal power grabs. But the radicalization of the GOP has rendered them a world wide embarrassment.

  13. The Republicans claimed it was “the leftist antifa who invaded the Capitol and not Trump supporters.”
    And yet….they voted to not have a commission to investigate Jan 6th.
    Nothing says “end democracy” like this.

    1. he asked his colleagues to object truth as a “personal favor”
      that’s how pathetic the republican party has become
      they know they’re finished.

  14. “Nobody wants to walk away from talks to then do nothing “ umm that’s exactly what Republicans want. Do your homework!

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