1. @TheBebe2214 that’s unfortunate, but I could tell you to go on Instagram and look at raw images of Israeli deaths as well.

    2. @TheBebe2214 nah@ he just wants to fund Hamas n then sell weapons to the other side. His infrastructure bill; you know!!

    3. @Olivia Savage no matter; if they cared about children’s life less rockets would be falling in Israel

    1. Enough is enough. Stop funding hamas through aid to both Iran and Gaza. Does it look like they use it to improve the lives of their people? Take a look at the UN financial records about how much Gaza has received each year. BILLIONS! Yet their people live in poverty and they keep making tunnels and making and buying rockets and weapons.

    1. @MCShakyCheese not thousands of years. Since 1948. Jews Christians and Muslims lived in harmony in Palestine until Britain ruined everything

    2. @TheBebe2214 started as soon as they hatched their plan to colonize someone else’s land which I believe was 1890’s ish. But before that they were in fact not “fighting”. The Jews referred to Arabs as “brother Ishmael”

    3. @TheBebe2214 It has become inflamed in these recent times, but I’d argue there has been a baseline level of conflict present between these groups for much longer in history. There is some hatred passed from each generation to the next on both sides, but as of now, the last 70 years have been kinder to Jews in terms of establishing military authority (funded by other countries). The whole thing is a mess, but I’m not sure what you can really do at this point to “fix,” it. I think there wouldn’t be a way to pacify some of the extremism on both sides unless one of the groups was entirely wiped out. Any intermediate solution will just be temporary (as time has shown again and again) until the next bout of nationalism pops up. It really starts with some extremist group gaining traction and then you have massacres pop up here and there that fan the flames again and again. The thing is, as horrible as this is to say, and in no way do I say this to diminish or imply that this issue is insignificant, but virtually every country has had periods of bloodshed and conflict. As another commenter mentioned, Britain friggin’ colonialized the whole planet at one point, holding on to these segments of land for very long times. Surrounding countries in the region are not much help either as each is going to independently scheme for what gives them the best long term power/goals.

  1. There’s so much Bias in reporting, this is the reason the conflict keeps on going. Reporters using this to make money and fuel hatred have blood on their hands. 😥 🇵🇸

    1. They are all definitely biased, but if I killed someone because of something a reporter said that’s on me not the reporter. We are responsible for our own actions.

  2. …. David Plouffe has said it correctly: younger people around the world are seeing for themselves the truth on social media.

    1. I’m in my 60s and I think Israel is wrong. You don’t have to be young to recognize the truth that Israel is an oppressor.

    2. @Tracy Rowe sure sure. The point here is most younger people, even Jewish people are now realizing the fact, more then the elderly ones. It’s only those in Israel itself who are indoctrinated from the word go in their childhoods.

    1. @John L 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙄❗ Poor thing, Steve Sangster was using SARCASM!
      Bless your Heart🙄❗

  3. Listen this back & Forth with these 2 country’s has to be left alone. They want to destroy each other’s let them who ever wins gets the land. Killing each other because of nothing just dislikes each other nuke em. Get it over with…

  4. There is really nothing we can do except try to pressure them to stop, but they are their own country. It is the same thing happening in our country, it’s up to their people to vote their leader out of office, but like Trump’s supporters here, they elect the GOP and they elected Trump. Unless the people vote out Netanyahu, he’s in charge, not the US.

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