Dems Vow To Pass Biden’s Budget, Despite Internal Setbacks 1

Dems Vow To Pass Biden’s Budget, Despite Internal Setbacks

Rep. John Yarmuth joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss the week’s top political stories, including passing the bipartisan infrastructure package and the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dems Vow To Pass Biden’s Budget, Despite Internal Setbacks


    1. If he is indeed a spy, and it does seem like he is, he is much more effective where he is. To me, it seems like he is reveling in all the attention, makes him feel important and powerful.

  1. No urgency for Manchin and his family of millionaires. We want climate solutions and Manchin wants to keep taking profits from coal…Just sayin’

    1. As long as people can get into politics and make a fortune from doing so nothing will change. Remove the money apart from the actual wage they get and the need to raise millions just to enter an election, its screwing America to the point where only money matters!!

    2. Solar panel production process is more toxic than clean burning coal and has less environmental impact, coal is already manufactured naturally by nature but solar panels emit silicon tetrachloride silicon tetrachloride when manufactured using nuclear and oil products in the process in China, solar panels need to be replaced often and hopefully your average hurricane or tornado will go around those ugly solar farms that create an enormous amount of heat and an astronomical carbon footprint.

  2. Manchin is a true frenemy to Dems. At the same time, unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that he’s the only Democrat in West Virginia who could plausibly win that Senate seat. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  3. Will someone PLEASE uncover the bribe, payoff, extortion or whatever is happening between manchin and the gop????

    1. @Lawrence Harris oh yeah and so that should stop it in its tracks. You got to think beyond the moment that’s right in front of you chief, and the resulting cumulative good. Our children and grandchildren need us to make good decisions now and some of those decisions involve spending some money and taking tax holidays away from the super rich, what a concept paying what is fair I’ll just bet we can do it.

    2. @Frenchblue8 Well he reminds me of what a democrat used to be, these numbskulls in the Oval Office are killing America.

  4. The Country is suffering, while those we put into Office bickering about what should be done. But it was OK to waste $2.5 trillion on Afghanistan.

    1. True- sickening! Also the tax breaks given to corporations during Trumps presidency. No one batted an eye over giving the corporations free money. We could have had universal healthcare and better benefits for senior and the disabled.

    2. Are you counting the 85 billion dollars of military equipment, data, and tradecraft left behind in Afghanistan for the terrorist like Haqqani who bargained with that Mr Potatohead president’s Director of the CIA for evacuation.

    3. @Suzanne Spitulski Noooo no Spittingitoutyourasski, Trump saved the taxpayers that kinda money and revived the dismal Obama-Biden economy and increased tax revenue because there was more companies and expanding businesses. But the Biden administration rewound us back to higher prices and inflation.

  5. Tell me again how manichin, the millionaire, can relate and respond to his base? Is he a Democrat? He seems to fit the Republicans agenda of f7ck you, I got mine. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. I am correcting you because you’re wrong, none of the liberal idiots in congress have earned money from a real job, but Manchin has family money, like the richest people in the United States Blumberg, Dorsey, Besos, Zuckerberg, Wall Street and they are all liberals taking the taxpayers money and making themselves rich while always saying, ‘ I am going to help the middle class and settle student loan debt…blah blah blah ‘ and they never deliver but make sure their rich friends don’t pay a dime in taxes, You leftist are so ignorant it’s pathetic.

    2. @Jones Drew typical. Degrade and call names. Like it makes your opinion so much more acceptable. Let me know when you are mature enough to have an adult conversation.

    3. he has been paid off by exon. Doesnt anyone watch the hidden camera interview where its explained? And dont you realize the senator is a paid for man and nothing will change things unless we out pay him til we get what we want and then arrest for bribe taking…Look up hidden camera with exon

  6. Does no one remember that recently he spent time with the reDrumpflicans in another state and soon after changed his stance on the 3.5 Trillion dollar budget?

  7. Manchin is supporting his corporate donors. His daughter is a big pharma CEO. He’s thinking of one thing only his $.

  8. Manchin deal is to be known even for the wrong reasons He and McCarthy are in the same boat to obstruct and to mislead

  9. His state is 47th in infrastructure. Manchin could bring home major pork if he’s not already made a deal with the devil.

    1. I read about that. Two peas in a Pod! Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree. Manchen is all sucked up to his eyebrows with the fuel companies and probably many more”under the table” bonuses. They tell him what they want and he gets busy.. Really messing up BIDEN’s work he’s busting his butt to do.. For US!! You and I.. the Country!! Why Don’t the Dems tell it like it is!? Just sit him down and tell him!! Well, I guess he already knows,he just don’t Care, the American people.

    2. She was CEO, (or equivalent), for the pharmaceutical company in their state that got closed costing hundreds of jobs. But she got 30 million dollars in bonus money just before or right after they shuttered it.
      He’s a corporate Democrat.

    3. And when she brokered a deal to close down a State Pharmaceutical Manufacturer she ran for years. All the employees will lose big time while she made millions in the deal, that now sees the manufacturing going abroad.

  10. Always wonderful to see Rep Yarmuth, the only sane true American left In Kentucky’s congressional delegation.

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