Department of Justice and FBI give remarks on the Capitol riots | USA TODAY 1

Department of Justice and FBI give remarks on the Capitol riots | USA TODAY


Acting U.S. Attorney, Michael Sherwin, and FBI Washington Field Office ADIC, Steven D’Antuono, briefs the media on criminal charges related to last week’s Capitol insurrection.


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    1. Also sounds like he has two accents.
      Boston/New York native and then something he’s affected since moving away.
      That’s my guess anyway.

    2. Because they know whatever they say we are smart enough to not ever trust or believe in the fbi or any of its corrupted people. They are laughable.

    3. @Tiffany Hammond it’s only trump supporters that find the fbi laughable.
      You don’t speak for the entire(or even most) of the country.
      It doesn’t matter if you find them laughable though, they still arrest and prosecute criminals of all kinds and always have and always will.

    1. Winnie you can try and talk reason to these folks till your out of breath. There’s 75 million true patriots in this country. And we vote without the promise of a free chicken diner or a Obama phone. That’s what these cowards are MOST afraid of— our vote. And we are not going anywhere.

    1. I remind you that the trump appointees are going to be gone very soon. Wrong to blame the working stiffs for management they don’t select themselves to be under. Trump tells you they suck for four years so you believe it. I don’t. I’ve lived for marijuana reform all my life so I haven’t loved every aspect of law enforcement. But they have many needed benefits to us all. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    2. @John Jay you’d better hope not. Nothing is so simple as that. There is civil service, and there is elected (lobbyist funded) ‘service’. Don’t be confused because they all call themselves the government.

    3. @pmboston Sorry but it’s very hard to believe in the government after so many years of corruption it’s all about them not about the people every department are liars sorry but that is the truth and that’s the way it is and it’s not gonna change unless we the people vote all of these corrupt people out of office

    4. @John Jay I understand, and I’m just saying that most of ‘the government’ is made up of honest employees. The elected officials are a different animal. Which is why the money and power that attracts them to their positions wasn’t in the constitution. As political parties were not as well. The framers knew all about whigs and tories and the corruption of money and power. We have been luckier than we deserve through most of our short history as a country. It has been said by our European allies that Americans will always do the right thing, after they have tried everything else. Let’s hope they are right.

    1. Because they wanted this to happen so they could use the bad press. Just like Charlottesville when the police blocked off all of the exits from the plaza forcing everyone to exit through a crowd of antifa, wielding baseball bats and guns.

  1. Getting some strong Boston/New York accent from the first guy. He keeps going back and forth between two different accents or something

  2. So the FBI failed on 1/6/2021. There were plenty of online threats and NO action. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.

    1. The FBI failed entirely on locking up all the BLM and Antifa terrorists who killed people and destroyed property.

  3. Yes we had all the Intel and told others including capital police and nobody did anything is what I got from this.

    1. @James Stuart doing great just finished my bunker for the civil war. Not sure if I’m going to be a Yankee or a confederate this time around.

    14:00 Introduction
    14:55 FBI Quick Update (Steven D’Antuono, Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office of the FBI)
    19:47 Acting US Attorney, Michael Sherwin
    27:55 What intelligence did the FBI gather before assault on Capitol (Pete Williams, NBC News)
    29:08 Found any level or coordination of level of planning to carry out attack or was it spontaneous that got out of hand, and if 170 cases put on no fly list (Evan Perez, CNN)
    30:54 2 Pipe Bombs: were they designed to pull 1st responders away from scene as Capitol was breached or an effort to maim law makers as they evaculated (Catherine Herridge, CBS News)
    33:45 $50,000 Reward for individual that left pipe bombs
    34:21 Are you looking at the possibility of attempting to take members of Congress hostage (Pierre Thomas, ABC News)
    34:55 Senator Cassidy Tweeted photo of man for questioning on Sicknick and was authorities ready for what was to come (Jay Gibson, Fox News)

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