1. Maybe we can now get back to “Innocent until proven guilty”. She did a great disservice to real DV victims. Shame on her.

    1. I don’t think she’s done a disservice. She also won for defamation….. Just less but she’s also worth less.
      Whether it’s her story or not, the story she told is very common and we should all be learning that IPV is much more complicated that just one hit.

  2. Money doesn’t make you happy. It’s unfortunate that this had to be shown in live court. I am happy Johnny win and I’m confident he will bounce back. I’m sure Amber is now gonna write a book now 🤷‍♀️

  3. I truly don’t believe that a person’s size, build, sex or finances excludes them from being a victim of abuse.

  4. I wish that they paid more attention to the case details before reporting them, like how much inconsistencies the alleged “victim” Amber had

  5. Depp will be fine. No one will ever want Amber to be in their movie or to represent their product. Her behavior during this trial was disgusting. So self righteous and arrogant.

  6. How Men don’t report abuse because Amber declaration. Really, this report is NOT Objective, neither impartial.

    1. Johnny did this for his kids. He said on day 1 it’s not the money it’s to restore his and the kids names

  7. I think there’s fairness in this trial. Women are victims of DV, but in this case, it’s different as evidences were played in the court. Sometimes, dirty laundry has to be exposed to the public.

  8. I disagree with the reporter – was never a fan of either Johnny or Amber, but it was clear Amber blatantly lied.

  9. This woman’s commentary is an example of what abused men are up against and why they refuse to come forward.

  10. Erm… yes, yes everyone needed to know about this, what the hell is up with this reporter? Johnny desperately needed to clear his name! The alegations were disgusting against him! The world needed to see what a horrible piece of work that woman is! The reporter says “Nobody wins” I think that was a very clear win for Depp! and rightfully so! The evidence is and was very clear… Amber is a horrendous being. and it proved Johnny is just a human being

  11. When are the journalists to remember the abused men too? This woman’s words are so blinded because she only see women as victims and this case has helped victims too. DV victims are men too. I’m a woman whose brother was abused by her bpd wife too and this case has given hope and strength. Stand up, tell the truth.

  12. For all the misinformation out there, Amber Heard needs to pay 10million plus $350k (capped) in punitive damages, she won 2million for her counterclaim, so in total she needs to pay $8.35million

  13. The reactions of both legal teams said who won and who lost. The question is if JD forgives Hollywood not the other way around. And yes AH hurt the Me Too movement more than anyone in history.

  14. While she won her defamation suit against him, let’s not forget that one of his former lawyer made that statement, not JD. So pls it isn’t the same as his win, bcs she was actually proven the liar, not her lawyer.

    Who is this reporter? She should be sued!

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