'Depressing and stunning': George Conway admonishes Pence's speech 1

‘Depressing and stunning’: George Conway admonishes Pence’s speech


Conservative lawyer George Conway describes Vice President Mike Pence's attempt to distance himself from Trump over the Capitol attack as a "remarkable way to downplay what happened on January 6."
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  1. Pence spent four years’ as DJT’s beta and never displayed a shred of independence. He’ll never be viewed as anything resembling a leader.

    1. Look at this beast system sellout spewing bullshit for her master, goat Lucy.
      Brimstone crust

  2. If you were Dangling from the Noose Pense, trump would be looking at your boots, not eye to eye.

    1. Trump would be saying, “Gosh Mike, if you’d only wanted me to win as much as I wanted to win, then I might tell the mob to cut your noose.”

    2. Dems are low I.Q. sheep who depend exclusively on what the rest of their flock thinks, which isn’t very bright. Trump didn’t do anything but go along with what WE wanted. WE were the ones who said Pence better speak up as President in Congress because WE witnessed the cheating. It wasn’t just a ‘formality’, it’s his Constitutional duty to protest when WE demand it! That’s why he’s the one there to call it. If he didn’t have the power to do so there’s no purpose for his approval. Pence stabbed every Republican voter in the back. He is a traitor; but 30 pieces of silver more wealthy. I hope it was worth it.
      As far as I’m concerned, Pence hung himself when he betrayed the Republicans.

  3. Trump supporters will always down play Jan 6 but the rest of us will always know the truth.

    1. The truth about what? That some homeless people went to the capital to protest the huge vote switching? How many people were there? Did any of them have jobs? Exactly…

  4. It’s sad Americans don’t question why or who started the insurrection , but republicans call for probe in Benghazi all day long .

    1. @Dicky Jones ever wonder where they got all that trump gear… or why the proud boys were so wrong.. seems more like lunatic trumpers to any rational person.

    2. I do believe all truthful Americans question this every day. The DICTATOR started it end of question

    3. @nemo4evr how many ppl were injured Jan 6? How many were injured in BLM/ANTIFA riots. To be fair, let’s just state one event in which less ppl were injured than during the so called “insurrection”. Nothing was burned or destroyed Jan 6. Name one day where BLM/ANTIFA can boast the same. And I’m definitely a poc so never experienced “white privilege” as you put it. It’s actually pocs who are privileged in this country. (Poc=person/ppl of color) but I’m accused of white privilege….

    4. It’s an insurrection the one time the right rioted but the 1000 times the left has done it they call it “peaceful protest “. We all don’t agree what happened that day. But we know how you guys are trying to exploit it for political gain. The same way Hitler wanted the Reichstag burnt down

    1. Friend, life is not easy, believe God,
      believe justice,

      make our earth better,
      make our life better,

      love people, help people,
      better development in 2021.

    2. Pence’s voice on Agent Orange’s answering machine: “Don, please say something nice about me on Fox News.”

    3. @Jesus Help My Life I’m ok with what you wrote, except the reference to God. God is a man-made myth designed to compel obeisance. Science and nature are real – and even more fascinating and powerful than any God described by old men, 2000 yrs ago.

    1. @Tseleng Botlhole Pence was the most stiff and boring VP ever. Remember the time Trump called Nancy and Chuck into the Oval Office to berate them and Pence just sat there looking awkward because he ‘s uncomfortable with confrontation?

    2. @Cheshire Cat Fewer jails rquate to fewer crime!!!!! AOC!!!! Hahahahaha You Democrats are brilliant!!!! Defund the police and crime will go down!!! Portland murder rate up 800%!!!! Dems don’t care how many die!!!! Our President is a vegetable!!!

  5. From a distance Pence looks respectable, but up close, when you see his eyes, OMG, scary — pure evil.

  6. Sometimes if the room in the White House had white wallpaper, I swear Mike Pence would sit on a white sofa and just vanish from the screen lol

    1. @Jesus Saved My Life RIGHT! When I pray, I pray for misinformed people’s minds to be shown the truth. I believe that truth will eventually exposed. A lot of it can be seen in YouTube videos about pizzagate

  7. IQ45 demands absolute loyalty from everyone and gives loyalty to absolutely no one. He will let his own children take the fall for the family crimes if it will keep him out of prison.

    1. And Trump is being proven right about another of the stuff you were calling him a liar on .

    1. Pence will go down in history books as the guy who got on a large jet with an entourage – flew to another city – went to a ball game in order to sit down for 4 minutes – got up – then left with his entourage to fly back to DC.

    2. @Ken Albertsen
      Do you think he’s phony like the Antichrist who plays with preschoolers in the park urinal with uncle Joe under the tinfoil sheets at the border?

    3. @Ken Albertsen
      Tell us about your master, Sty the piggy wiggy and how he porks little boys in their sleep and the medical cartel calls it a wet dream..
      Tell us about that and how all those serpent demon people operating withing the serpent medical cartel exterminating humanity from the inside.. Tell us about that..
      You start…

    1. @Ken Albertsen Well Ken I have grabbed a few in my day also. I have not however inserted a cigar in a young ladies vag, that worked for me as an intern and then lied to congress about it, your turn.

  8. Mike has been tainted by the same brush as DJT. The best he could do is cut off contact with DJT but he can’t.

  9. the tourists called to “Hang Mike Pence” then his own brother voted against an INVESTIGATION ….. truly remarkable ….

    1. @Charlie Brown I don’t care who’s in office I don’t depend on the government. So what you’re trying to say is that your tears flowed after 2020? Lol

    2. @Alfred E Neuman speaking of rewriting history let us know when you find evidence of Russia collusion… LOL !!!

    3. @John Smith No my tears did not flow and like you I have no dependancy on government except for infrastructure and military. I have lots of passive income and many assets. You have to admit, it is shocking how biden fortified the election after hours. Lets be honest. I care not one for the other – I enjoy the turbulence of Trump. biden is Weak and is not that interesting. Either way I and my family will be comfortable to the excess. I am grateful. But biden is Weak. If thats what you like thats ok with me. God Bless

    4. @Charlie Brown are you special or stupid? Did you not see where I stated I don’t depend on the government?

    5. @Dicky Jones Campaign chairman Paul Manafort passed internal Trump campaign information to a Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 election, a bipartisan Senate report concluded. Manafort’s connection with Kilimnik was a “grave counterintelligence threat,” the report reads, adding that it found evidence the Russian intelligence officer may have been linked to the Russian government’s efforts to hack and leak Democratic Party emails. In the end the GOP provided cover for Trump.

    1. @Jeannie Luna The womans march had the same chants and props about Kavanaugh when they breached the Capitol during his confirmation back in June 18 of 2018 I guarantee it. They literally ruined the man’s life and said FAR FAR worse about him than what Republicans said about Pence.
      And they literally stormed the Senate chambers and disrupted Democracy in action and broke windows and actually got into elevators with US Senators and were screaming in their faces and 575 pink hats were arrested.

      Help me understand how January 6th is worse than that when all stats show it was a watered down diet version compared to leftwing insurrection that still persists to this day?

    2. Yet republicans cannot admit they started saying that- started thinking that- and started reacting on that because of what Trump told them to think minutes before they started chanting to hang Pence.

    3. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII oh dear … another ‘what aboutism’. Kavanaugh ‘s life was not ruined. He and Thomas have no business sitting as Justices . The protesters did not ‘breach’ all were seated in the last 2 rows of the chamber which are ‘seats for the public’ approx. 40 seats give or take. Tickets are given as they always are. The proceedings where consistently interrupted throughout the morning. Disruptive behavior constitutes removal and if appropriate arrests are made. They were. The chant was “Lock him Up”
      Protests/demonstrations are the Right of the people. Riots/looting are not. No riots, no matter what the issue, are illegal. To equate the two events as similar is really quite remarkable. Disruption vs a violent attempt of overthrowing a “Peaceful Transfer of Power” ????

    1. @H Rocket you have no idea what you’re even talking about if you did you’d never say something so ludicrous.

    2. @H Rocket
      Go to school kid.your free to leave the country at anytime.

      willingness to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; openness to new ideas.
      a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise

      Modern liberalism includes issues such as same-sex marriage, reproductive and other women’s rights, voting rights for all adult citizens, civil rights, environmental justice and government protection of the right to an adequate standard of living.

      You live in a free country. You can choose with your own liberal free will what’s acceptable for your self. Not the entire country.
      You unfortunately seem too have comprehension issues, bless your heart.

    3. @H K S I can kinda believe that trump has called pence to rage at him about jan 6 … and pence WOULD absolutely take his call (bc … pence).
      (reporting says part of his anti-pence screeds are bc pence got a book deal)

  10. Mike Pence sounds more like a hostage than an ex vice-president. When he’s speaking he looks surprised and in disbelief of what he’s saying.

    1. Notice his sharp intakes of breath? Has he started sniffing Adderall too? Or, was that nervous reaction?

  11. Pence has only one mode: Groveling. This guy is so vanilla. “Eye to eye”… more like nose up butt.

    1. @Jesus Save Health it’s a nice message – I wish more people could just have some decency and respect for their fellow man (and woman). A little bit of respect goes a long way

    2. @Steve smithers CNN calls him a conservative but Conway was being paid by Romney and Schumer… LOL !!!

    3. Oh, he has another mode: poisonous snake. If he ever gets into the position of President, he’ll do more harm to women’s rights and minority rights than Trump could have ever dreamed of doing. He’ll just be quietly effective at it

      Like any snake, Pence is just patiently waiting for his chance to strike.

  12. Just his decision to falsely characterize the federal action as “swift,” tells you everything you need to know. That’s the very opposite of what the federal action was. He may as well have stepped up to the mic and said, “I too remain willing to lie for Donald Trump.”

  13. Summary: twice impeached president has serious talks with a pillow ceo about thinking he will just be ‘reinstated’ as president as if that term has ever been used ever. This guy is still crying that he lost the election that should have been no surprise whatsoever since he never went to work and just played golf and attacked people in his own government on Twitter.

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