Deputies To White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Test Positive For Covid-19 | MSNBC 1

Deputies To White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Test Positive For Covid-19 | MSNBC


NBC News confirms that two deputies to White House Press Secretary also tested positive for Covid-19 Monday along with McEnany herself. Aired on 10/05/2020.
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Deputies To White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Test Positive For Covid-19 | MSNBC


  1. Obviously bully taunting the virus, and double dog daring it, is no way to stay safe…..

    1. So how do we stay safe? Hide in our basement? Run from it the rest of our lives? Except socialism so we can live safe and in fear for the rest of our lives?

    2. @Andrew Essence
      Accepting new normals and ADAPTING to change is how species survive.
      We tout our species as the smartest, it’s apparent now not all of our species qualifies.

    3. I thought they were great believers in Darwinism “The strong will survive?”
      But they are Mentally weak!
      Now they have a problem!

    1. The world would be better off without Trump and his cronies. Oh wait, Trump doesn’t have any friends, only sycophants.

    1. @Andrew Essence Really? Masks, hygiene and distancing, simple, and they couldn’t even manage that now the WH is a petri dish of Covid.

    2. @Andrew Essence If everyone had done their job as a citizens and took all measures we’d have V shaped the economic recovery after a 2 month shutdown. This is slow economic suicide.

    3. @Andrew Essence Don’t know where you have been, under a rock I guess? Yup, wearing a mask. Reduces your chances of getting it. You don’t get it, you can’t spread it. Simple. Also reduces your viral load. Meaning? Less virus goes in, virus has less of a head start. It reproduces exponentially so that head start is crucial. Don’t understand exponential? Try 2×2 in your calculator, press equals over and over and count how many presses until it overloads. Now try it with 20×20….. Locked away? Nope. Just avoiding large gatherings and keeping your distance when with friends. Try paying attention, it will prevent you from sounding as stupid as you just did.

  2. There is a new cleansing product called VOTE. It’s is specifically designed to remove Orange stains.

    1. @Pam Deshane if somebody had a pre-existing condition, got infected with COVID19 and died, then Covid19 caused their death, not the pre-existing condition. What about that confuses you? And what promises has Trump kept? Theres no border wall. Covid19 didn’t miraculously disappear. We’re waiting.

    2. Name calling will not win any election. He is not a clown. He is a sociopath. He cannot control his behaviour. Do some reading. He is fascinating. You are unlikely to observe another psychopath in action.

  3. “ Thanks to President Trump, we will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here.”

    Kayleigh McEnany
    February 25, 2020

    1. This is up there with Larry Kudlow’s “We have contained this. I won’t say [it’s] airtight, but it’s pretty close to airtight” that same day.

    1. Shirley Rombough it’s been spread through R super spreader events, which Ds don’t do. But u already know that.

    2. The Republican Party is the Stupid party. Trump Republicans and supporters should have a sign that says, “I’m with Stupid” ever since Trump said, “Don’t ever use the word smart with me.” Ok, done.

    3. @Stephen Werner It is fascinating that of all the new cases of Covid 19 in the government it is only Republicans who have tested positive for the virus. Not a Democrat. When will these dimwits figure something out?

  4. So trump just tweeted he’s leaving the hospital later today he’s feeling great, telling cult to not let covid dominate their lives blah lie lie blah! He dominated the disease….he’s disrespecting everyone who has fought, died or lived with someone who has this virus. This was also predictable, what a bunch of losers.

    1. Patricia Perez They all live in a parallel universe without limits until Trump got kicked out of the WH. She will say anything and the lunatic for the clown in chief praying followers will sing “hallelujah” like they responded to Trump’s embarrassing message. It could be a fart and they’d praise it as sign from above.

      Sorry for bringing up but these are extraordinary people with extraordinary behavior

    1. Pam Deshane
      u know who DIDN’T infect 12 close associates?
      Yep…that’s right, say it, say it…

    2. @Pam Deshane ok smart girl please support yout claims. list what biden did, and list his career too, and list the same for trump. tell us what your support is. let us se how accurate you are, or if youre saying to say. comeon put your voice where your mouth is. anyone can say anything. but prove what you say prove real true examples of what you said. lets go

    3. @Thomas McCracken Yeah, he and his wife manage to get enough money into Kentucky that they forget how evil he is. He won’t leave until he is carried out feet first, but we can flip the Senate. Vote, vote as if your life depended on it!

    4. @duke harden Cultists never support their claims because they cannot. Might as well ask them if they actually saw Jesus walk on water. I am SO sick of this nonsense.

    5. @Pam Deshane I know you do not believe the polls because facts and statistics hurt your tiny little brain but this election is already over Trump is going to get massacred.

  5. They think they are above the laws of nature just like they think they are above the laws of our Country.
    I can’t believe that it took this long for a massive infection to break out in the White House.

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