Deputy National Security Advisor Expects 'Unity Of Purpose' From Leaders 1

Deputy National Security Advisor Expects ‘Unity Of Purpose’ From Leaders

Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh previews the agendas for the first day of the G-7 summit in England, and he discusses new reporting on how the wealthiest Americans pay little taxes along with the growing threat of cyberattacks.

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Deputy National Security Advisor Expects 'Unity Of Purpose' From Leaders


  1. Did you miss US?
    Nations: yes, let’s get together

    How to deal with China?
    Sanction China for 888 days

  2. The E U is falling apart with Hungary vetoing every good move. Like criticising China about Hong Kong .

  3. *Unity of Purpose…* all is one.. one is all… all is good… let’s look the other way… nothing going on over here… wait.. i think my wallet is missing…

  4. With these overseas corporations buying millions of homes & building thousands of apartment complexes we will never have affordable housing again!!! Congress needs to shut that shat down now!!!

  5. *Unity… and.. the mysterious One(1)…* because… everything before One(1) is fractions… in it’s becoming…

  6. *Unity.. and… the mysterious One(1)…* because… the only One(1) in existence… is the end… meeting the beginning.. a thing called completion… a word most people don’t know… Ouroboros… eternity…

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 I am aware of this imbecile. Every time Biden hits another home run his blood boils. This is joy for me.

    2. @Terry Kane Home run? LMAO he’s trying to play baseball with a hockey stick and basketball

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I’m not offended fool. I was just amused by your “hockey stick and baseball” comment. I say if Biden is hitting homeruns with a hockey stick that’s pretty impressive. He’s rocking it!

  7. Why is there so much background noise? Is there a hot mic in the studio that some numbskull missed?

  8. Biden promised 500 million vaccines for the world. The G7 followed with the promise of 1 billion. Biden will win the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump should take notes. This is what it means to be a World Leader.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Biden is a far better president in 5 months than the Orange Freak was in 4 years.

    2. @Terry Kane No one would know that because Biden’s been hidin’. And the whole world sees that

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Biden is presently on the world stage leading the G7. It’s on TV buddy. There is something seriously wrong with you.

  9. Won’t Tolerate Forced Labour yet American airline asks workers to work for free whilst the CEO pockets 10 million!

  10. Love the wording thrown out there. ‘how ‘close’ to get to China’ what to do about ‘ threats ‘ from Russia?
    So China isn’t a threat? Even tho they openly want to be the top nation in 5 years?

    1. If you were the number one athlete in a sporting event, and a competitor was rising to surpass you, how would you handle it?

  11. as usa and the prisons use forced labor ….these people are such hypercrites….seems like these chumps trying to play catch up and falling behind while they are at it……

    1. US prisons don’t use forced labor. Our capitalist system doesn’t allow it. Using free labor gives the people running it an unfair advantage in the market.

    2. @T.A. ACKERMAN yeah right … dont see people cleaning courthouse picking up trash on the road….you know anything to get out of that cell ….is forced…

  12. If Democracies “want to deliver” as this guy says, then they need to have world-wide corporate tax minimums (and taxes on the super wealthy), living wages, effective national housing strategies, real climate change goals, universal health care, universal voting rights. Or they could do nifty platitudes at summits.

  13. The wealthiest Americans just happen to be Democrats deep in bed with Democrat politicians. No coincidences here folks and it will never change.

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