DeRay Mckesson On Dem Police Reform Bill: ‘It’s A Good First Start’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. They should hit the cops where it hurts. Retirement money. If the police have number amounts of “write ups” they cannot collect retirement money

    1. Ash Roskell looks like you went into emoji meltdown mode.. I’ll take the short circuiting as implied checkmate.

    2. Classy Lady .. Wow! You also like to reply to adult conversations with NOTHING to reply with other than a sea of emojis. Good luck in prison!

    3. Ivan Fukinov 😂😂😂😂😂😂🥰😘🙄😘🗣🥱🤣🗣💪🏾🗣😘🗣👏🏾🥱🥱🤔😔🥵😳😤😰😕🥵😕😠😒🥵😳😕😳😳🙁😒😒😫😤😕😳😏🥵😏😠

    4. Ivan Fukinov Never commited a crime in my life. Not sure why you want a random person to go to jail but okay. My goal is to do away with prisons…🤯

  2. The democrats have controlled the major cities with large Black civilian populations for last 60 years!
    So back to the DNC plantation with a new – old plan?
    * No matter how many times you hit your thumb with the same hammer, will it ever not hurt**

    1. The reason for Democratic successes in cities is decency. The reason for Republican successes in rural areas is bigotry.

  3. For over 50 years! Democrat voters, voting in 100% democrat politicians, running 100% democrat controlled cities, with 100% control over policies and legislation, appointing 100% democrat appointed police chiefs, so, let’s give the democrat full control to fix what they created and progressively made worse? They’ve created nothing but dysfunctional and dystopian chit holes.
    Instead of straight out of Compton, how about : Straight out of South Park?

    1. Straight out of Camden is what happens when Democrats actually get control of the police and eliminate the large numbers of sadists that find their way into police departments everywhere.

  4. I put more hope in Minneapolis than the House bill which will not get through the evil Senate unscathed.

    1. ruth depew : That’s true. Moscow Mitch will surely block it, as usual, while he’s too busy stacking the courts with sympathetic judges, for when he and Donny are on trial . . .

  5. These protests must be having an impact, if Donny’s own pollsters are telling him he’s in the toilet? Just look at all the Crisis Trolls all over these YouTube videos? I’m seeing a bunch of names I recognise from years ago! As though they’ve put out an appeal for trolls to troll for Trump? It’s having an effect alright . . .

  6. Reform Police Unions, or fail. The culture of policing, and all that’s either good or bad in a particular precinct, is fostered in the Unions, and made whole and hard by serious money. Without change in the very structure and culture of the unions, it will be hopeless ✌️👍

  7. Why are police allowed to turn off their body cameras whenever they feel like it?

    If they were to commit a crime, they would turn their cameras off & then lie in their reports. So what’s the use of those cameras when they have a choice to turn them on & off at will?

  8. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does! The nazi dog cops will continue to do as their masters tell them. They will crush the peasant uprising! Now that greedy, soulless corporations are “We The People” and money is “Free Speech.” We are nothing more than hamburger for the 1% to use and abuse as they please. Nothing has ever changed and nothing will, until we take our country back from the 1% pigs that have conned their way into control of our government. Their goal has always been to divide and conquer. If the ignorant peasants keep attack their fellow American peasants, attacking our government as worthless, then you don’t deserve self-rule. And the republican party, the filth of man will destroy this Democracy, handing it back to their 1% owner/donor masters. Listen to their report to their fellow owners…

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