Derek Chauvin Convicted Of Murder | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Derek Chauvin Convicted Of Murder | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all 3 charges in the murder of George Floyd. Following the verdict, Floyd’s family and protesters expressed relief, but renewed calls for systemic police reform. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Derek Chauvin Convicted Of Murder | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. It still seems like some crisis acting ( they bounced at the same night club) gone bad. No one kneels on some guy’s back for almost 9 mins especially in front of a crowd holding cameras.

    2. “Can you believe the jury put the rest of my life in jello (jail-o)? All because I lynched somebody in the street?”

  1. This verdict was the equivalent of a village throwing a virgin into a volcano to quell the angry gods.

    1. @Indra Indra you actually won’t, your trachea(which is your airway) is in the front of your neck, and your Cspine is in the way.

  2. Its crazy how STILL chauvin was during his verdict. His eyes moved like crazy but his body did not move a centimeter

    1. @Maximillian Wylde can you show me the video where they were intimidated on camera and admitted that’s why they found him guilty?

    2. @Hugh G Rection Where did you get that figure? And, no, a judge cannot simply “deny” a mistrial. The Appeals process concerns how a trial is handled, if any rules were broken in the process, if the Jury actually did its job (which they didn’t here), if the Jury was at all intimidated (which they were), if there were external elements that may have been prejudicial to the case, if the charges leveled were exceeding to the case itself (which they were), and other considerations. I’m not confident that the verdict would be reversed, because of the fraud now endemic in our system of justice, but, by rights, if Truth mattered, it should be.

      Politicians cannot ever discuss a case. All they can and should do is let the system work, and they can comment afterward, even during the Appeals process. Because if they do, like Maxine Waters and Joe Biden did, given the nature of this case, that is grounds for a reversal. It prejudiced the court.

  3. When they say change and more accountability, why do i get the feeling that , it doesn’t apply to all!!!!

    1. @ghenttoo She was breaking and entering a federal building and trespassing. She died from her own stupidity.

    2. @Black ICE X162 who is saying that? You realize Floyd was being arrested for his crime when he died right? If anything it’s saying “criminals can now get the proper punishment” I don’t see anything about letting criminals go

    3. @Sparky Jones If you protest and riot over people just based on skin color then you are the racist. I’m done with you.

  4. There’s something definitely up with this trial that guy didn’t looked worried about being guilty on everything.

    1. @eagletmars white privilege is based on the fact that the ANTICHRIST IS A WHITE MAN,
      Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Satan gave him his throne and his authority to rule the world. That’s why we have white privilege.
      Revelation 13:1-3

      The world is

    2. @eagletmars if only racist minorities had the same consideration, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with

  5. He knew. With the judges last word, he was already poised to stand up with his hands behind his back, ready to be cuffed and led away.

    1. @I A Naw, not mad really, just was raised to know right from wrong, and this whole situation is just wrong! BLM is wrong, the whole left is wrong! I’m not for either the right or left, never have been,just not my bag, but once again, I know right from wrong and this guy going to prison for a murder he didn’t commit is wrong!
      But thanks to the politicians from the left with their stupid remarks I see the whole conviction getting overturned!

    1. @W J B You people always resort to insults whenever you have no real argument, it’s like you were programmed to speak the way you do.

    2. Of course he felt like he was supposed to be found not guilty he feel like his lawyer and his colleagues had let him down and betrayed him because all his superiors and colleagues allowed him to get away with this all these years that department knew he was a crooked cop they should have gott rid of hid and like the guy who hit the cop in the head with the hammer and drug the cop hanging on to his truck they knew how to get him without shooting him even after he was found to be dangerous to them with that hammer and truck the officer even had to go to the hospital

    3. not hard to expect that when you realize this is all free mason trickery. he’s playing his part.

  6. People keep forgetting he’ll get an appeal, not to mention sentencing is still two months out. In the end, he’ll go to prison for manslaughter, sentenced to ten years, deal for six, and serve four. If it’s more than that he’ll be out on parole the first chances he gets.

    1. That’s the uneducated people that keep forgetting that. And for some reason, their uneducated voices are the loudest.

    2. @John White This guy is still talking about Trump…. And ironically calling other people fools…….. pathetic….

    3. @rey millare they have nothing to do with it! It’s up to the judge that’s who chavin chose to sentence him!

    1. @Ethan Clark Everyone is racist, and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s normal. You will find anti-racists in all White areas because they don’t know any better. I’m sorry you live there. We should offer all Whites asylum.

    2. @F you M-er F-er Most of it is still in the bronze age too. The homeland still drinks out of muddy ponds like it’s 6000 B.C and the descendants of the folks sold by the homeland aren’t able to do much better.

    1. OJ Simpson was acquitted because the jurors wanted to punish the government that the time, didn’t care about them and didn’t do enough to combat racism

  7. Social workers and psychologists are mostly covert narcissists or other types who enjoy having the upper hand over the vulnerable. Their allegiance is to their licenses not their patients.

  8. How many other Chauvins need to be weeded out of the police force – keep your cameras ready all !!!

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